Clothing reviews?

13 05 2018

I’m 52 now, and while Mum always saw to it that we were well dressed, it was mostly basic clothing, the kind you might pick up from your local Target.

Clean, durable, functional and decent. 

Now Mum always had a good eye for clothing, and understood quality, She worked as a weaver in the 1960s, if a stitch was wrong, it was spotted quickly.

Mum loved good clothes and would have preferred better,  but money was tight, so we managed.

As a child, clothes were the last thing I wanted, getting socks at Christmas was always a disappointment, although I got toys too.

As a teen I saw the clothes that favourite bands were wearing, but had no idea where to get them, and besides, all my money was spent on records.

These days, getting out can be difficult for me, but thankfully there are a range of shops selling directly to anyone with a Paypal account.

And suddenly, here I am, wanting to step up my game, wanting to express myself in clothes that I desire, but also cover the necessities of practicality.

One of the best online shops out there is ASOS which has a huge range of better than average clothes, at prices which go from reasonable to screw that!

I originally had a look at ASOS in the hopes of finding a jacket, but have wound up buying a stack of clothes from them.

Though based in the UK and US, the ASOS app is location based and shows the price of the clothes in the local currency. And if you don’t like the clothes, they will send you a docket via e-mail which can be scanned off your phone at the post office so the items can be sent back for free… Which is brilliant.

One of the items I bought was a big, dark grey hoodie by Threadbare, which wasn’t my first choice, but it turned out to be well worth grabbing.

When I think of hoodies, I think of cheap looking things which are little more than a slightly thicker t-shirt with arms and a hood, nothing as dressy as this.

This one is super thick, and Borg lined, or Sherpa if you prefer, in a similar grey.

The hood is wide and generous, and lined with the warm fluff I am in love with right now.

Wear it out or snuggle down while watching telly, it could work either way, and though made for men, I can’t say there’d be much of a problem for a woman to toss it around herself on cold winter nights either.

Nor does it scream “Teenager”, I think it would look great on anyone who dared to wear it.

A big thumbs up from me.

$56 from ASOS (down from $114) *Australian dollars.

The ASOS app is available for Android and Apple.



10 05 2018

My dear old mate Rattus (Marko) once told me that he’d found his place in life, and I was pleased for him, it made him happy.

Marko went to many furry conventions over the years, he was a bit of a star too. As we were close friends he asked me to come with him, and so I went to Midfur, twice.

Peter greeted me warmly, but I didn’t really know what I was doing there, and few knew me.

Yes I like furries, but I’m not heavily into the scene, I am merely myself, and most of my efforts are online only.

I had also been to a local Sci-fi con and felt much the same way.

I know that for many of my friends that a convention is an amazing thing which is looked forward to, I see the point of it, and I’m also very pleased that unlike any decade up to the 90s, there’s more to our culture than drinking and sport.

Yes I’m an introvert but sometimes I wonder if I’m just a miserable twat.

I have yet to find my place.

Wolfie Rankin.

The English U

28 04 2018

Whenever I hear this song, I picture a potential video along these lines.

There is a huge, pure white space where long, white marble stairs lead to white figures at the top, they look like people in white, form fitting  body socks or perhaps it’s CGI, They’re all identical. They move in sync with each other, much like the Women from old movies who swam in pools to music.

Their arms are raised above their heads, clapping. Then one takes the lead down the steps, he or she begins to sign the lyrics with their hands as the song is about language.

A teacher sits at a marble desk to the side of the stand, all of her exam papers are blown off her desk and shower the other characters.

At one point, the U is received by two, who reverently carry it up to the top of the stairs and place it, laying flat, on a marble podium and guard it.

The camera showly rises, and the entire platform turns out to be a huge ear, with the U as an ear ring.

The Jacket.

24 04 2018

A few weeks back, I found the most perfect jacket I’ve ever seen on the trustworthy ASOS website, but it had sold out.

So I used Google Image to see if I could find it elsewhere, but it seemed that only ASOS had sold it.

Then I came across another site, it had the jacket, and I wanted it, I wanted it so badly that the following took place.

The calm, rathional part of me was looking at the site going “This is wrong”, but the crazy “Fuck everything, let’s do this!!!” part of me took over.

They had the jacket, further more they had all sizes of the jacket in stock, or so the page said.

Chrome wouldn’t fill in my credit card number, the second hint, nor would they accept PayPal, but I typed my number in anyway.

Pressed send.

The next concern was no e-mail came with a receipt nor advice on when my package might arrive.

Tonight I googled info on the site and found it to be high risk.
I really don’t know why I did this, desperation for a badly wanted item? I rarely ever want something so badly that I go crazy for it.

I could have checked, but I *believed* everything would be ok.

And belief is never any replacement for facts.

Stung yes, but it’s only money, I’m still alive and still here!

It’s not a mid-life crisis, Mildred!

20 04 2018

So I got to 52 and I finally started buying clothes which are a lot fancier than usual, I suppose it’s fine for people to think that I’m having a crisis.

I’ve not been terribly worried about what I put on, some trackie dacks or a pair of jeans, something warm on top.

People aren’t going to see me, I’m rarely seen out, I stay home with the dog and cats, I tap stories into my tablet.

So wearing Target or Big W is about as fancy as I get.

It’s not that I wouldn’t have minded fancier clothes in my youth, I loved the clothing my favourite bands wore, but I had no idea where to get stuff like that, and doubt I could have afforded it if I had known.

But recently I wanted a jacket, a good jacket, something fancy which said “I’m Wolfie, How do you do?” So I took a taxi to the local shopping centre which is packed with clothing shops of all kinds.

The jackets I found said “Ex Millitary” or “Farmer Brown” in shades of black, brown, navy or dark green… Colours which don’t excite my retinas much and certainly don’t say “Wolfie”.

Then a friend told me about Asos, based in England, which has an app whereby we can browse through a huge catalogue of clothing.

“Dorothy was skeptical at first…”

While I didn’t find the exact sort of jacket I wanted, I did find some lovely items which were a damn sight better looking than the claptrap I saw in person at the local shops.

And they took only five days to get to Australia… or less in some cases, which was astonishing. 

So, suddenly I have a wardrobe.

Jackets, jumpers, a shirt, several beanies, a baseball cap and a few other bits and pieces.

I bought the most outrageous pair of pants, black with roses down the legs, I’ve never had anything like that before in my life!

I just missed out on a beautiful hoodie too, but the one I settled for is wonderful, and should be as warm as toast in winter as it has borg lining, which means it’s fluffy inside. I only knew The Borg from Star Trek.

I don’t want this to sound like an ad for Asos, but if something works, it works.
So now, finally, I get to strut my stuff in much fancier gear than I’ve ever had. It’s taken far too many years to get here, but I finally made it.


20 04 2018

I’m not the only one being followed by weirdos, surely?

From a Bunny’s Bum

29 03 2018

There have been imbeciles blubbering about the loss of the word Easter on Cadbury chocolate eggs, which is a lot of nonsense in so many ways.

Easter is religious and religion, whichever flavour is adopted, is the biggest barrow of bullshit there is.

Racism, it’s a boorish way to call out those of another faith, when yours is just as stupid. Men in the fucking sky, give me a break.

Chocolate eggs are mostly made of air, the shell is thin and the chocolate barely has any flavour in it as it lacks cocoa, you’re basically eating fat.  Buy yourself a proper bar of chocolate, something that makes your hair stand on end and makes you realise that life is worth living.

Lastly, an adult crying over a chocolate egg is utterly pathetic, I seldom use this phrase but please, grow the fuck up.