The Wizarding World

28 05 2016

We’re fast approaching a time where humanity will split, mostly due to our ideology. leaving those of us who accept science and rationality on one end, and those who believe in magical things such as religion and astrology on the other.

Some reading this now, may imagine the Wizards would be exceptionally clever, but it’s not so. a simple acceptance of progressive ideals is about all that’s needed, just a back turned on the silly, cruel and greedy.

Why waste our time, hammering truths into those who won’t accept it, the circular argument over what a theory is, for example,  gets us nowhere.

Perhaps it’s time to leave some people behind, and gather together friends and colleagues who will listen. Perhaps we can build a better world for ourselves and for those left behind?

Wolfie Rankin.




17 05 2016

I am disappointed with the human species.

I have been for a long time, and perhaps you’ve noticed as I’d rather identify as a wolf than a human.

People have great power to change the status quo, they could vote for change, but they don’t, politics is a broken light switch with left and right on it, every few years we flick the switch and get more of the same, it’s radical ideas that could save us, but we’re too timid to do anything about it.

We have deadly diseases and climate change which could be fixed reasonably quickly if we had the money to fund research, which we don’t, and yet we have trillions which goes to waste bombing the crap out of each other.

Sometimes our wonderful scientists come up with a cure, or at least a temporary fix which will keep us going until we find a cure, decades are spent in labs, trying to find reasons for why things go wrong, and how to fix them… and when they are finally fixed, The media praises a pretend man in the sky for this life saving miracle,  instead of the scientists who were the real heroes.

I want away from this planet, so desperately that it hurts.

I want a world that holds no hate in its collective heart, I want a world which doesn’t know anything about weaponry, I want a world which thinks and acts when it needs healing, I want a world entirely without religion, I want a world where you are allowed to love anyone or anything you like.

If reincarnation is real, I want nothing more to do with this World, I want to go out into the stars and find my home.

Wolfie Rankin.

The Universal Tip Jar.

12 05 2016

Let’s say that you live in Australia, You want to see Game of Thrones, but the only company offering it is Foxtel, which is a subscription cable company… which is too expensive for you. You don’t want the extras, you just want to see Game of Thrones.

So you download a pirate copy from the internet.

Or let’s say that you’ve found a stash of songs which aren’t available on mainstream sites, you love them and they’re in the highest quality possible, but again you’re not paying for them.

But you would like to.

Why isn’t there some sort of Universal Tip Jar on the internet, A small icon to the side of whatever platform you’re on, which you could click and donate money to… anyone.

Maybe it’s not about piracy, perhaps you simply like an artist, whether they sing, act, draw or simply make you feel good.

Perhaps they need help with medicine, perhaps they’re just getting by on very little.

A tip jar might be hard to implement and perhaps that’s why it hasn’t been adopted, but I reckon someone like Paypal could get it up and running.

What are your thoughts on this?

Wolfie Rankin.



Not waving, drowning.

11 05 2016

The fellow on qanda was right, it’s hard for people like us to keep going. I can afford food for Jette (dog) and Vicky (cat), but the bills are a killer.

While I’m not a parent, I’m finding life very difficult.

My house, while I’m very lucky to have one, it was passed down to me from my parents, is old and desperately needs help.

The bathroom, covered in asbestos, is falling apart. I have no vanity, and no sewer since it has fallen to pieces underground… I’ve had a camera and snake down there often, but now it’s beyond salvage.

A repair would cost thousands.

My old stove is buggered, and some of the rooms lack lighting.

Oh, the backyard… you should see what remains of the fences, they’ve rotted away and I’m surprised they still stand.

I can live on very little, but that little seems to be shrinking at an alarming rate, I am merely treading water.

I still have my internet and I have my hobbies which help keep me somewhat sane.

One of those TV renovation shows would be a lifesaver at this point.

Yes I could move, but despite it being horrible, it is the only home I’ve known, and I am allowed to have my dog and cat.

I don’t know what to do.