That Q Theory. #StarTrek

24 08 2018

We’re all Q, all of us.

This is where the Baby Q (I couldn’t eat a whole one) hang out in our own dull, mortal continuum, and learn the basics of existence.

When we “die” we shed our hideous larval form and go on our way to meet The Big Q Daddy in the sky.

It’s up to it, not he, whatever does an entity want with sex? To decide if you’re naughty or nice. And once decided, you’re shunted off to a suitable continuum where you can develop into that wondrous, fully adult Q of your dreams.

And that’s how it all works.

Of course you don’t believe me, but see if I care. 

I’m off to file my nails.

Lightly stained

24 08 2018

It appears that buying jeans with great big holes torn into them is still a thing, which seems strange because as a teen I tended to rip holes in them on my own, and I wasn’t even a Werewolf back then.

It reminds me of the cans of mud that 4WD drivers could buy to smear on their vehicles to give the appearance that they’ve been on a trek to the outback.

Well with that in mind, I’m tempted to launch my own clothing line with food stains already on them, to make out that you have a busy life filled with continuous partying.

I’ll have shirts stained with wine and the price of the shirt will go up depending on the wine used to stain it.

I’ll also be using beetroot, coffee and a vety appealing bolognese sauce.


21 08 2018

A nep jumper which came from ASOS.

I love the little flecks of colour.


16 08 2018

I miss Marko.

I didn’t see him much, just once a year, but I looked forward to seeing him.

Marko understood me, and very few people do.

I called him a soulmate.

But I couldn’t follow Marko, yes there were my medical issues to deal with, but despite the show I put on, I’m not really furry.

I don’t produce art, I have no fur suit, I’m not that interested in cons or the community. 

Marko described a convention as “finding his home”, I tried going to a local one, but did not get the same feeling, in fact I just wanted to go home.

I cannot find my home, I find life disturbing, superficial an irritation. 

I love my dog more than anything else in the world.

I am grateful for any friendship I can get.

But there is nothing left in life to be excited about, it’s either bland or horrible.

Yes I suppose there are pills for depression, they might give me a feeling of happiness, but will they remove the Trumps of the World? Will they bring back friends, old dogs and family? Will they repair poor old Earth?

Marko died, it wasn’t fair, he loved his life.

I do not, and would have swapped places with him if I was able.

Lean green jeans

12 08 2018

I bought a pair of jeans a while back which I folded up and kept for later, perhaps at the time I didn’t think I had the right clothes to go with them.

But pulled them out today and tried them on, to find that I love them.

They’re a straight cut jean in what looks to be a pale blue in the photo, but is actually a pale green, which is a lovely change from the deep blues of most jeans, and a nice touch is the unusual yellow stripe down the outside leg.

There’s no zipper, just metal buttons on the fly which cannot be done up in a hurry, so you wouldn’t want to be escaping from a house on a hot evening… for any reason.

Unlike most of my jeans, these are slightly baggy, which I find to be quite nice, they are certainly comfortable. I’ve teamed them with a white t-shirt and my blue cord top which I reviewed earlier.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d like these, but I really do.

The legs can be turned down at the ankle if you don’t like the cropped look. That’s how they come to you, and I’d take it as “Serving suggestion only”.

ASOS Double Pleat Jeans in Ecru with Side Stripe. $48 Aussie Dollars.

Not Quite Right

1 08 2018

I’ve been reviewing some of the clothing I’ve bought from ASOS lately, and most of the items have been perfectly decent. Those which, in two cases, just didn’t fit properly, were easily returned to ASOS via their brilliant free returns policy.

If for any reason you’re unhappy with a product, you simply hit Return on the app and ASOS will send you a return sticker via email, which the Post Office can scan straight off your phone and print out. 

This is stuck to your bag, and the lot goes back to the company without any fuss. Your money is refunded a few days later.

However a pink sweatshirt, which pleased me at first, ended up going a bit droopy after a single wash.

I have a Bosch front loader, I usually select the quick wash, and use Eucalyptus wool wash, so nothing drastic.

The issue was with the neck, which went wonky like the neck of an old t-shirt often will. 

It had another minor issue in that it’s called a sweatshirt, implying that it was probably thicker, but was about as thin as a regular t-shirt. But something light for the warmer months would be ok, so I wasn’t too fussed about that.