20 02 2013

I’m writing this as a guide in the hope that it can help someone else, it is not however proper medical advice. There may be a reason that your drugs need to be taken at a particular time.If in any doubt about any of your medicine, contact your medical practitioner.

So there I was, sitting on my couch, typing away, when I looked up and noticed Katie, My beautiful Alaskan Malamute, squinting.

This worried me because she has an unfortunate habit of getting pokes in the eye, and I’m not sure how it happens… but the last time it happened it caused a great deal of worry and a vet bill of over $1500.

I checked her eye and noticed that it was blue, I’d known it had been blue for a while, I’d fobbed it off as just being a cataract which it is… except now the outer part of the eye, the cornea was also blue and the white of her eye was red, this wasn’t right.

Katie and I went to our local vet, who suspected the eye had been damaged by glaucoma, but then she also said there didn’t seem to be any pain. She didn’t have the right equipment to check and sent us off to an eye specialist.

Now for all of you who didn’t know that there were eye doctors for dogs, may be surprised to know that they do exist, I didn’t up till that point… The one I was sent to the first time Katie hurt her eye specialised in dogs, horses and native Australian animals.

There are specialists in other areas too, those who work with bones or cancer.

This time I was sent to a different eye specialist, I probably would have preferred the one I went to first as all our records were already on computer, however you can be waiting days or weeks for a specialist, and this one had time to see me the next day.

Another thing to understand is that Animal Eye Vets travel from vet to vet, they may not always be in your area, so that’s another, sometimes awkward, problem.

So I grabbed the opportunity.

After examination, I was told that Katie had poked her eye (again) and there was a very small ulcer there… but the blue cornea was a result of inflammation. The goal was to heal the ulcer and the cornea.

I was told that both can probably be healed with drugs, rather than an operation.

At that moment I breathed a big sigh of relief for Katie, and another, for my pocket, Though I’m sure everyone knows Katie comes first, I’d gladly pay to keep her in good shape, She’s my constant companion and I love her dearly.

I was to be given four drugs and an eye drop, everything was explained carefully and I received papers on what needed to be done.

However, I had never had so many pills to handle before, I was worried that I might get quite confused and would need a plan… I also realised that others may find themselves in a similar position, but may not know how to manage it… but after some thought, this is what I came up with.

This should work for anyone, but again, if in any doubt, check with your vet or your doctor. Your vet or doctor may have already told you to take a specific medication at a specific time, that wasn’t the case with me.

Firstly, let me introduce the medication I was given and what they’re for:

Macrolone 20mg (Cortisone) – Pill – 1 per day for 7 days, then half per day.

Doxycycline (Antibiotic) – Pill – 1 1/2 Twice a day.

Niacinimide (Vitamin B) – Pill – 2 pills, 3 times a day.

Tacrolimus – Eye drops – 3 times a day.

As you can imagine, this looks fairly complex, and I wasn’t sure how to plan it out, I started to think about iphone apps and things which could remind me, but then I realised that it was a lot simpler than it first appeared.

Firstly, which medication is to be used most often?

The Niacinimide and the Eye drops, ok, so that means there are going to be three times during the day when medicine will be given, even if the medicine changes in those times.

Next, As I am Katies carer, she can’t take the pills herself, when am I available?

I sleep odd hours, this is mostly due to problems I was left with after surgery, but am definitely available between the hours of midday and midnight.

And finally I needed three evenly spaced times in which to give her the medicine.

I settled on Midday, 6pm and Midnight… Sensible?

One more thing, to simplify things even further, I gave the drugs a “nickname”Cortisone (Blue), Antibiotic (Green), Vitamin B (White) and Drops.

So this is how it works:

Midday – Blue, Green, White and Drops.

6pm – White and Drops

Midnight – Green, White and Drops.


At the moment her eye is looking slightly better, but she really hasn’t been on the medicine for much more than a few days so far.



Why is an Australian so concerned about the US Elections?

5 10 2012

StoreThe guy following me on twitter asked me why I was so concerned about the US Elections, Why would it matter to an Australian?

Well, There’s a lot of reasons.

I’m concerned about the welfare of my friends who live there, I hope that they have access to good healthcare when they need it, and that they have access to Government assistance so they can keep their homes going in difficult times.

The tide is turning for Gay people as it has for black people and women, there may come a time soon where marriage equality is standard practice for everyone.

There are some who would give no rights to gay people, and hope they go to church more often, to “pray the gay away”, they want to pull us all back to the dark ages, while I would rather step proudly into the future.

That said, I don’t think we’re as helpful to minorities and women as we ought to be, equality for all is the only way, and any future leader should embrace this.

No government should come between who we love and our bodily functions.

I want someone who sees science as a wonderful thing which we can use to build a better world, and I’d rather there was more atheism in the mix, it’s time that religion was let go as a relic of the past. A leader who embraces these concepts would be well worth having.

Someone who sees Climate Change as a serious threat, and takes up arms against it, rather than against some foreign land, is definitely in our best interests.

Someone who understands that this is the only planet we have, is interested in keeping it clean and healthy, and someone who can guide businesses and individuals to do their bit in this regard, would be more than welcome.

I want to see a leader who talks with world leaders and really understands how the world and it’s people function, rather than start pointless and possibly illegal wars, Men should be home with their families, not in some far flung land, killing people they’ve never met, don’t you agree?

As an Internet user, I would also like to see Governments keep their hands off our Internet, the Internet should be a human right, it should never be weighted down under censorship, and it should never be blocked from anyone.

And I would really like to see our Prime Minister talking with someone who is sensible, someone who will honestly try to make things better, not only in the US, but around the World too.

Does that answer your question.


It’s a Miracle.

