We, The People (Part 1) by Wolfie Rankin

9 12 2013

“We, The People” – Wolfie Rankin

The Doctor sighed and leaned against the inside door of the TARDIS, alone once again. His travel partner Hansel Stencil had fallen in love with a giant Tharg called Mangolin, and the two were engaged.

The Doctor really didn’t think Hansel had it in him, He’d known there had been a thing between them ever since, what was referred to as “the incident”.

He wiped a finger under his nose and pushed himself towards the console, and slumped over it.

The little lights twinkled in his eyes, like a child looking at lights on a Christmas tree, it was a sight that despite all of his years of looking at it, he’d never tire of.

He let out a long breath, and took his purple jacket off and hung it on his coat rack, He was exhausted.

He needed to go somewhere, somewhere nice, somewhere  he could sit and think for a while, perhaps read a book or two, He hadn’t done that in some time, He needed time and time needed him.

“What a corny line” He muttered under his breath.

“You’re not supposed to pass commentary on my writing, Doctor” I typed.

He let out a sudden puff of air, which may have passed for a laugh.

“Buttons, Switches, Knobs, Levers” He said as he ran his hand over all of them.

“It’s not so much about what is pressed, but how you press it, and that is how you “Fly” A TARDIS”

He almost casually flipped one tiny toggle switch and the entire TARDIS shuddered, then he pressed three buttons, spun around, grabbed hold of a lever, and pushed it down.

The TARDIS sprang to life, tiny lights like stars pulsed and flickered across the ceiling, while the column in the centre rose and fell, the machine breathing, conscious, alive.

The familiar sound signalling the TARDIS was leaving reverberated from every wall and…

“If you’re really going to follow me around, you could at least make yourself useful” said The Doctor, Clearly frustrated that he was not quite as alone as he would like… He made a flippant gesture with His hand and said “Make me a coffee”.

“You drink Coffee?” I typed, Questioning the man who…

“Yes, I do, or I did, I just started, again, I think” He pressed something and got a slight shock “ow”, He shook his hand in pain.

“You don’t have a coffee maker” I typed.

“That’s beside the point” he countered, displeased, burnt, frazzled.

He sucked his finger.

Three tiny stalks rose from a panel on the console, a balloon inflated on each with a squeak.

The Doctor leaned down to examine them, “That’s interesting” he thought aloud, “very interesting indeed”  as an arm reached out and pressed a toggle switch, and his foot pushed a pedal to the floor.

The TARDIS shuddered slightly, and the column in the middle of the console stopped.

He pressed a switch and the doors opened.

Warm daylight filled the inside of the TARDIS, and The Doctor walked outside, breathed deeply, and stretched.

The TARDIS had appeared in a field of what could have been wheat, which bent and twisted in the wind. Further out were manicured hills of green, and a few had trees on them.

He was about to take a step further out, when he looked down and saw a beetle with the shiny body of gold, sitting there amongst the grass, He bobbed down and noticed that there were quite a few beetles around, all with differently coloured bodies.

One with a red body buzzed around The Doctors jacket and settled upon his lapel.

The Doctor smiled “I shall name you Paul”.

He pulled out a whistle from his jacket pocket and blew it, on hearing this, the TARDIS opened a great blue and white awning around itself, with a muffled sort of floomph.

A beach chair was shoved out of the TARDIS door and came to an abrupt stop right next to The Doctor, on top of it were a pair of sunglasses, a book, and an after dinner mint.

“Thankyou Kindly” The Doctor said to the TARDIS, “This looks perfect”.
He put the sunglasses on and laid on the chair.

He looked at the cover of the book “Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls by Roald Dahl, Excellent!”

As he read his book, Pauls friends examined the chair legs, which had been placed very carefully by the TARDIS so as not to harm the tiny folk in the grass.

The sun moved across the sky and both warm air and comfy chair let The Doctor drift to sleep, without a care.

