Hate Science?

25 02 2012

Hate science, and deny everything scientific?

Ok, Do this for me.

Switch off the computer you’re using, if you hate science, you shouldn’t be using a machine made by scientists, Then go into your lounge-room and get rid of your television, your DVD player, and your game consoles… all of which were developed from scientific ideas.

Don’t forget your mobile phone, mp3 player, radio and even the phone wired to your wall… you won’t want any of these.

Then go to your cupboard and throw away all your canned food, yes, your beer too, your instant coffee and whatever else you may find in there.

Then throw out your microwave and your fridge, both function on disgusting scientific principles, so you won’t be wanting those.

Then disconnect yourself from the power grid because, oh yes, more of that awful science.

Then leave your house because, oh no… the wood and the paint and oh dear, geeze that science stuff is everywhere isn’t it?

Get into your car… oh wait… sorry… um, put your shoes…. oh wait… remove all your clothing and walk to a cave and just try to survive there… I’m afraid you won’t be seeing a doctor anymore either, as medicine is completely science based.

No, you can’t take matches for a fire, sorry.

Now tell me…

Would you tell your doctor he’s lying after finding a tumour in your body with a CT scanner?

Would you expect  milk to go off after a day in your fridge because refrigeration is clearly a lie?

You know full well that all of the above works, so how can you deny science and embrace religion…

and somehow manage to feel that climate change is a lie?

The Rifters

21 02 2012

I have an idea for a sci-fi novel, but as usual with all these ideas for stories I get, it will never be written as I have the attention span of a gnat.

However I will put the idea out there, so perhaps the idea will find its way to the author it was intended for, who will love it and bring it to fruition.

The story is called “The Rifters” You’re psychic? Oh you read the title, yes I see that now.

It takes place in the here and now, 2012, and it happens to ordinary people.

People who died, years ago, start turning up… no, they’re not zombies, they’re completely normal people, Brothers, Sisters, Mums and Dads, who by no fault of their own, start re-appearing today.

Now there was an explanation, and revealing it won’t spoil the story, as the experience of the story is about how people cope with each other.

The explanation is that there was a split in time, or a rift… a fork in the road… people went in two directions, and we saw one direction… they lived with us, they grew old, and they died… or they had accidents, died in wars or of diseases when young.

But suddenly the part which split, has appeared here.

The split seemed to occur in the 80’s, and as far as they’re concerned, it’s still the 80’s… but family are older, technology has changed, money doesn’t go as far as it did.

How do people here cope with it?

Are we glad to see our long-lost loved ones? or are we suspicious that something horrible is happening? Perhaps it’s an invasion, perhaps they’re copies, perhaps none of it is real.

Ordinary people suddenly find themselves facing Riftism from some members of society, perhaps some of those have never experienced racism or sexism before, so it would come as quite a shock.

What would you do? Take your family back or view them with suspicion?


“The Rifters” Concept (c) Wolfie Rankin, 2012.

Ones personal oddness.

15 02 2012

Finding yourself isn’t always an easy journey, you have to unlearn a lot of stuff, and go with your feelings… which is difficult because we have these pressures put upon us to “act normal” by society, and we cling to that.

At least that’s how I arrived here, which I’m sure isn’t the end of the road by any means.

I never wanted to be normal, I’ve always thought that normal was another word for boring.
and none of us want to be boring, do we?

I am one of those people who feel completely out of place, I sort of get around thinking “What the fuck?” although I didn’t really know that until fairly recently.

I’ve always been an outsider, or an observer, and rarely “got involved”.
Yes fine, I’m involved with the online community, but that still allows me to be reclusive.

Regurgitator wrote a song called “Song formerly known as” and if you play that, you’ll get a very good description of the kind of person I am.

I’m an introvert, I like peace and quiet, I never work well in a team.

I do things because I want to, and very rarely because I have to, unless it’s something serious which needs attending to… If it’s for Katie or Vicky, I’ll do it as swiftly as possible.

