23 01 2018

I’ve just been through a bit of a nightmare with twitter, I’m not totally sure why, but it totally forgot who I was when attempting to log in via my PC… using Firefox or the Windows app.

It really did not know me, it didn’t recognise my e-mail address, phone number, user name or password.

Initially I thought I was what most people call “hacked” as I had clicked a link about antique signs, dodgy links are usually associated with porn or click bait, but there you go.

It redirected me elsewhere, I saw a progress bar, and thought “Oh shit” and navigated away, had I been zapped by something nasty? I wasn’t sure, so, the first step is to change my password.

I TRIED this on PC since it’s big and bold and I’ve got a proper keyboard, touch screens are nice, but I wanted to feel serious here.

Wolfie? No, don’t know you, No I don’t know that address, that phone number matches two accounts, so bugger off.

It actually locked me out after trying several times.

Yes I got a form from Twitter support but it was useless, it was all about problems with my devices, but the problem was NOT with my device, I had no help from Twitter at all,

Tua esque!

Now, my account was active, I was using it on my tablet and phone, but feared that if I changed it somehow that I might be totally rooted, since I may not get an e-mail about it as twitter seemed to have forgotten my email address.

So here’s what I did.

On the app I told everyone that it was possible the account would die, and to follow me on a separate account if that happens.

Then I created a new e-mail address, there’s many to choose from, Hotmail etc.

Next I changed my Twitter address on the tablet to the new e-mail account.

The email arrived and I confirmed the change.

Then I tried changing my password, but the app didn’t recognise my password at all

So I requested a password change on Twitter, via Firefox on my PC.

The request turned up in my new email, and I followed all the prompts to get Twitter up and running again, and finally after typing in the code from an SMS message, It worked.

Should anyone find themselves in a similar pickle, this is the only way out.

Don’t bother asking Twitter, you won’t get any help for it.

Do remember that the issue was not simply a password problem, I had to change to a new email server FIRST!

I hope this helps someone else who’s stuck.

Wolfie Rankin.

EDIT: I know that others will experience this problem but will be a bit vague on what I’ve just said because computers confuse them, so if you’re in the same situation, here’s how to get out of it step-by-step.

The Problem:

You cannot log into Twitter via your BROWSER on ANY device, Twitter fails to recognise your E-mail Address, Phone Number, User Name and Password.

But, Twitter is still running via an app on your Phone or Tablet, The account is operating, you can see new tweets coming in and tweet to others.

SO? Can’t I just change my Password?

You can, but is that going to fix your e-mail problem? Probably not, and you’ll need a valid e-mail address to proceed.

  1. Get a new e-mail address, just search for a free e-mail account and sign up, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc come to mind.

2. Open up Twitter on your phone or tablet and tap your Avatar at the top left of the screen which should bring up a menu.

3. locate Settings and Privacy in the menu, tap on Account.

4. In E-Mail, replace your old account with the new and hit Next or OK.

5. Go back to your Computer and wait for the e-mail notification to arrive, once it does, open it, read it and have Twitter validate your new address.

6. Are you sure Twitter is connected to the new address? The app on your Phone or Tablet should be showing the new address in the aforementioned e-mail section.

7. Change the password in the app.

8. Return to your e-mail on your Computer, read it and follow all the prompts. Your Twitter Account should now be safe and it should work when you try to log in via your browser.

9. Understand that your Twitter Account is in peril, and must be fixed as I have laid out for you here, do not delay.