“Hello” said a voice.

The Doctor woke and looked around, He spotted a tall man with fair skin, dressed in white, who was carrying a teapot.

“Hello” said The Doctor, to the unexpected arrival.

“My Name is Farrell, I spotted you here on your own and wondered if you would like some tea, and maybe a chat… or perhaps you’d rather sleep?”

Simon Fisher-Becker Interview

3 09 2013

Radio Wolf returns to Air Digital Radio Tomorrow Night at 10pm Melbourne Time.

On the menu will be a mix of 70’s and 80s music, rarely heard songs, Extended Mixes, Mashups and of course Comedy.

And Featuring a fifty minute interview with Simon Fisher-Becker from Doctor Who.

Listen live from anywhere on the Planet and selected parts of the Galaxy.

* If for any reason you have trouble listening, please read the instructions on the website, that is what they are for!


12 06 2013

Whenever a person who has had cancer in the past, gets sick again, they wonder if it has returned.

There have been several instances I know of where the rotten thing has come back to haunt someone.

I remember waiting for my radiation treatment, dressed in a white gown, with an older man who had been through this twice, prostate cancer for him, bowel for me.

He seemed happy enough to deal with it, because that’s what you do, just deal with it, you go into the room and have your rear end microwaved for a few seconds, then go home, and it’s only then that you feel any effects.

I often wonder about the people in the chemo ward, or the radiotherapy clinic and I very much hope they survived.

They told me in 2005 that if the cancer didn’t return in about ten years, that they’d call it a cure, well here I am in 2013 and so far nothing of note has happened.

Different cancers stole my family away, but somehow I survived, but when I’m sick, like now, I wonder, is it just some sort of flu or is it back?

I’ll see the doc tomorrow.


20 02 2013

I’m writing this as a guide in the hope that it can help someone else, it is not however proper medical advice. There may be a reason that your drugs need to be taken at a particular time.If in any doubt about any of your medicine, contact your medical practitioner.

So there I was, sitting on my couch, typing away, when I looked up and noticed Katie, My beautiful Alaskan Malamute, squinting.

This worried me because she has an unfortunate habit of getting pokes in the eye, and I’m not sure how it happens… but the last time it happened it caused a great deal of worry and a vet bill of over $1500.

I checked her eye and noticed that it was blue, I’d known it had been blue for a while, I’d fobbed it off as just being a cataract which it is… except now the outer part of the eye, the cornea was also blue and the white of her eye was red, this wasn’t right.

Katie and I went to our local vet, who suspected the eye had been damaged by glaucoma, but then she also said there didn’t seem to be any pain. She didn’t have the right equipment to check and sent us off to an eye specialist.

Now for all of you who didn’t know that there were eye doctors for dogs, may be surprised to know that they do exist, I didn’t up till that point… The one I was sent to the first time Katie hurt her eye specialised in dogs, horses and native Australian animals.

There are specialists in other areas too, those who work with bones or cancer.

This time I was sent to a different eye specialist, I probably would have preferred the one I went to first as all our records were already on computer, however you can be waiting days or weeks for a specialist, and this one had time to see me the next day.

Another thing to understand is that Animal Eye Vets travel from vet to vet, they may not always be in your area, so that’s another, sometimes awkward, problem.

So I grabbed the opportunity.

After examination, I was told that Katie had poked her eye (again) and there was a very small ulcer there… but the blue cornea was a result of inflammation. The goal was to heal the ulcer and the cornea.

I was told that both can probably be healed with drugs, rather than an operation.

At that moment I breathed a big sigh of relief for Katie, and another, for my pocket, Though I’m sure everyone knows Katie comes first, I’d gladly pay to keep her in good shape, She’s my constant companion and I love her dearly.

I was to be given four drugs and an eye drop, everything was explained carefully and I received papers on what needed to be done.