My Sister wanted to know why I wasn’t interested in getting married, and it was mostly because I just could never be a Dad who wakes up at 7:30am and gets the kids off to school, and takes them to sports or whatever… I can’t operate like that, I’d be a very bad parent, so I’d really rather not be one at all.

I think I let people think I’m gay, I am a bit, but I can’t stick the label on myself… the fact is that I feel horribly out of place, being human.

I don’t think I am, really, Human that is.

My spirit or whatever, appears to have got stuck inside the wrong species, and the truth is that at times I can feel really depressed about it. because I’d like to be in love and do all the things my feelings crave, but I cannot… it’s just not possible this time around.

I side with the Furries even though I know I’m Therian, but the Furries understand and I’m welcome to be with them, and I like them, but I still feel horribly out of place.

A fursuit seems like something which would help, but it would be a bit like building a pretend TARDIS, initially lovely, but it wouldn’t really work, of course… and I wouldn’t expect it to either… but it wouldn’t work, you understand.

When I started using social networks, I was concerned about what others might say… others had confined themselves to furry venues, and while I can understand that, I just found it too restricting, I didn’t just want to speak to people because they were furry, there are many people I like who are simply not furry in the least, and I wanted to converse with them too.

So no furry social network has worked for me, I’ve tried them all, with limited success.

One of the things I love to do is make someone happy, there’s not nearly enough joy in the world, so if I can give someone a bit of a laugh, or a hug, or to listen to them when they’re down, I will. I’m a good doggie, I am 😉

Meeting people in the park or a cafe is my way of meeting people, often after I’ve met them online. Yes I am reclusive, but I genuinely do like people… but I want to be somewhere quiet with them, and talk about life.

I don’t like crowds or loud music and avoid both with a passion.

One of the reasons I was a radio DJ was that I could sit in a room by myself and play music, I’m fine with the idea of thousands of potential listeners, that has never bothered me, but I couldn’t possibly do live television.

I prefer being with my dog the most, out of anything, which I think you will have gathered from my photos.

I’m an Athiest, I don’t like religion… mainly because of the hate and bigotry which goes along with it.

If there’s a God, He/She/It can stick it, I’m not interested in them, I’m not a good person for some invisible person in the sky, I’m good because it makes me happy, and it makes others happy too, which is lovely.

Although I don’t really think there’s more after this, I would love another go, and to really be myself and have a good, full life, rather than this edited down version which I’m not terribly fond of.

I’m waiting for something, I’m not sure what, but I am, I have been for a very long time.


Scary digital photos.

15 02 2012

If you’re like me, you love your digital photos.

They’re genuinely instant, which allows me to take another shot if something isn’t quite right.

I can take them home and process them further in photoshop, to make them look as nice as possible and then I can upload them to Flickr, 500px or Twitter and get comments on my work from all around the world.


They also scare the crap out of me.

While a box brownie photo could sit in the bottom of your grannies undies drawer for centuries (ok, I exaggerate) an entire hard drive of your most wonderful photos could simply implode at the drop of a hat.

Backups, yes, backups.

We’re dealing with terrabytes of information now, I also make movies, and some are in HD which takes up a lot more space.

Am I forced to backup backups to make incredibly sure that nothing vanishes? It seems so.

I bought a WD 1TB External drive last year, with assurances that it was a worthy brand, well it’s not like it gets heaps of use. I drag it out and connect it up at backup time and add files to it.. at least I was, until a few nights ago when something didn’t quite work right… and so, feeling those butterflies in my stomach, I began to backup to another… older drive.

Sure enough, I began to see CRC errors popping up.

Two were photos (which did manage to copy to another drive oddly enough).

I have since started a lengthy copy and hope process from that drive to another newer external drive.

When I take photos or make films, I want them to last for decades, like the ones from my film cameras have.

I really hate backing up to DVD or CD, but perhaps it’s the most stable way to back up all my self-made stuff.

How do you handle it?




My Freaky TMI idea about Furries from Space.

4 02 2012

As Kenny Everett used to say “This show contains Naughty Bits” so be warned.

I don’t know about you, but when I see a cartoon character and they’re not wearing pants… and also lack genitals, well, I find that a bit odd.

