Choices made

25 06 2011

I think I would have been around fifteen when I decided that one day I’d become a Disc Jockey at a radio station somewhere.

One of the reasons that I wanted to get into radio, was to meet people who I knew from this side of the speaker or screen, a quick talk would be one thing, but a possible lasting friendship would be another, how cool would that be?

As you may know, I didn’t quite reach my goal, and many times I’ve said that it was my declining health which prevented me from going further, and while there’s some truth in that, I think I had another reason for dropping out.

I loved my family.

You see, new radio announcers generally don’t get their start in the city, which is where I live, but way out in “The Mulga” somewhere.

For those overseas, When an Aussie mentions The Mulga, or a place Beyond the black stump, We mean it’s far away, to put it mildly.

For me, a Melburnian, there would have been a good chance that I would have been posted off to Western Australia, Somewhere North of Perth. Several of my radio school classmates headed in that direction.

And I always knew it was on the cards, but somewhere inside I had this nagging doubt that I was any good, I got a volunteer job on a community station in Melton, Which was about an hours travel by train and bus. I was happy to work there, do my twice weekly show, write, produce and edit reels and reels of tape.

Somehow I never really considered that I’d go any further, I wasn’t being paid, but I was happy and I could go home when it was over.

Then someone at the station dropped the word that there was a scout at the station, the kind who looks for potential talent, and I was supposedly on his or her list.

This was exciting, but also frightening… I realised that I may soon have a full-time, paid job… but where?

It was the question of where which got the better of me, I gave up radio soon after.

The thing I wanted most, was to be with my family.

So here I am at home, years later, and the strangest thing is that I’m meeting people via twitter, and sometimes, in real life too. People who I never thought I’d meet in my life, and I love it.

But there’s a tinge of sadness that comes with it.

The person who understood me the most, was Mum, and I know if She had still been here that She would have loved to hear of the People I’ve met and spoken with.

Stephen Tobolowsky, Who has a depth to him which I would never have known about otherwise, Julian Clary a quiet soul who adores his garden, Boy George who seems to be rocketing off at an incredible pace to anywhere on the face of the planet, which I doubt I could have matched even at fifteen.

My Daily exchanges with Carol Duncan and Helen Tzarimas which I cherish, and this insanely long list of names who decided to follow me, famous or not, it hardly matters, it’s astonishing.

These wonderful people help to keep me going, and I am truly thankful for that.

I want to run to Mum and say “You’ll never guess who I met today”, But She’s not here.

Yes I can tell others, but it’s not the same, My parents “got me” it took them a long time, but they eventually did. They knew what I liked and who I liked and I’m sure they would have been impressed that I was finally getting to know people, like I always wanted to do.

While that career in radio passed me by, time with my Family did not, and I have no regrets.



22 06 2011

Here’s my bit on Travis, Who you may have read, had included Furries with Child Molesters, Rapists and Anarchists. in a nasty little piece he’d written on the Wall Street Journal.

Travis clearly hasn’t done his homework on Furries, We don’t want Rapists or Child Molesters in our group any more than anyone else wants them in theirs. Surely there is enough information on Furries for any self-respecting Journo to read, so that they know what they’re talking about before putting pen to paper?

However I found Travis’ inclusion of Anarchists amusing, especially when reading his right wing vitriol.

Doesn’t Anarchist mean someone who despises their government and acts against it?

Which appears to be exactly what Travis is doing.

How nice of him to include himself among the nasties he listed, including those horrible Furries.


Wall Street Journal

The real legend of the Werewolf

19 06 2011

I have in my possession, a very old book, which has been carefully protected over hundreds of years. The pages are delicate and yet in very good order, the cover seems to be of a stiff dark maroon coloured leather, with a symbol embossed into it, and a title underneath it.

From what I’ve managed to work out, is that it’s possibly very old French, and loosely translates to “The Diary”.

The book appears to be a compilation of stories, written by our people in a variety of languages and dialects over the course of around two hundred years.

I couldn’t read any of it, of course, although naturally there have been rough translations of parts of the book from time to time, However lately there has been more interest in the contents of the book, thanks mainly to our kind gathering on the internet and desperately trying to find genuine information, which is an exceedingly difficult thing to do, as you may imagine.

The book was passed on to me only quite recently, as the owner felt that I would take good care of it, and I have been busy photographing the pages and uploading them to our forum.

