Community Wolf

9 03 2018

Over the summer I had the sense that something was wrong, of course things were wrong, my health, my home, the state of the Planet, Politics…

I suppose I didn’t count the possible loss of a best friend.

Marko wasn’t a pushy person, he didn’t grab my by the collar and drag me into whatever he was into, but now and then there was gentle encouragement, Marko would have made a good counselor now that I think of it.

I’ve been here so long, on my own, because of my wonky health, because I’m an introvert. But there is also a sense of rotting away like my rotting house.

I know this is awful, but I’m almost envious of Marko, He’s gone, He doesn’t have to put up with any bullshit anymore, and I’ve been so entirely over the bullshit for years.

But perhaps I’m over the rotting too, this clandestine hope that I might simply wake up dead one morning and think it’s Christmas, Though I’d be worried sick about my dog, who’d take care of her?

Sick and dead, at the same time, worries too, shaking in a hessian bag, six foot under my garden. (not murdered, just cheap)

Well sitting around and rotting isn’t working too well for me, and it’s as dull as fuck, what a strange saying, fuck is anything but dull.

And without Marko’s support, what am I to do?

I have denied that I am a Furry, but the Furry umbrella is huge and doesn’t mind keeping the rain off poor fifty two year old lycanthropes.

I am alone in this World, at least it feels that way, I wish I had been closer to Marko, Why couldn’t I have just moved away from here and leave the ghosts of the past, to the past?

My life is as blocked up as my non working sewer, I’m drowning in a past life which turned up its toes years ago.

I need a community, I need to be involved.

Marko taught me that, I’m just so damn annoyed with myself that I only recognise that now.

But yes, I was sick, I still am, and yes I am an introvert, I have panic attacks when I’m in a crowd… but then don’t other Furries feel that too? Isn’t it bought out by the internal knowledge that we are different, and despite what the World says, We will never be Normal?

Who needs to be Normal? That’s a damn cowardly thing to be, isn’t it?

I have been content to lead a virtual life online, I am well known, and loved from a distance, but I need to be in the thick of things like Marko was.

I need compassion, I need people to look out for me, To check on me and see if I’m ok.

Should I continue on this current course, I will die on a toilet seat at home and won’t be found for days, the idea frightens me, being sick, dead and alone too.

Marko took me to the Melbourne Furry Convention twice and I was a fish out of water, while for him it was his life blood, I’ve been trying to work out why that was, and now I know.

Marko knew everyone, while I only knew two people, I probably knew a lot more but they didn’t look like their Twitter avatars.

I don’t want to die on my toilet seat, I want to die on a toilet seat in some strange place, after doing something that would give a religious freak a heart attack.

Will you take in this old Wolf and help him get around?

Wolfie Rankin




25 02 2013

Despite having drawn and written about Wolfie since 1986, I had no idea what Furries were until much later.

I had been bumbling around with computers for some time, I began with an Amstrad CPC6128 which Mum bought for my 21st Birthday, Yes it was a computer, but I could do very little with it, and feel that I should have asked for a really good camera instead or a hot guitar with lessons perhaps?

Then came the Amiga A500 and the Amiga A1200.

I had been messing around with a scanner, which was horribly expensive at the time and was something I should probably not have bought since I got very little use out of it… but I scanned in the picture of Wolfie in a circle, the logo I use today… but this version was my version, the very badly drawn version.

Then a friend who I had been going to Amiga clubs with, yes, physically lumping my computer somewhere, gave me an old modem, I think it was 14.4kbs or “slow as fuck”, but in those days there were no movies or songs to download, it was mostly text and the odd jpg.

I found a BBS and would download files from there, and they also had some Usenet Newsgroups, I became more interested in that, and eventually got a proper internet account with Aardvark.

I had found alt.horror.vampires, a discussion group about vampires, and I naturally wondered if there was a werewolf one.

Eventually I found Alt.Horror.Werewolves (AHWW) and hung out there and made my first internet friends.

Of course there was porn on the internet, and I became quite a fan of the groups which contained data that I had to piece together by hand before I could see it.

I had lived a very sheltered life and had been effectively prevented from seeing anything naughty, of course once I got online, the world was my oyster.

I saw my first ever gay porn, and I saw other varieties too, any porn I had seen before that was of women.