It’s not that the cartoonist couldn’t add them, Furries add them all the time with no trouble at all. No the problem lies with society and their warped views on sex.

It’s fine to have people being shot in every other tv show, but show a dick and oh dear, the entire world falls in.

Over on you youtube page, I have a deleted clip from Rockos Modern Life, Which shows a farmer (who apparently can’t see all that well) putting a milking machine on Heffer (Who’s a male bullock or steer) As the machine (hidden from view) pumps away, our hero, quite confused, stands there “ohhhing” until finally his eyes get stars in them and he falls over backwards with a gigantic smile on his face.

Honestly, the people who wrote back saying “This destroyed my childhood”

What if society thought noses were weird or wrong or offensive, rather than genitals, and we all had to wear nose bras, and were deeply ashamed to sneeze in public?

There’s nothing wrong with the parts, they’re just bits of our body.

I had a volunteer position at the Melbourne Zoo years ago, and thought that it was funny that people didn’t mind their kids seeing the animals mating… or just having a wank in the corner, as animals do… but if humans were found making love in the park? hrmmm, I wonder.

Personally I’d just step over them and leave them alone.

OK, so my weird idea, the “meat and potatoes” of this post, uhem…

Sometimes Furry artists don’t want to draw pants on their characters, nor do they want to draw the genitals BUT sometimes they draw a bulge, almost as though the character were wearing a living skin?

Well why not?

There could be an alien being out there in the depths of space which has that sort of body, couldn’t there?

Think of it, a living fursuit, which cannot be removed, but isn’t really attached, except perhaps for the skin around the hands and face.

But in the groin, there is a kind of pouch, where all the goods are kept, and somehow this is quite functional and useable to the species.

The access hole (not to be confused with the other “A” Hole) is also completely hidden, and perhaps can’t even open unless the creature wishes to mate.


My spotty condition

4 02 2012

I would like to find a doctor, who knows about, or even another person who experiences this bizarre condition I have.

I have tried to explain it to people for years but they always misunderstand, However I did find one other person with the condition, once, who knew exactly how it plays out.

The weird symptoms began when I was in my teens.

A spot would form in my vision, usually in one eye. It could be of almost any size and depending on where it was, could interfere with my vision (reading etc).

Yes I’ve mentioned this to doctors over the years, The word “Floater” has a habit of popping up… but this is no floater.

A floater is defined as a particle floating around inside the eye, this is more “electrical” and if it has nothing to do with the eyes, then it most likely takes place in the brain.

Think about having your photo taken, with a camera which has a flash, or if you’re out walking and a car windscreen flashes the sun into your eyes, for a moment there’s a spot.

That’s what I see, usually a red mark, sometimes with a blue, almost sparkly tinge to the centre of it.

And I found out what causes it, even if I have no name for it.

My Bowels.

If I see the spot, it means that I have to go to the toilet. 

And generally, the moment that I pass what needs to be passed, the spot begins to fade and vanish.

The fellow I met said he saw an odd blue shape in his eyes (mine are sometimes blue), He called them the “Blue Fugees” and I’d call them my “Go to the toilet spots”.

He didn’t know about the toilet thing, and I never found out whether the cause was the same for him as it was for me.

We joked that it was a bit like a personal HUD, and it is… Often I will get the spot before I feel any urge to go to the toilet, of any kind. Often I’ll feel the spot is just being a nuisance, but if I go to the toilet, I will always find that I did indeed need “to go” after all.

It doesn’t hurt me, there are no lasting effects from this, I’ve been experiencing this since high school and am now 46 (It doesn’t happen as often now).

Does anyone have any ideas?


My own personal war on religion.

3 02 2012

My Mum was bought up in the Salvos (Protestant), She was the kind of Christian who didn’t talk about her faith much, but for a while She was a Sunday School teacher but didn’t go to church much… perhaps not so much after She was married anyway.

She knew, and loved, many of the Hymns.

She used to get upset with me when even as a child, I had none of this belief in a higher power. Apparently I was like my Father (When I wasn’t as good as Mum wanted me to be) I was a “Bloody Heathen” like Him.

