Completed Piti Yindee Art Work of Wolfie Rankin

28 07 2012

Art by Piti YindeeImage

Sad and Lonely

14 07 2012

I saw some news article as I was browsing the internet, all by myself, one of those news stories which claimed that people who sat at home and used the internet a lot were a pretty miserable sort, you know, not meeting people, always alone (as the meme goes).

What utter crap!

I’m sure it was written by the type of person people call “An Extrovert”.

An Extrovert, would practically die, if left on their own for a few hours. Whereas I, like many Introverts are happier at home, where it’s quiet and where we can put our feet up.

I don’t mind being out now and then, It’s perfectly lovely to meet friends… but I prefer it in a small group, never in a place with a crowd or really loud music.

I want a chat over a cuppa, that for me is plenty.

And if it’s with my dog, all the better.

I like to hear myself think, I like the internal chatter… if there’s too much going on, I get over-loaded and want to escape to somewhere quiet.

I went to a friends wedding once, and I was really glad to have been invited and to go… but as the night wore on, the music got louder and louder and I hated it, I spent most of the evening on the steps outside, and was very glad to be home.

What I find strange are people who somehow don’t know how to make actual friends online, I’ve done it heaps of times and have met some of these people (who could make it over here, not everyone online is local) and they’ve been perfectly lovely.

How can people have all these social networks and not find at least three really good friends, are they doing it wrong or what?

I have made some really good friends simply by chatting to people on the social networks, I’m on… It’s no big deal, talk about what interests you, and people just sort of turn up.

Making friends online is no different to chatting to someone in a cafe, and I think it’s better really, as I get to know what’s going on in a persons mind first, rather than what they look like. (Not that I’ve been disappointed by how my friends look).

So here I sit at night, chatting away to people I like, grabbing a bite, patting my dog, snuggling with the cat and not feeling sad or lonely at all.

Being the introvert I am, I wouldn’t have bothered going out of my way to meet people, I would have stayed at home, cooked my own meals, watched some TV, walked my dog… if there’d been no internet, and that would have been that.

Lonely on the internet? Nah.


Wolfies Bikkies

14 07 2012

I have been making these biscuits which are from the recipe on the side of the Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, They used to have another name, but it was changed to Rocky Crunch Cakes… It doesn’t appear to be on the boxes anymore so I was very careful about keeping the last recipe, and not throwing it out as usual.

You may call theses Wolfies Bikkies as I have tinkered with the recipe a bit, and they’re delicious.

I find these are very good for breakfast, even one is quite filling.

Also, I find I can’t come at anything milky in the mornings, so cereal is out… but this is a way to have cereal without the milk, I usually have it with my coffee (which has just a little bit of milk in it).

So the Ingredients are:

110 grams of butter – For those without scales, it’s roughly half a cup.

1/2 a cup of sugar

1 3/4 of a cup of plain flour, sifted – I just use a large strainer.

A cup of goodies (Not Graham, Bill and Tim)

1 1/2 cups of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

2 teaspoons of baking powder (Not Bi-Carb) – I say this out of frightful experience, yuck!

1/2 a cup of milk

Microwave the butter in a cup on a very low setting for a minute or two, just to soften it up, you’ll need to stir it into the mixture, so the softer it is, the better.

Now, The goodies can be anything you like, fruit, nuts, choc bits, anything that comes up to just under a cup, and I have found the best things to get are the fruit snack boxes which are for putting in a kids lunchbox, they’re normally sold in six or eight… I get “Sultanas and Apricots” and “Sutanas and Apples” and use two of the first and one of the latter… then I throw in a handful of choc bits… you could use pine nuts or something else, but try to stick with the healthy stuff.

Mix all the ingredients EXCEPT the cornflakes together till it looks really well mixed together. The reason I suggest leaving the cornflakes out is because as you mix them, they break, until all you have are cornflake crumbs.

Once the mixture looks well combined, then add half a cup of flakes and gently fold them into the mixture (which is going to be pretty firm, but that’s ok), then add another half, fold those in, and then the final half.

Then cover a baking tray in baking paper, and get a real tablespoon, we have a very old one and I think a friend of mine, who does cook, was amazed to see an actual tablespoon, they are kind of unusual these days, and spoon the mixture onto the paper… you may need to work it off the spoon with a teaspoon.

If you do it right, you should have from about six to eight lumps of goo on your baking tray.

Now the thing is with bikkies (Aussie slang for Biscuits) is that they can burn easily, so you put them on a fairly low-ish heat, 150c is about enough (300F). What you want to get in your mind is that you’re not cooking/baking these, you’re drying them out, this idea stopped me from burning mine.

Then set the timer for about 30 minutes, though it may take a little longer, that’s ok, nice and slow.

If they look *slightly* golden on the top, they’re done, don’t push it… the underside can burn and the top can look as though it isn’t ready… nice… and… slow.

The best way to know if they’re done is to hang around the kitchen, if you suddenly smell something nice, they’re done.

(I use the nose when making pies too, it works).

Get them out of the oven and allow them to sit, they will come out of the oven hot and soft, but they harden as they cool, remember that!

Once they are cool (If they’re still there), wrap them in something air tight or pop them in the bikkie jar.

I hope you like them.



13 07 2012

I think if a psychologist asked me to choose a word which goes with school, I would say “Bullying”.

And I think almost everyone I’ve spoken to about school, especially high-school would say the same thing, I think I’ve only ever spoken to one person who said that their high-school life was ok, it’s a shame that is remarkable.

Teachers in primary school used to warn about television numbing the mind, while reading was obviously better, but this was often nonsense. I found that a lot of the shows I watched broadened my mind quite a lot. “Why is it so?”, “The curiosity show”, “Towards and Beyond 2000”, “In the wild with Harry Butler” to name just a few.