Photographing, as you may understand, is a safer procedure than the torture of a flatbed scanner, I could not face man-handling such an old tome in this manner.

The photos also add a warmth which a scan would fail to do, and this seems to bring the text to life, I can almost imagine reading the book by candle-light eons ago, when I see the results, which is what many of us must’ve done at some point.

But perhaps enough of this, you’re here for the juicy bits.

Once upon a time, Werewolves and Humans lived together in peace, they played together, sang together, ate together and had families together… the two were bonded, and villages who kept to this way of life tended to prosper.

There was no electricity back then, no television or internet to keep people awake til four in the morning, and farming was a tough life, especially without the modern farming tools we have today.

People would often fall asleep around dusk, except for those who drank, and there were always a few of those… and possibly the odd weary traveler.

Our people tended to wake in the afternoon, and do whatever we needed to do during the afternoon or evening. Today people jump to conclusions, We were hunters, well yes and no, people often forget that we are people too, and we often had farms of our own to tend to, life for us was no easier.

With Humans working in the early morning, and us working at night, things tended to get done quicker, there was more food, better health, and because we were awake mostly at night, more security.

We have translated parts of the book where it suggests that Werewolves were also healers, but how this was done is not known at this point.

Life was hard, but for the time it was practically ideal, If Werewolves and Humans got on so well, then why did everything fall apart, and why did the Werewolves almost vanish from the face of the Earth what went wrong?


From what we can tell, it seems there was a shift when religion entered the fray, and although it had little immediate effect on the community, over time, it did.

People began to believe that they were hand crafted by God, and every other creature was below them… The Werewolves, of course, with their unusual abilities, were to be cast as demons.

Of course not everyone believed in the new religion and stuck to the old ways, but this caused a dangerous precedent… if you were not with the crowd, then you were a witch.

The Werewolves saw what was coming for quite some time, our help was no longer needed or wanted, we were shunned, and sadly the only option available to us, was to move away.

Unfortunately this proved to be hard on both camps, The Humans, though satisfied with their new religion, didn’t seem to notice the poverty they had acquired, nor did they seem to care that many of their children couldn’t read, There had been time to read stories before, but now people seemed far too busy for that.

For us, there was less food, and sadly fewer friendly faces, our people had great holes in their hearts, we felt cold and empty, like pet dogs who had been dumped on the side of a road.

We walked, not together, but wherever the path took us, We settled anywhere that we could eke out a living, be it land or sea.

There were no packs, and this caused a problem… some of our children grew up by themselves and never saw the change, How could we have any idea that seeing the change was necessary, so that the young ones could do it too?

Werewolves dissolved into legend.

People just didn’t know who or what they were, they inter-bred with Humans, and the genes thinned out even more.

Throughout time, one or two here and there accidentally found that they could change, but this was rare.

Naturally they wanted to know about the transformation, but all they could find were horror stories about Werewolves killing and eating Humans, which we never did, even when we had no idea.

We saw that we were called Monsters, and this chilled us to the bone, especially those who believed that they had been curse and would burn in Hell after death, even though they knew they were kind and loving people.

In fear that we would do some great harm, many would lock themselves in cages by night, or they’d bind themselves with chains.

The stories said the change was bought on by night, or by witchcraft, and was not in our control, which it always had been, and still is. So we’d chain ourselves up, or lock ourselves in cages, and some of us took our own lives.

Movies tell people that a bite or scratch from a Werewolf would pass on the curse.

But remember, most of us carry the gene… so if you were bitten by one of us, some poor blighter infected with nothing more than a deep seated belief that we are an evil species, is it the bite which caused your own transformation, or what was already in your blood combined with a confronting vision that our kind really DO exist?

Alas what makes us what we are is highly susceptible to suggestion, and sometimes after a person is bitten, that big round moon may be all it takes to trigger those genes into a full transformation.


There’s a small pack of us in Melbourne, and we get together at a pub which isn’t visible to the street, it’s nice to get together on cold nights and sit inside where it’s warm and drink hot chocolate, play music or watch a movie together, we love a good comedy.

And we talk about our History, The book has not been completely figured out, but we know enough to know for certain that if we are anything, we are definitely not monsters.

Though we don’t lay blame on humanity either, we’re just a little bit lost, and are trying to find each other.