Dad thought the Bible was basically “A big fish story”.

It wasn’t often that Mum admitted to doubts, However She told me how her boyfriend had disappeared during the War, and how she prayed and prayed for his return… He never did, He was a prisoner on a Japanese vessel which was torpedoed by the Americans.

Years later I too began to pray, for those I cared about.

When my dog became sick, I prayed, but He died anyway.

I prayed for My Dad, but he died too.

I prayed for others too, but lost them.

Finally I got cancer myself, my prayers became anger, and nights were spent cursing God and all his cohorts with all the swear words I could muster.

Eventually, something snapped, I had never really been a believer, but I asked myself “If God doesn’t exist, then why am I swearing at it?”

Suddenly I was a real Atheist, and I think I was happy that I’d arrived at a place where I felt completely firm in my conviction.

I found that my anger didn’t subside, but I didn’t really realise what I had done until just recently.

My anger had continued, but was now aimed at believers and those who push religion, especially on children.

Religion divides people, it makes people feel like freaks, or outsiders. It fills them with guilt and shame… some of these people take their lives as a result of believers words and actions.

It devalues lives.

I no longer accept religion, I don’t think that a person who is a believer is “such a good person” as I was bought up to, I think “What a twat”.

You may think you’re great, you may think you’re doing the world a favour by holding back science and allowing your kids to think in stone-age ideas, but you’re really just a vandal to any thinking outside of your “special book”.

I’m no longer giving them an inch, If they’re religious, I shut them out…
I say goodbye…
I don’t need them.

What cancer needed was a cure, not a prayer… if God was so mighty then why the fuck did I have it in the first place? and not just me, but others too?

There are people out there who may read this and think physical violence might be a good idea, it isn’t, religious people have fought wars for centuries, and where has it got any of us?

There are better ways to fight, and I will be doing so until the day I die, in my own fashion.



The matter of meat

1 02 2012

If you’re a meat eater, then having a dog poses no problems, but if you’re not… it’s awkward.

I can’t class myself as Vegetarian, but if you look in my freezer, you’ll find some chicken and some mince, the latter is what I use for pasta sauce… There are no steaks or sausages, I simply don’t like meat all that much.

I have found myself wondering, when it comes to being a dog owner, that while I shower my animals with as much love and care that I can give, that some equally lovely creature is going to the abattoir.

So what do those of us who worry about that, do?

We can’t force vegetarianism on our cats or dogs, thousands of years of evolution have seen to that.

While we can deal with fruit and vegetables thanks to our specialised innards, or Dogs and Cats cannot do it so well.

However, there are things which can be given to limit meat intake.

We bought Benny, our last Malamute from an Italian fellow and his Aussie Wife, Who bred Alaskan Malamutes, and it was He who suggested spaghetti bolognaise as dog food, it works too, dogs generally love it.

In fact there are Wolves in Italy who the locals call “Pasta Wolves”, They come down from the mountains and cruise through the lanes of Italy, and raid bins containing whatever the restaurants have tossed out.

I wouldn’t feed a dog on Pasta every night, but it’s a help once or twice a week, and as for meat, there may only be about a spoonful of meat in a full meal.

Benny used to love his spaghetti, We’d feed him on the verandah, where he’d drag strings of it all over the place, to the amusement of passers by.

Katie taught me something new, She had been running loose in the country, and was found by a Vet, I got Katie from Her… Thanks to a friend who delivered Her to me.

I couldn’t know how such a big dog had been surviving on her own, although I heard that she had been begging for food from soldiers.

So whenever I had any take-away, She would always want some… this included Dim Sims, which I wouldn’t have thought any dog would like.

Katies eyes would grow large when she saw me with eggs, she craves eggs, and so I soon learnt to give her a raw one with her food, or a boiled one.

Do remember that when Dogs are in the wild, they will eat fur too, it’s their version of fibre… we can’t  give our dogs anything like that, if we live in a city situation, as we do here… but things like grated carrot has much the same effect.

Are you a vegetarian who also owns a dog? 

How do you deal with it?

Please drop a comment in the box below.