Brunswick Street nights

23 04 2011

You may recall how I mentioned that I wished to work in radio, but my health declined so I left? Well, towards the mid 90’s I began to feel, after several years at home, not doing much, that things were improving, and that I’d like to do something quiet and not very stressful.

So, as I was also going through a crystal wearing hippy phase, I decided Shiatsu massage was for me, So I found a good course, one which would last a full year, and signed up.

Now this is not really about the Shiatsu or my Hippy phase, I’m merely explaining why someone who has since become far more logical in the years to come, got into Reiki.

I did quite well at Shiatsu, but didn’t pass (and get my certificate) because there was a section on Chinese Medicine, which although it was interesting, was far too difficult for me, I only wanted to learn massage… and do the yoga which we had to do as part of the course.

I should say that with the constant massages, and the yoga, I have never felt better in my entire life, so in a time when I needed it, it was probably the best thing that I could have been involved with.

When the course ended, a friend told me that she was learning Reiki at another place, Well that sounded interesting too, and could be used with Shiatsu, and again was a nice gentle thing to do… so I signed up and did the course.

Yes it was all woo, but I found the whole thing rather theatrical. The strange Woman who claimed to speak with Merlin (good grief) who taught Reiki, and the huge room above the crystal shop in Brunswick Street which was loaded with small statues of African deities, which looked eerie when I passed them in the dark on my way to the loo.

It was also the first time I mentioned the Wolf to a complete stranger, but if she could talk to Merlin, then I could be a Werewolf, it’s only fair.

Mum and Dad liked driving me to odd places and waiting for me, they’d get quite a show from the locals as they passed by.

My parents had not seen real punks, pros and openly gay men till I started a course in Audio Engineering in the late 80’s, in Inkerman Street, St. Kilda. But by now they were well used to the free sideshow, and quite enjoyed it.

The Reiki class ended one night, and My Dad came over to meet me, we walked back towards Retro, A lovely place to eat in Brunswick Street, They’d serve the biggest pancakes you ever saw, like a family pizza, massive things.

Then we crossed the road, and as we did so, one of the local working girls came over to us and said Hello quite nicely and asked me if I’d be interested in spending some time with her… I was painfully shy… but said “I’m with my Dad” pointing to him awkwardly and giggling a bit, and then she said… “That’s ok, I can take on both of you”.

I wasn’t expecting that and Dad and I both laughed at the witty comeback.

Dad and I got to the car and we told Mum who thought it was a huge joke, We laughed about it now and then for years later.

My Dad, who was a big strong truckie, would blush easily at any mention of sex, he’d also faint if he saw any blood, I should have pushed it, Perhaps I should have said “Come on Dad, Let’s go back and take her up, You can go first to show me what to do and then I’ll have a crack and you can tell me where I’m going wrong.”

That would have turned my poor Dad bright red, though I’m sure that, when he lived in Sydney that he had probably had the offer once or twice in his life, and had possibly even taken up the offer at some point.

I think Mum suspected, but you know, a single bloke on his own, the two hadn’t met, Mum wouldn’t have worried if he had spent an evening with a professional.

… Although, now I come to think of it, I think Mum suggested something similar to my cheeky idea at the time.


The ABC Word Puzzle Solution

8 04 2011

I’ve had my mind of a load of things lately and haven’t revealed the solution to the ABC word puzzle, well, it’s finally here, enjoy.


Mr. Ed (or how I almost met Frenté)

3 04 2011

During the 90’s, when the internet was still a bit of a virgin, I had found out that the band Frenté had their own IRC channel, and would use it to chat with each other, and their fans too.

Well I hung around for ages, hoping one of the band members would eventually show up, and that we could have a nice, long, *dignified* discussion.

One day I’m waiting there, and nobody was in the channel, So I’m stuffing around at my desk for twenty minutes or so, contemplating my place in the universe when suddenly, a friend who I knew from another channel, logged in and we started having a random chat about anything that happened to come to mind.

This went on for quite some time.

Then another name popped up in the chat list, it was one of the band, who gave us a friendly hello.

I said hi back, and felt really happy because I could at last have the lovely happy chat I was hoping for.

It was just the three of us, which wasn’t surprising back then because the internet wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. if you even owned a computer, you were pretty much considered a social cripple.

But anyway, the Frenté band person (I don’t remember who it was) asks “What are you fellas talking about?”

Which was a really really bad thing to ask, because my “Friend” types…

“Horse Cocks!”

And the guy goes “Oh” and logs out.

Thanks Mate, Thanks a lot.