When we do find someone, it takes a while to get them to understand that they can change whenever they like, that it has nothing to do with Moonlight, and that eating with silver cutlery isn’t going to poison them.

But it’s a lot like anxiety you know, you can’t just tell someone “it’s all in your head” even though, really, it is.

A lot of healing is needed, but we’re getting there slowly.


How to pull iTunes out of saved “Time Machine” Backups.

8 06 2011

iTunes almost beat me recently, as you may know, and I told everyone that I had given up all hope of getting anything back which I’d lost after a recent iPhone crash.

Although iTunes had failed to save my photos, videos and voice memos which were of far greater importance to me than apps or music, I should in theory have a way to get my paid apps back at the very least.

What I found most annoying was that I had been used to the PC version of iTunes which pretty much saves everything by default, but the mac version was different, and wasn’t saving much more than music, notes, apps and I think that was it… So I was very annoyed when I discovered my self made stuff was gone.

Pigs to the apps and music, I can always buy it again, even though it’s a pain, however, I’ve decided to tinker, and I know some of you should appreciate my findings.

Right, You currently have itunes and it’s blank, you can’t see any apps or anything in it, iTunes may just be enough of an arse to be telling you that you can’t sync because of a library issue, maybe it’s the squeaky shoes, heck knows, and frankly I don’t care.

Let’s rip the throat out of iTunes, shall we?

Connect external drive containing “Time Machine” backups.

Disconnect iPhone if it’s plugged in.

Start iTunes, Go to the iTunes menu in the top right of the screen, the one to the left of the Apple logo, go to Preferences, Click “Devices” at the top, and tick the box next to “Prevent ipods from syncing”

Exit iTunes

Now you should run “Time Machine” go to the date which is the last sync before your crash, and navigate to: /Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup

What this means is when you see the list of what’s on your computer, you should see the name of your computer under “places” on the panel to the left, there will be an icon of a grey house next to it… if you’re an advanced user, stop your griping 😉

Click that, then click Library… application support… and so on. (as above)

Highlight all the files in the last folder and click Restore in the bottom right.

Now plug your phone in and run iTunes, click “apps” on the left panel, are your apps back?

Now I haven’t done this yet, but I think that after you right click your iphone in the left panel of itunes, and select “transfer purchases” that everything should work.

If it’s not happening, let me know.

I’m not a mega-geek, no matter what you may have heard, even though I do own a mac *feels shame* so it may or may not work, and I have a funny feeling I left something out, maybe, maybe not.

Oh yes, and apparently you can back up onto a dvd, I would do this, it will suck less if it happens again later.

Photos and Videos on the iPhone can be saved manually using preview, do that… backing up photos on PC is a lot easier… back up your photos, do it manually, do it NOW.

Once everything is restored, give iTunes the finger and find some other software that does something similar like DeTune.

Wolfie! (Up yours Apple)

Bowel Cancer Awareness Week

7 06 2011

As many of my readers know, I have had bowel cancer, and have had all the procedures done to my spotty botty, so much so that for a while is seemed that every doctor I met wanted to stick a digit up my behind.

Now the thing is that although I have an interesting sexuality, I have never really had the urge to put things up the back exit, and the idea that one day I would need to get prostate checks and so on, bothered me.

It bothered me because I thought it might hurt, and in my case it was uncomfortable, so suddenly finding myself in a position where every doctor wanted to cop a feel of my inner regions was a bit hard to take.

Although it got to a point where I’d meet someone and have this weird urge to face the other way and bend over.

All this finger poking and probing led to me getting my first colonoscopy.

Which I’d advise anyone to get because bowel cancer can generally be fixed if found early enough, in fact in the early stages it’s often not a cancer at all, just a polyp, a sort of a pimply thing which bleeds… remove that before it becomes cancer, and life will be that much better.

But there is a persistent false-hood that bowel cancer is an old persons disease, it’s not, anyone can get it, and if you suspect something might be wrong with your insides, please get it checked before it’s too late.

Now you may wonder what the procedure is like, I find that some things aren’t explained quite as well by doctors, we really need to hear from others who have been through it, so here’s my version of what it’s like.

It begins simply enough with a visit to your GP, The family Doctor.