2 04 2012

Sick to death of people using the word “Miracle” in NEWS stories.

Can’t Doctors, or Scientists or Rescue crews get their well deserved credit, instead of some invisible pretend deity?


Plugging into the brain

5 03 2012

It’s a concept which has been a part of science fiction for a long time, but it has made me wonder lately if it might be possible.

That if there is a place, a port, on the head which might connect with the brain, to input audio or visual data… not only so the blind could see or the deaf might hear, but also for entertainment purposes. Imagine having the purest stereo sound entering your head, which completely bypasses your ears. You could have it as loud as you liked, but nobody would hear it and as a bonus, it would never damage your hearing.

Visually, it could give you direct information such as directions, without the need to operate and look at a screen, You would never need to take your eyes off the road.

And as for movies, it would be like having the biggest screen imaginable.

Fine, it’s a nice dream, but let’s be practical.

The brain is supposed to be highly adaptable, so what if a port could be grown?

What if, for instance, you could wear a device which had a slight charge or vibration, on a particular place on the skull, the charge or vibration would match the frequency of music… and although you couldn’t hear the music now… what if after so many months, your brain began to register the slight buzz or tingle as audio data?

Yes, it probably wouldn’t work, and if it did, what if your brain chose to interpret the input as visual data or pain?

I’m just the dreamer of the dream, but when a scientist starts to consider the possibility too, things can change from dream, into reality.

In the 80’s we didn’t have phones that could slip into our pockets, at the time it was quite impossible, and yet similar devices were seen in Star Trek or 2001 a Space Odyssey.

So is this idea possible?


Mary Mackillop’s day off.

17 10 2010

And so we have our first saint, what a load of bollocks.

It’s 2010 and still the world clings to religion, what a sorry sight.

You may wonder what I have against religion, other than the wars which were started because of it, the people who were tortured because of it, the priests who raped little boys.

I’m against it because it’s held back science for hundreds of years, just think, if religion hadn’t been there to stop scientific discovery, then we may have already had cures for AIDS, Cancer or Blindness… but no no, You shalt not do this or that, but it’s fine to slaughter a few thousand who worship the other God, but we can’t tinker with a few stem cells which might improve someones health.

When poor Galileo saw that the Earth really did revolve around the sun did the Catholic Church, say “Wow, that’s Amazing” and pat him on the back? No, The Catholics told him to take it all back, say it wasn’t true (even though it was) and even threatened to whack the poor fellow in a dungeon.

Leonardo Da Vinci was very interested in anatomy, and stole bodies to look inside and see what made people tick, if he’d been discovered who knows what might have happened to him.

These men were not content to just go along like sheep and believe any cock and bull story that the church threw at them.

I have a lot of trouble with the story of Noah, basically because if you were from the Middle East some two thousand years ago, you would have been forgiven for thinking that there was perhaps about two hundred or so animal species in the world, and that you could possibly get them all loaded onto a boat, they didn’t have TV then and perhaps education was lacking.

But I defy anyone, apart from naturalists, to sit and watch a good David Attenborough doco and be familiar with every creature shown.

Estimates say that there may be about two million animal species on the planet (google it), therefore if there is two each (yes even two snails, as you still need two to mate) that means that Noah would have had to stuff FOUR MILLION animals onto his boat, and it still had to float.

Despite the fact that Mary was probably quite a nice lady who did her best for people, and therefore deserves respect, I find this whole canonisation thing frustrating when these same people who won’t stop bleeting about saints and gods and all kinds of gobbledegook can’t seem to understand that Stem Cell research could save a lot of genuine horrors and agony which people are experiencing at this very minute, and stopping this research has to be some sort of crime that I hope people in the future decry us for.

“Why on earth did they not push ahead with medical research” they’ll ask “If they had AIDS, MS and Cancer, Why were they so busy worrying about invisible people in the sky?”

Fortunately, despite the church, in some ways we have pressed ahead, and I thank Nicola Tesla for his invention which produced X-Rays, which eventually lead to Radiotherapy, and I suppose Chemotherapy was more of a combined effort between a lot of wonderful minds… those people and those inventions saved my life.

I give credit to my Surgeon, who sadly passed away due to the effects of Bowel Cancer himself, A heartfelt thankyou to Joe Tjandra

And also to my Oncologist, Peter Gibbs.

Had science been further along, perhaps I still might have had My beautiful parents, My Dad had extensive cancer all through him, believed to have started in his prostate. Mum had something that we suspect was cancer, but she died before diagnosis. My Sister put up a magnificent fight but still lost her battle of about 18 months with ovarian cancer.

I have also lost my dear animals because of that bloody disease. Benny the Malamute who died a terrible death. The cancer had got into his spine, and he was unable to walk… naturally at this point, he was in serious pain and had to be put down, it was one of the worst days of my life, I still hear his cries of agony even now.

Laddie was another who had it, My beautiful German Shepherd cross, such a good friend should never have had to go through what he did.

One of my cats, Timothy, swelled to the size of a bowling ball, his tumour grew at a frightening speed, he was also put down.

Another cat, Splinter, had feline AIDS, and although he fought for a year (he recovered for those months) it soon caught up with him and he died under a tree in the back yard.

Pray? oh yes I prayed, I prayed my tits off…I prayed for all of them, not that it did any good.

To you who push religion down peoples throats, whatever brand it may be, I have no respect for you, but I do have some contempt.

For you are holding us back, you are causing the pain, the disease to continue, the wars to erupt, for people to continue to believe in things that are no more real than the tooth fairy or a bunny who lays chocolate eggs (wrapped in foil of course, his arse must be sore).

If the rapture finally does come and take all you true believers away, how extraordinarily wonderful it will be to be finally free of lunatics.