However, I had never had so many pills to handle before, I was worried that I might get quite confused and would need a plan… I also realised that others may find themselves in a similar position, but may not know how to manage it… but after some thought, this is what I came up with.

This should work for anyone, but again, if in any doubt, check with your vet or your doctor. Your vet or doctor may have already told you to take a specific medication at a specific time, that wasn’t the case with me.

Firstly, let me introduce the medication I was given and what they’re for:

Macrolone 20mg (Cortisone) – Pill – 1 per day for 7 days, then half per day.

Doxycycline (Antibiotic) – Pill – 1 1/2 Twice a day.

Niacinimide (Vitamin B) – Pill – 2 pills, 3 times a day.

Tacrolimus – Eye drops – 3 times a day.

As you can imagine, this looks fairly complex, and I wasn’t sure how to plan it out, I started to think about iphone apps and things which could remind me, but then I realised that it was a lot simpler than it first appeared.

Firstly, which medication is to be used most often?

The Niacinimide and the Eye drops, ok, so that means there are going to be three times during the day when medicine will be given, even if the medicine changes in those times.

Next, As I am Katies carer, she can’t take the pills herself, when am I available?

I sleep odd hours, this is mostly due to problems I was left with after surgery, but am definitely available between the hours of midday and midnight.

And finally I needed three evenly spaced times in which to give her the medicine.

I settled on Midday, 6pm and Midnight… Sensible?

One more thing, to simplify things even further, I gave the drugs a “nickname”Cortisone (Blue), Antibiotic (Green), Vitamin B (White) and Drops.

So this is how it works:

Midday – Blue, Green, White and Drops.

6pm – White and Drops

Midnight – Green, White and Drops.


At the moment her eye is looking slightly better, but she really hasn’t been on the medicine for much more than a few days so far.



Sci Fi Sci

31 05 2012

I’ve come up with an interesting idea for a science series, which is part Sci fi and part factual.

What if you could have Doctor Who (An expert on time) host a show about fossils, travelling back in time, in his TARDIS, to explain how things looked thousands of years ago, giving an insight into the natural history of Earth?

Or Jean-Luc Picard hosting a show about the local planets, from the Enterprise itself?

Now we’ve had actors providing their voice for these sorts of shows before, but never in character. This would not be a voice over job for the actor, but a chance for the viewer to accompany the character on a ride through time and space, and learning about real science along the way.

This would be how “Sci Fi Sci” would work.

Obviously this would require film and TV companies getting together and giving their OK , I’m thinking about rights issues, but if done well, it could be quite an exciting, and entertaining documentary series.

“Sci Fi Sci” (c) Wolfie Rankin 2012 – All Rights Reserved


It’s a Miracle.

2 04 2012

Sick to death of people using the word “Miracle” in NEWS stories.

Can’t Doctors, or Scientists or Rescue crews get their well deserved credit, instead of some invisible pretend deity?


TARDIS Builders Australia

16 11 2011

I have a strange and possibly stupid idea in my head where I want to build a TARDIS, no, not a toy one… a big one, an authentic Matt Smith “Police Box”.

I intend to keep it in my house and have it be a point of interest, and also a useful article.

Although I’ve never built a damn thing in my life, I’d like to try, although I have severe reservations about doing so.

One of the things which would be nice to try, is to make it from good, recycled timber, which I hope would be cheaper, as I don’t have much to spend.

Yes, Money is tight… but perhaps if I learn how to do this, perhaps I can then apply what I’ve learnt so that I can fix up bits of my house.

Also, I want a fun vibe in my house, why shouldn’t a home have a fun vibe?

I have created a group for this called TARDIS Builders Australia.

It exists as a Google Group and a G+ Group.

If you’d like to join, and read the bits and pieces I find from others who have tackled it… Yes others have done it… or to watch videos, on Police Boxes etc, join me… Perhaps something wonderful can end up getting done.


E-mail tardis-builders-australia@googlegroups.com