Making movies

23 06 2009

I’ve been making movies at home, editing up videos with adobe premiere which I should have done last year but didn’t get around to it. I’ve been dreaming of a system which might be used in the future… it’s fantastic, but obviously can’t be done right now… so this is for the dreamers.

My idea is called “flycam” and it works like this.

A computer which is linked to your home computer via “cloud computing”, that’s the catch phrase for something confusing, but all it means is that there’s no storage anymore, discs, sd cards, blah blah blah… it all goes into the air and is stored on a server in some corporate place… although I suppose you could have it at home too… and any device linked to you can access your stuff. anyway… what you do, rather than have a camera which you aim and focus and press record etc, you have a set of flycams.

A Flycam is a camera, the size of a grain of rice, that floats freely in mid air, around a subject.

The dream can take several forms:

Flycams aren’t real, they occupy a virtual space.
Flycams are holographic.
Flycams are mechanical hovering/flying entities.

So imagine you’re going to film someone, you go about it like this.

You tell your computer, which you’re carrying, and I see computers in future as being hidden… the screen, mouse, keyboard idea is old hat, far too clunky, absolutely nobody uses it anymore. The computer looks like, at worst, an ipod nano, and has far more grunt than anything we have now.

The screen for this is holographic, and you talk to the computer and point to use it.

Lets say that you’re at the beach and you see a stunning woman, hot hunk, lovely horse… Then you tell the flycams where to go, and they speed out and hover, in front of the face, above the head, over their shoulder or wherever your flycam default is set for that species/object.

Now, the compression here is strange… you might know how mpeg works, by only recording the bits of video which change from frame to frame, well flycams first record the “skin” of the person/animal… that is, their outer self, including, hair, clothing, sunglasses etc, and remembers that… all it needs to do then is record shapes, as the whole thing works in 3D… that is, it records all the shapes, and then maps on the “skin” later… it does this with everything it sees.

If the person smears chocolate on their face or tears clothing, then the system updates the skin automatically, but only for that time, of course.

Storing vast amounts of data in the future will be nothing remarkable, perhaps we will have small crystals which can hold insane amounts of data, and so flycams may be on everyone at all times, recording everything, and played back in 3D.

The resolution would be astounding, since there’s no need for CCDs, remember, the best flycams would be holographic [virtual ones may do more guess work], If a person cut themselves, you could zoom in so far as to see blood cells and viruses… which would be of great use to a doctor.

If the system saw a virus, it would immediately update your medical records and alert you to call a doctor, who would deal with the whole thing while you sat on the beach, why go and sit at a waiting room and risk getting the flu?

Porn… now tell me you didn’t think of that, porn would be amazing… every detail and every angle recorded and played back from the point you prefer. Most technology is pushed forward by porn, so I feel it’d be no different here.
You could see actual sperm swimming in a drop of semen which is flying through the air and lands gently on a nipple.

I’m not fussed by porn, and think that in the future we’ll be a lot less prudish about sex than we are today.

And while recording this, it all goes into the air, and can be accessed by anyone you allow to see it.

You don’t sit and edit things anymore, you just film, and most of the time, you’d not even be aware of it.
A criminal may film himself robbing a bank and forget he’s filming himself doing it, imagine that!

You could have flycams on your child or dog, and see at anytime where they are, and what they’re doing… though a child would then alter their permissions so that, say, at age 12, they keep their video to themselves.

I may add to this, but I’d rather have active comments happening, so ask away.