I noticed Alt.Binaries.Pictures.Erotica.Furry and assumed that must be something to do with hairy gay men, and for a while I didn’t bother with it, but eventually did… and that’s how I found out about Furries.

So had I not gone looking for porn, the online empire which I have now, may never have existed.

True story.


Snow Dropping

19 09 2012

My readers would know that I’m a Furry, and I identify myself via my Furry name and Avatar, which I use on every social media network I have an account with.

The thought had occurred to me that one day I may be browsing online, and see my own Avatar being used by someone else, and wondering how I’d feel about that.

This week, it happened to someone I know.

Someone had recently set up an account on a social network, found a drawing of a fox, and decided they would use it.

But they were caught.

The friend who has legitimate claim to the Avatar had paid an Artist to draw his character, and was quite miffed when they spotted this other user, using it.

A Furry Avatar in general is one which people have created themselves, not something that we just grabbed from the internet and decided that it would represent us.

If the image was not created by the owner, then it was either a commission from an Artist, or a gift from an Artist… which happens frequently in Furry circles.

Avatars are crafted with care, and can often have a long history. My “Wolf in a Circle” design goes back to 1989, when I first sketched it on a notepad with a biro.

Using another persons Avatar, to me, is a bit like leaping a fence and pinching clothes off someones washing line, and wearing those clothes out in the street.

Imagine how you’d feel if on the way to the shop, you bumped into someone wearing all your gear.

While reading this, some of you have correctly thought “Identity Theft” which is what this is, Our Furry Names and Avatars are indeed our identities, which are recognised by Furries and Non-Furries alike.

If you should see someone using a Furry Avatar which belongs to someone else, please inform them that what they’ve done is not on, and gently persuade them to get another Avatar.

If they really want a Furry avatar of their own, then there are ways and means of getting that done, simply starting a chat with Furries can put them on the right track.

Otherwise, a photo might just be enough?


Introducing Wolfies Law of Pants and Jiggly Bits.

16 09 2012

Written for Furry Artists, and for those working with realistic looking creatures in film.

When a realistic half human character is drawn naked, then they should come complete with the genitals of their sex and species.

If the Artist is concerned about drawing Genitalia or Breasts,
then they must put clothing on their character.

The Artist must never draw a character naked and WITHOUT genitals.

If a scene requires nudity, such as when the character is showering, and the artist does not wish to have genitals on show, then they must use a device to cover the characters equipment… such as a towel, sponge, soap dish, or rampant Frankfurter.

(Frankfurter, not Frank N Furter… but then, why not?)

like in that nude scene from the Austin Powers movies.

But a naked character should never be seen without genitals if viewed in full (or closeup, I suppose)

Having a character without genitals is obnoxious and stupid, why would you normally leave a nose off your characters face? You wouldn’t, so don’t crop other parts off your character.

Morals be damned, it’s your body, your cock isn’t demon-spawn, and your breasts aren’t satans fun bags for idle hands. (not unless you’re lucky) and Kids aren’t going to freak out about it, most have a dog and many have been to a farm or a zoo at one stage or another and know what goes on.

Have you even known a kid to not be fascinated when an Elephant has a pee?

And a hint, if you do clothe your characters, give them a bit of a lump where things should be, a boy is after all, still a boy, even if he’s a wolf, eh?

Completed Piti Yindee Art Work of Wolfie Rankin

28 07 2012

Art by Piti YindeeImage

Wolfies guide to talking to the media

11 07 2012

I’ve been thinking about Furries and the party line which is “Don’t talk to the media”.

I have always felt this isn’t the best way to be, because not talking to anyone creates the illusion of being some sort of dark cult and before long, nutters start spreading tales about Toad Licking and doing odd things in your garden shed at 2am.

You should speak, but do it carefully!

Several years ago, I was invited to be in a documentary about Furries and Second Life, A Virtual World/Social Network sort of thing, and I said I’d do it… but I already knew a few things.

Shelley Matulick, The Director, Had already made a short film about Second Life which had been on television. This new doco would be much like that one, but run for a full hour.

The Network it was to be shown on, SBS has always treated minority groups with a great deal of respect.

Shelly and I had several long talks about how the documentary would be structured, and during this time, we got to know each other really well, I also got to know our Camera Man – Peter Zakharov, and Sound Recordist – Bart Bee, as we spent quite a lot of time together.

Marko T Rat also had a lot of questions to ask, and decided that he might like to be in the doco, despite a few other furries advising him not to.