Walk in and say “Doctor, I’m a little concerned about my bottom, could I get a colonoscopy?” Now your doctor gets lots of stranger questions, so please don’t be afraid to ask

The reason for having one could be that you’re having too many cases of the runs, tummy pains, or a spot of blood on the toilet paper, it could also be that a family member has had bowel cancer and you’re concerned that you might develop it too… but it’s not always genetic.

Take your Doctors advice, There may be reasons why you can’t have one yourself, but do ask.

You will be given an appointment form, go home, phone the clinic or hospital, and book a time.

Now a few days before you’re due in, you have to go there and pick up a packet of items which basically equates to cracker night for your arse.

There will be details on the form inside the packet which tells you about fasting, there will probably be a period where you’re allowed to eat low fiber food such as bread, chicken and jelly, followed by about six hours of eating nothing, then a few more hours of not drinking.

If you’re confused, just phone the place which is doing the procedure and they’ll sort it out for you.

Then it’s cracker night.

You begin by taking two small laxatives, then progress to the hard-core stuff.

Then there are boxes of some fizzy stuff which mixes with water, it’s pretty horrible, but you have to get it down, apparently it’s disguised with a bit of a lemon tang, sort of, this has to be swallowed sometime after downing the pills.

Then you move onto a weird mixture which is like trying to drink two liters of Lube, and I suppose that’s what it is in a way, it’s pretty horrible, and slippery as. Careful when drinking it as the glass might become slippery and you might drop it, I almost did.

My Cousin was told that it’s a good idea to add cordial to it, and it won’t taste as bad… but be aware that you cannot have anything red or purple as it confuses the doctor and makes him think you’re bleeding madly on the inside.

I suppose if you like the taste of fruit flavoured lubricated condoms then you’re set.

When I had surgery, I was in a ward with a woman who had “blood” inside an ileostomy bag, which worried both her and the nurse, and then I said “Didn’t you have red jelly earlier?” Then they realised what it was, it came as quite a relief.

Now, the best explanation as to what happens next is best summed up here, as funny as it is, it’s absolutely true, so take note, and don’t be more than ten meters away from a *vacant* toilet, I swear, That toilet is yours, it is forbidden for anyone else to use it. Not even Superman can hold in what you’re about to experience, so nobody NOBODY can use that toilet.

Billy Connolly – Colonoscopy

When this happened to me, I think it started around 7:30 in the evening, and I kept having twinges till about 2am when it finally stopped enough so that I could fall asleep.

I would recommend that when you’re ready to be shipped out, that you wear something like Depends, as you will still be running to the toilet the next day and may have an accident, don’t get cocky and think that because you’re twenty five that you can’t shit yourself, you can.

I’m sorry I’m so blunt, but I cannot press this issue enough, take all precautions.

Have someone drive you in, don’t take a bus, if you do, you will be sorry my friend, very sorry indeed.

You will also need someone to drive you home as you will be awake, but not quite with it yet.

Take a change of clothes, be prepared as the Scouts would say, and also put a bit of something on the car seat… plastic, just in case.

When you get there, the first thing you’ll notice about the waiting room is everyone is hopping out of their chairs and running to the toilet, there’s usually a lot of toilets where they do colonoscopies, They also have stacks of toilet paper, so you should be fine.

It may be best to find out where the toilets are beforehand, so if you need to rush, you know exactly where to head.

You will generally have a quick talk to the person handling your anesthetic, and then be given one of those gowns that tend to show too much, but your dressing gown should cover most of it.

Then you’re called in and you’re asked to lay on a table.

I’ve had it done twice, and there were differences, so this is colonoscopy the first.

I laid on my side on the table and was given anesthetic, it doesn’t hurt, there’s a bit of a sting and it’s over, they usually connect it to the vein in the back of your left hand.

Then suddenly everything got very slow and nice, and someone put a mask on me, which was oxygen, it was like a lovely cool breeze blowing through a window, then I was given a nice fluffy pillow and sank into that.

I have always been a bit scared at the thought of anesthetic, but I have to say the experience so far was extremely pleasing.

I felt the doctor putting lube on my bottom (eep!, ahh who cares) and then I sort of went to sleep.

This anesthetic doesn’t actually make you sleep, it makes you relax, and you don’t remember anything later… I can imagine this is what aliens must be doing, you know, when they do abductions and collect your sperm or somesuch, your mind only gets flashes of reality, and you just don’t give a crap… at least, in this case, we hope that’s all over… the crapping.

