7 03 2011

I’ve had an idea for an iPhone app (or an app for any other smartphone).

And this one is designed for worried pet owners who have lost a lovely furry person and wish to get them back fast.

Now I can’t program and I don’t know anyone who does, I have ideas, and that’s basically it, if you create this ap then I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I’ve helped make things better, and that’s nice… so here’s the idea.

When someone loses a dog, for example, often what they’ll do is create a notice that their dog has been lost, along with a photo and information on how to contact the owner, now although this is a good thing to do, it’s time consuming and could take a full day before the notices are taped to posts in the street.

What we need is an app, where as soon as your dog has vanished, you can drop in a photo from your phone, there’s probably heaps there already, add the information and send it to your Woofer account, then what the app does is send an alert to other Woofer users that there is a fretting owner *nearby* There’s not much point getting alerts from New York if you live in Melbourne, Australia.

You see, Woofer would work a lot like Grindr, which is GPS based, so only the users within say, ten kilometers of you, would get the message.

If someone does see your dog, then all they need to do is tap on your contact icon and send a message, and a possibly a photo.

The owner would then get a message from the finder, and the app would generate a map on how to get there as quickly as possible from where you are right now.

Get the drift?





One response

8 03 2011

Actually for android that would be rather easy.
You could use google app inventor. It can be used by almost anyone even if you don’t know how to code.
All the components exist and you could use app engine to store the data.
Google maps and the GPS could be used to tie the locations together.

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