We had a lot of fun making the doco although sadly, a lot of the good stuff never made it into the end product, plus it aired very late at night and not many people saw it.

And none of the Second Lifers could remember what a Television set looked like. 😉

What I’m saying is that nothing was rushed into, We had all done our homework and everyone was fine with it.

Always research who you’ll be speaking to, Google and Youtube can usually assist you.

Are they people who produce interesting and factual work?, or are they shock jocks?. Is the station, newspaper or network in the habit of publishing reliable material? or are they in the habit of calling people with interesting new ideas, crazy?

If they check out, do the interview, If not, walk away and save face.

If you decide to do the interview, Here are a few things to consider.

No elephants in the room, say what you want to, be honest, but don’t be defensive (Shelley told me this).

“What’s a Furry?” “A person who portrays themselves as an animal”

Some Furries have written entire novels on what a furry is, painstakingly making sure that no stone is left unturned, save it for your blog or wikipedia… it will not work for a thirty second news story and isn’t suitable for a documentary either as your audience will quite literally tune out and learn nothing.

You are explaining The Furry Fandom, not The Higgs Boson.

“Do furries have sex?” “Yep, Just like everyone else”

Furries are usually hot blooded young people, of course they have sex, it’s a silly question.

“Do Furries have sex in their costumes?”  “Yes, but only a small group of furries do, it’s not for everyone”

A lot of “normal” people prepare food, naked… It’s a strange world. If you could float like a ghost through walls, I can tell you that you’d see a lot of very strange things. If people are having sex in their costumes, in private, they’re not hurting anyone.

“What does Yiffing mean?” “It’s furry slang for sex”

If a Furry saw two people having sex on the beach, The Furry would say they were Yiffing.

Keep answers brief, Imagine that answers have to fit into a tweet, Sound-bites are great in a news story, but if you’re doing a documentary or long radio interview, feel free to elaborate.

I would like more ideas on this, what are your thoughts?

And before I finish, I would like to say that I was heading for my own career in Media, until my health failed me.

I went to Radio School, and then ran my own radio program on Community Radio for about three years.

I also wrote Community Service Announcements and produced recorded work.

Many of my Twitter followers are media people, mostly from Radio and Television, Especially the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation…. Who are not at all related to the US Version).

I also assisted with ABC Island in Second Life.

If anyone is not afraid of the media, it’s me.


8750931 Click to see a short from Alter Ego

That Commission

6 07 2012

Here’s some more updates on the art commission by Piti Yindee

Piti drew Wolfie in quite a nice pose I thought, and I added a mic to show him what I thought might be nice,

I was fortunate enough to find a picture of a microphone at exactly the right height for Wolfie too.

So Piti sends me two updates, and they look like this…

And this, with a bit of shading.

And that’s that, for now.

The full colour image will come soon.

Do remember to pay Piti Yindee a visit at Wuffle Comics


Piti Yindi Sketches.

22 06 2012

I have commissioned some art from Piti Yindi who draws the brilliant “Wuffle Comics” and this is the progress report if you will.

Ones personal oddness.

15 02 2012

Finding yourself isn’t always an easy journey, you have to unlearn a lot of stuff, and go with your feelings… which is difficult because we have these pressures put upon us to “act normal” by society, and we cling to that.

At least that’s how I arrived here, which I’m sure isn’t the end of the road by any means.

I never wanted to be normal, I’ve always thought that normal was another word for boring.
and none of us want to be boring, do we?

I am one of those people who feel completely out of place, I sort of get around thinking “What the fuck?” although I didn’t really know that until fairly recently.

I’ve always been an outsider, or an observer, and rarely “got involved”.
Yes fine, I’m involved with the online community, but that still allows me to be reclusive.

Regurgitator wrote a song called “Song formerly known as” and if you play that, you’ll get a very good description of the kind of person I am.

I’m an introvert, I like peace and quiet, I never work well in a team.

I do things because I want to, and very rarely because I have to, unless it’s something serious which needs attending to… If it’s for Katie or Vicky, I’ll do it as swiftly as possible.

My Sister wanted to know why I wasn’t interested in getting married, and it was mostly because I just could never be a Dad who wakes up at 7:30am and gets the kids off to school, and takes them to sports or whatever… I can’t operate like that, I’d be a very bad parent, so I’d really rather not be one at all.