I remember hearing voices and feeling the bed bumping slightly across the floor as I was being moved, then a nurse tried to wake me up, it felt like 6am on a saturday morning and waking up was difficult.

I didn’t want to get up, but was helped up anyway and the nurse and I made our way slowly to a recovery room where there were recliners. I sat and rested with my dressing gown around me, I felt like I was an old fella in a nursing home.

After a while, someone came around with tea, bikkies, and a few sandwiches. I was still dopey and didn’t feel like eating, but was told that I had to eat before they’d allow me to go home.

Usually you get the results then and there, I got a letter with a photo of a tumour attached to it, I hope your result is not like mine was.

I was driven home and sat with Mum for a while, and then went to bed where I went to sleep for a few hours.

Colonoscopy 2

I had a bag at this stage, so had to go through an enema, which resulted in a similar but lesser output, and I was already at the hospital so things were better.

I remember being really cold as I sat in the room with my gown on, I had not bought a dressing gown to wear over the top of theirs, though a nurse did come around with warm, freshly tumbled blankets for us.

The need for a free toilet was just as strong, and I had a choice of about three of them, so I was fine.

This time when I was called in, it was pretty funny.

The doctor was seated at a computer while I was given my anesthetic, it was just casual chat as I laid o the bed with the anesthetic being dripped into me.

One of the nurses looked at me and asked “Are you sleepy yet”, in all honesty I said “no” and then blinked… I was in another room, it was as though someone had edited film, a sharp cut from one scene to the next, it was so weird.

I was wide awake and didn’t feel sleepy at all, although when I tried to get up, I was a bit wobbly.

My Cousin drove me home and I got into bed, but found I didn’t feel sleepy, so I got online and chatted, and a bit later on took Katie for a short walk, which was a bit naughty of me, but I really wasn’t feeling too bad.. and anyway, I wasn’t driving or operating heavy machinery.

A colonoscopy is a pretty easy thing to go through, but like all medical procedures there are risks, but your Doctor will go over them with you, of course there might be a reason why you shouldn’t have one, but if you can, do it!


Rotten Apples

3 06 2011

You may have read about my data loss on my iphone, Not only did I lose photos and videos over a month, but also a lot of voice memos, which had been important thoughts, and a few silly ones, from recent times… I really did want to keep these because they were the kinds of things I would one day wish to look back on, and were the kind of thing I’d like to pass onto others.

In general, when we see family trees, we see names and when these people were born, if they married and how many kids they had, and when they died. But a lot of the important stuff, such as what they loved and despised, how they felt, and what made them tick as a person, is lost.

I had been foolishly trusting iTunes to back this data up for me, while having no idea that it was just backing up basics, such as apps, music and phone numbers.

To me, the art I produce myself is of more importance than product I can simply buy again, (though understandably that is a pain too) because our own media is unique, and often the only copy is on the phone or computer.

I have had computers for decades now, and I know full well that backing up is the very best thing to do, and have several backups for my PC in the form of external drives.

When my phone went down, and I found iTunes had only saved rudimentary items, I was shocked and angry, frankly I wanted to beat both my Mac and iPhone to a pulp with a hammer, and to be honest I am considering wiping both and putting them on e-bay.

Apples backup system “Time Machine” failed to help too.

Although I found that I could indeed take a former iTunes from the past and use it’s contents… I could reload my bought apps, but of course there were no voice memos, photos or videos.

I noticed that some of my notes were from the much older PC sync, with iTunes (iTunes on PC appears to be the safer bet), so I thought I’d re-sync with the Mac version.

However, none of the backups worked anymore, each time I tried to run iTunes, I was greeted with an Apple Agreement and a fresh program… completely empty, no apps or anything.

I completely erased iTunes from my Mac and went back into Time Machine, dug out the old iTunes and ran it again, only to be greeted by the same Apple Agreement again, and a fresh, apparently unused iTunes.

Where was my stuff?

I’m feeling really burned by this, and really just want to leave this stuff in the corner to rot.

I will never buy another Apple product ever again, I’ve had enough. For all the sparkly glamour of the company, what has happened over the last week is far worse than anything the PC has ever done to me in over twenty years of use.

If anything has gone wrong on the pc, nine times out of ten I have managed to recover most of my files with relative ease, but with the Mac it’s just complete frustration.