Playing the game.

6 12 2017

There is a game played amongst friends.

Possibly to gauge closeness of ties.

Whether or not I can use phrases like “You old Bastard/Queen/Cunt” in conversation without them feeling offence?

The game requires knowing where the line is, without crossing it.

If you cross the line, it is not a case of “Political correctness gone mad”

It is your failure to ascertain where the line was, the other is not at fault.

Maintain your distance from the line and it’s a good night out, fail and it’s shame mixed with embarrassment, an apology is in order.

It’s an art form, as delicate and tricky as a male spider attempting to woo his mate, and as such is probably best avoided.

Cultural Cringe

1 12 2017

So, You find yourself with a friend, talking about life.

While deep in conversation your friend mentions a type of food which you’ve never heard of, you don’t ask about it because they’re a chatterbox and the conversation has moved on.

But one day you’re passing a shop which is offering the food your friend mentioned.

You go in, have a look, and could be delighted, uninterested or revolted.

But it’s your choice.

How different might it be if all your life people told you to be revolted by it?

Like they might do with nudity, sexuality or the simple biology of our bodies.

Ask yourself if you’re really disgusted, or was it drummed into you until you accepted the opinion verbatim?