I think I let people think I’m gay, I am a bit, but I can’t stick the label on myself… the fact is that I feel horribly out of place, being human.

I don’t think I am, really, Human that is.

My spirit or whatever, appears to have got stuck inside the wrong species, and the truth is that at times I can feel really depressed about it. because I’d like to be in love and do all the things my feelings crave, but I cannot… it’s just not possible this time around.

I side with the Furries even though I know I’m Therian, but the Furries understand and I’m welcome to be with them, and I like them, but I still feel horribly out of place.

A fursuit seems like something which would help, but it would be a bit like building a pretend TARDIS, initially lovely, but it wouldn’t really work, of course… and I wouldn’t expect it to either… but it wouldn’t work, you understand.

When I started using social networks, I was concerned about what others might say… others had confined themselves to furry venues, and while I can understand that, I just found it too restricting, I didn’t just want to speak to people because they were furry, there are many people I like who are simply not furry in the least, and I wanted to converse with them too.

So no furry social network has worked for me, I’ve tried them all, with limited success.

One of the things I love to do is make someone happy, there’s not nearly enough joy in the world, so if I can give someone a bit of a laugh, or a hug, or to listen to them when they’re down, I will. I’m a good doggie, I am 😉

Meeting people in the park or a cafe is my way of meeting people, often after I’ve met them online. Yes I am reclusive, but I genuinely do like people… but I want to be somewhere quiet with them, and talk about life.

I don’t like crowds or loud music and avoid both with a passion.

One of the reasons I was a radio DJ was that I could sit in a room by myself and play music, I’m fine with the idea of thousands of potential listeners, that has never bothered me, but I couldn’t possibly do live television.

I prefer being with my dog the most, out of anything, which I think you will have gathered from my photos.

I’m an Athiest, I don’t like religion… mainly because of the hate and bigotry which goes along with it.

If there’s a God, He/She/It can stick it, I’m not interested in them, I’m not a good person for some invisible person in the sky, I’m good because it makes me happy, and it makes others happy too, which is lovely.

Although I don’t really think there’s more after this, I would love another go, and to really be myself and have a good, full life, rather than this edited down version which I’m not terribly fond of.

I’m waiting for something, I’m not sure what, but I am, I have been for a very long time.


My Freaky TMI idea about Furries from Space.

4 02 2012

As Kenny Everett used to say “This show contains Naughty Bits” so be warned.

I don’t know about you, but when I see a cartoon character and they’re not wearing pants… and also lack genitals, well, I find that a bit odd.

It’s not that the cartoonist couldn’t add them, Furries add them all the time with no trouble at all. No the problem lies with society and their warped views on sex.

It’s fine to have people being shot in every other tv show, but show a dick and oh dear, the entire world falls in.

Over on you youtube page, I have a deleted clip from Rockos Modern Life, Which shows a farmer (who apparently can’t see all that well) putting a milking machine on Heffer (Who’s a male bullock or steer) As the machine (hidden from view) pumps away, our hero, quite confused, stands there “ohhhing” until finally his eyes get stars in them and he falls over backwards with a gigantic smile on his face.

Honestly, the people who wrote back saying “This destroyed my childhood”

What if society thought noses were weird or wrong or offensive, rather than genitals, and we all had to wear nose bras, and were deeply ashamed to sneeze in public?

There’s nothing wrong with the parts, they’re just bits of our body.

I had a volunteer position at the Melbourne Zoo years ago, and thought that it was funny that people didn’t mind their kids seeing the animals mating… or just having a wank in the corner, as animals do… but if humans were found making love in the park? hrmmm, I wonder.

Personally I’d just step over them and leave them alone.

OK, so my weird idea, the “meat and potatoes” of this post, uhem…

Sometimes Furry artists don’t want to draw pants on their characters, nor do they want to draw the genitals BUT sometimes they draw a bulge, almost as though the character were wearing a living skin?

Well why not?

There could be an alien being out there in the depths of space which has that sort of body, couldn’t there?

Think of it, a living fursuit, which cannot be removed, but isn’t really attached, except perhaps for the skin around the hands and face.

But in the groin, there is a kind of pouch, where all the goods are kept, and somehow this is quite functional and useable to the species.

The access hole (not to be confused with the other “A” Hole) is also completely hidden, and perhaps can’t even open unless the creature wishes to mate.