19 09 2018

So, Why does society sometimes hate gay people?

Who taught society that being gay was a perversion?

What’s wrong with consensual sex anyway?

Tom’s considered a good lad, works hard, goes to Church on Sunday. Drops a gold coin in the collection plate. So does Mary, who Tom fancies. 

The two marry, they have two kids, the kids put two gold coins in the collection plate, as do the neighbours kids, and all the others.

It’s nice to get all that money.

Probably good to protect that income by scaring people into thinking that anything other than straight sex is wrong, that people are perverted, create laws against it, brand gays as criminals.

I think it was a plan that worked back in the 50s, but probably not as much now, at least I’d like to think so.

But I know the poisoned meme is still floating about.



5 09 2018

You know how you have a plant, let’s assume it’s Strawberry for arguments sake.

Now you could call the plant by it’s common name: Strawberry, or if you’re so inclined, you could go a bit fancy and call it by its botanical name, which happens to be Fragaria Ananassa.

Likewise you can have Manners or if you want to be fancy, Political Correctness.

And so I ask, What’s wrong with Manners?

If you see a bloke coming towards you, you say hello, you might even stop for a chat. If you don’t like them then you go about your business, if you do then you’ve made a friend, which is a win in my book.

No need to be nasty, ruins the day.

So when people say they’re against the PC brigade, I truly wonder why they want to wallow in misery when their lives could be loads better, brighter, much more cheerful?

Peace to you all, have a nice day.

In the pink.

2 09 2018

My desire for a pair of jeans which were not the usual colours, was thwarted. When I found two wonderful pairs at ASOS, which had sold out.

The first, Tommy 90s jeans in yellow, which I thought looked brilliant, had almost completely been snapped up, and my size was completely out of stock.

The second, Weekday jeans in pink. A similar story.

It makes me wonder if others are crying out for jeans in better colours.

However, for two weeks or more I routinely logged in and had a look, in case the shop had been restocked. Then finally, one Sunday evening, I was surprised to find that ASOS had one pair of the pink Weekday jeans.

I grabbed those pants (not by the pussy).

Well, They fit wonderfully. They are a loose fitting style, so they’re very comfortable to wear. I’m not fond of skinny jeans, I prefer a bit of leg room.

But the colour is strange, under most lighting they almost look like a light golden yellow, but they are pink. I’ve had to look a few times just to be sure. But either colour is welcome and I like the novelty of it.

Unlike purely white jeans, they had a softer, warmer and more cheerful look to them, I wore them with a pink jumper and white denim jacket. I must’ve stood out like a lighthouse when I went shopping earlier today.

Now Women complain about lack of pockets, but is it just me or are Men’s pockets not as deep as they used to be? I’d like something that could swallow my phone, is that too much to ask? Though happily the inside pocket of my jacket took care of that much.

Difficult to come by now, but a few remain in specific sizes of both jeans, so you might be lucky.

Sadly I cannot review the Tommy Jeans, but I’m very pleased with these.


Tommy Jeans 90s Straight Fit Jeans in Lemon Meringue.

Weekday Vacant Loose Fit Rigid Jeans in Pink Wash.

That Q Theory. #StarTrek

24 08 2018

We’re all Q, all of us.

This is where the Baby Q (I couldn’t eat a whole one) hang out in our own dull, mortal continuum, and learn the basics of existence.

When we “die” we shed our hideous larval form and go on our way to meet The Big Q Daddy in the sky.

It’s up to it, not he, whatever does an entity want with sex? To decide if you’re naughty or nice. And once decided, you’re shunted off to a suitable continuum where you can develop into that wondrous, fully adult Q of your dreams.

And that’s how it all works.

Of course you don’t believe me, but see if I care. 

I’m off to file my nails.

Lightly stained

24 08 2018

It appears that buying jeans with great big holes torn into them is still a thing, which seems strange because as a teen I tended to rip holes in them on my own, and I wasn’t even a Werewolf back then.

It reminds me of the cans of mud that 4WD drivers could buy to smear on their vehicles to give the appearance that they’ve been on a trek to the outback.

Well with that in mind, I’m tempted to launch my own clothing line with food stains already on them, to make out that you have a busy life filled with continuous partying.

I’ll have shirts stained with wine and the price of the shirt will go up depending on the wine used to stain it.

I’ll also be using beetroot, coffee and a vety appealing bolognese sauce.


21 08 2018

A nep jumper which came from ASOS.

I love the little flecks of colour.


16 08 2018

I miss Marko.

I didn’t see him much, just once a year, but I looked forward to seeing him.

Marko understood me, and very few people do.

I called him a soulmate.

But I couldn’t follow Marko, yes there were my medical issues to deal with, but despite the show I put on, I’m not really furry.

I don’t produce art, I have no fur suit, I’m not that interested in cons or the community. 

Marko described a convention as “finding his home”, I tried going to a local one, but did not get the same feeling, in fact I just wanted to go home.

I cannot find my home, I find life disturbing, superficial an irritation. 

I love my dog more than anything else in the world.

I am grateful for any friendship I can get.

But there is nothing left in life to be excited about, it’s either bland or horrible.

Yes I suppose there are pills for depression, they might give me a feeling of happiness, but will they remove the Trumps of the World? Will they bring back friends, old dogs and family? Will they repair poor old Earth?

Marko died, it wasn’t fair, he loved his life.

I do not, and would have swapped places with him if I was able.