And I feel that personally, if left to my own devices, I would have had much the same education, short of a few practical lessons, as I would have if I had gone to school.

And in some ways I feel I have learnt more since leaving school, than I did while I was there.

And the bullying was something I didn’t need.

I have thought about a question from time to time, What would I choose if I must have…

Seven years of school or six months of cancer treatments (Which I have had), and I’m really not sure which I’d rather go through.

The pain runs very deep for both, but one is over quickly.

The last year of school for me was year 10 at Footscray High School, a year I was repeating, not surprisingly because I simply didn’t care anymore, I’d get up, go to school, fear for my life from 9am till 3:10pm and then go home to where it was safe.

I never did homework, as soon as I was home, that was it.

Mum didn’t push me, it wasn’t as though she didn’t care, she did, quite a lot, but knew that school and I were like oil and water.

Then one day I’d had enough, I faked an argument with my Dad who was taking me to school in his truck, and I told him I’d rather walk to school… well I walked home instead and laid on the roof of the garage until the day was over.

The funny thing was that Mum and Dad were called to school by the co-ordinator, She wanted to tell my parents that I really wasn’t doing very well and I wouldn’t get a high enough grade to finish the year and go onto the next.

Except when they called for me over the P.A. Well… I wasn’t there, was I?

The next day I had a chat with the co-ordinator, she wasn’t upset with me, She knew that I’d given up, She knew that I was now completely ignoring the maths teacher and reading novels instead, she wanted me to go out into the world and give it all I had.

Up till that time, I’d considered her harsh and formidable, but in actual fact, she was a genuinely caring person.

I remember that last walk across the playing field, that hop over the fence, and that final journey home, school and I were now, forever separated, and I could finally begin to grow.


Wolfies guide to talking to the media

11 07 2012

I’ve been thinking about Furries and the party line which is “Don’t talk to the media”.

I have always felt this isn’t the best way to be, because not talking to anyone creates the illusion of being some sort of dark cult and before long, nutters start spreading tales about Toad Licking and doing odd things in your garden shed at 2am.

You should speak, but do it carefully!

Several years ago, I was invited to be in a documentary about Furries and Second Life, A Virtual World/Social Network sort of thing, and I said I’d do it… but I already knew a few things.

Shelley Matulick, The Director, Had already made a short film about Second Life which had been on television. This new doco would be much like that one, but run for a full hour.

The Network it was to be shown on, SBS has always treated minority groups with a great deal of respect.

Shelly and I had several long talks about how the documentary would be structured, and during this time, we got to know each other really well, I also got to know our Camera Man – Peter Zakharov, and Sound Recordist – Bart Bee, as we spent quite a lot of time together.

Marko T Rat also had a lot of questions to ask, and decided that he might like to be in the doco, despite a few other furries advising him not to.

We had a lot of fun making the doco although sadly, a lot of the good stuff never made it into the end product, plus it aired very late at night and not many people saw it.

And none of the Second Lifers could remember what a Television set looked like. 😉

What I’m saying is that nothing was rushed into, We had all done our homework and everyone was fine with it.

Always research who you’ll be speaking to, Google and Youtube can usually assist you.

Are they people who produce interesting and factual work?, or are they shock jocks?. Is the station, newspaper or network in the habit of publishing reliable material? or are they in the habit of calling people with interesting new ideas, crazy?

If they check out, do the interview, If not, walk away and save face.

If you decide to do the interview, Here are a few things to consider.

No elephants in the room, say what you want to, be honest, but don’t be defensive (Shelley told me this).

“What’s a Furry?” “A person who portrays themselves as an animal”

Some Furries have written entire novels on what a furry is, painstakingly making sure that no stone is left unturned, save it for your blog or wikipedia… it will not work for a thirty second news story and isn’t suitable for a documentary either as your audience will quite literally tune out and learn nothing.

You are explaining The Furry Fandom, not The Higgs Boson.

“Do furries have sex?” “Yep, Just like everyone else”

Furries are usually hot blooded young people, of course they have sex, it’s a silly question.

“Do Furries have sex in their costumes?”  “Yes, but only a small group of furries do, it’s not for everyone”

A lot of “normal” people prepare food, naked… It’s a strange world. If you could float like a ghost through walls, I can tell you that you’d see a lot of very strange things. If people are having sex in their costumes, in private, they’re not hurting anyone.

“What does Yiffing mean?” “It’s furry slang for sex”

If a Furry saw two people having sex on the beach, The Furry would say they were Yiffing.

Keep answers brief, Imagine that answers have to fit into a tweet, Sound-bites are great in a news story, but if you’re doing a documentary or long radio interview, feel free to elaborate.

I would like more ideas on this, what are your thoughts?

And before I finish, I would like to say that I was heading for my own career in Media, until my health failed me.

I went to Radio School, and then ran my own radio program on Community Radio for about three years.

I also wrote Community Service Announcements and produced recorded work.

Many of my Twitter followers are media people, mostly from Radio and Television, Especially the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation…. Who are not at all related to the US Version).

I also assisted with ABC Island in Second Life.

If anyone is not afraid of the media, it’s me.


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That Commission

6 07 2012

Here’s some more updates on the art commission by Piti Yindee

Piti drew Wolfie in quite a nice pose I thought, and I added a mic to show him what I thought might be nice,

I was fortunate enough to find a picture of a microphone at exactly the right height for Wolfie too.

So Piti sends me two updates, and they look like this…

And this, with a bit of shading.

And that’s that, for now.

The full colour image will come soon.

Do remember to pay Piti Yindee a visit at Wuffle Comics