Pink Chalk Day

28 11 2011

I had an idea which seems to have gained some approval on social media sites.

It’s called Pink Chalk Day.

The Object is to get some pink chalk and write your support for Gay Marriage on the footpath near where you live, or draw a picture instead if you’re the arty type.

There are lots of people who feel strongly about certain issues, but who would never go to a rally.

I want something that people can do in their own area, which is directed at other locals, rather than politicians… so the average person can see how much support there is for same sex marriage in their town or suburb.

It’s quick and easy, and anyone could join in.

Which isn’t to say that a rally shouldn’t happen, if people wish to gather in a location and extend the idea, then go for it!

If we were to do it, I’d like a date, pertaining to us in this country
(as it is mostly to do with our own politics but of course other countries
could adopt it)

Have you any thoughts?

Please spread the idea around.

The Hashtag on Twitter will be #PinkChalkDay

* The thought right now is if it is the same date as the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras that would probably work well.

Vote up the idea at Getup!


Rally 4 Dec, Melbourne. – Inquiry into Catholic Church, Sexual Assault and Suicide Prevention.

24 11 2011

Hi one and all!

You should be receiving either 2 attachments or 2 flyers in the body of this email. If not, please let me know. (Not included with G+/Facebook post)

I am organising a rally on the steps of Parliament on Sunday 4 December, 12 noon for about an hour.

The reasons are to:

1. Continue the push to have the details of the people who suicided in the years following clergy sexual assault to be handed over to the coroner for re-investigation. Things are at a standstill.

2. For the State Government to hold an urgent independent Inquiry into Catholic clergy sexual assault. Other than waiting for the outcomes of the Cummins Inquiry (which may address three issues – mandatory reporting; Working with Children Act 2005 requirements; reporting of child abuse to secular authorities) there is no word from the Attorney-General about an independent Inquiry.

3. The other essential reforms are listed on the second flyer.

The state government’s decision a few weeks to put on hold a public inquiry into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is unconscionable and carries a serious risk of further suicides by victims of clergy sexual assault.

After publicity a few months ago about 26 suicides in Ballarat and Box Hill of young men in the years following catholic clergy sexual assaults, family members of more victims came forward about a loved one committing suicide after being abused by clergy. This brings the above number to 35. But clergy abuse-related suicides have not necessarily ended. Many impact statements from other victims of convicted paedophile Robert Best recently revealed ongoing suicidal thoughts and tendencies. And the above number refers to victims of just two clergy.

The church continues to sit on its hands and the state government, which has full knowledge of these facts, is employing delaying tactics. The Attorney-General, it seems, is not taking these issues very seriously at all.

Thanks a lot and look forward to seeing you there.

Any problems with attachments, please let me know.

The best.


0418 329 049

All about Voo

20 11 2011

On the way home from a walk with Katie (My Malamute), I heard some kids talking in their front yard.

They were playing cricket, and the boy said to the girl “That’s LBW”.

LBW means Leg Before Wicket, I’m not sure what it means exactly, but I know it’s a kind of foul.

But it wasn’t the game I was beginning to consider, but what was said by the boy.

“That’s El, Bee, Doub-el-ewe” That’s six syllables…
“That’s Leg Be-fore Wic-ket” That’s six also.

An acronym with the letter “W” in it, is fine to type or write, but as it contains three syllables when you say it, it defies the point of an acronym, which is get your point across faster.

Of course we’re all familiar with hearing WWW as “Dou-ble ewe, dou-ble ewe, dou-ble ewe”.

What a mouthful!,

And yes, I know people don’t have to say it anymore, but those less experienced with the internet still do.

This is broken, and needs fixing, don’t you agree?

Yes, we could avoid creating an acronym with “Dou-ble Ewe” in it but perhaps the letter itself needs a new name.

Tampering with the Alphabet is almost criminal in some peoples minds, but… it might not be a formal change, perhaps W simply needs a nickname?

Something which is simple and falls off the tongue easily.

I thought about the shape of the letter, for a start it looks more like a V than a U… right?

And then perhaps the end of the name could reflect the letters original name, so we retain the
“ew” sound.

Leaving us with “Vew”, “Vue” or “Voo”

I must cut this conversation short and run, As I can hear the angry elite coming up the street with their pitchforks and flaming torches.

Ahh nothing changes.


TARDIS Builders Australia

16 11 2011

I have a strange and possibly stupid idea in my head where I want to build a TARDIS, no, not a toy one… a big one, an authentic Matt Smith “Police Box”.

I intend to keep it in my house and have it be a point of interest, and also a useful article.

Although I’ve never built a damn thing in my life, I’d like to try, although I have severe reservations about doing so.

One of the things which would be nice to try, is to make it from good, recycled timber, which I hope would be cheaper, as I don’t have much to spend.

Yes, Money is tight… but perhaps if I learn how to do this, perhaps I can then apply what I’ve learnt so that I can fix up bits of my house.

Also, I want a fun vibe in my house, why shouldn’t a home have a fun vibe?

I have created a group for this called TARDIS Builders Australia.

It exists as a Google Group and a G+ Group.

If you’d like to join, and read the bits and pieces I find from others who have tackled it… Yes others have done it… or to watch videos, on Police Boxes etc, join me… Perhaps something wonderful can end up getting done.



Hardly HD

15 11 2011

I have a little niggle, which is when I visit YouTube and spot a video which is, for example, from 1983, and the uploader has written…

“Culture Club – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (HD)”

As the title.

Well sorry, It’s not, and I don’t care if you recorded the thing from some HD channel, The video is from 1983, it will never, ever be, in HD.

Some of you oldies, like myself, remember when we went from black and white tv, to colour, and how black and white movies remained in black and white, even though we watched them on our colour sets, it’s the same principle here.

If the original source was HD… either a film or HD recording, then your upload, should be in HD, provided you followed all the protocols to keep the video as close to the original as possible.

But if the source was in standard definition television format, usually with a 4:3 format, then even if some guy (or you) fiddled with the video in a studio, or someone stretched the video out vertically, making everyone in the video look like Elvis shortly before he kicked the bucket. and then you saved the file in 1080i or 720p format, then mark my words, it will still be a Standard Definition video.

You should note that just because your computer says a video is now 1080i, that doesn’t make it HD, the computer just thinks it is. In much the same way as if you copy a black and white film to videotape the machine will “think” it’s colour, even when you can plainly see that it isn’t.

You cannot, even in this age of computers, add what is missing to make the video HD, any more than you can easily turn a black and white film into colour.

There are lots of people out there working in real video production houses, who know HD when they see it, and think you’re an idiot when they see HD next to a twenty year old music video.

If you’re unsure, just don’t write HD in the title of your upload, it’s not required, after all, nobody says “IN LIVING COLOUR” anymore either.


I have my bingo card ready and waiting for a word, anyone want to say it?


8 11 2011

A few years ago, I volunteered to help ABC manage their Second Life Island, Now I’m not going into detail about Second Life, Just think of it as another social network.

What I found were a creative group of people who were considerate and who would listen to any ideas we had, It was a bold experiment, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t… but it was fun.

Granted there was also some frustrating red tape, but I can excuse that because here’s an Old Media company, who were, and still are, giving New Media a seriously good go and That impresses Me.

I have recently met a lot more ABC people on twitter, and generally, most of them are friendly and keen to chat, and I like that a lot.

What surprised me is that despite my Furry persona, I have been accepted.

I think that’s because those who work at ABC are from so many diverse backgrounds themselves, that difference is not shunned, but welcomed, as it really should be.

I think ABC feels less like a corporation, and more like a club of dedicated individuals, (despite “corporation” being their ‘c’ word.)

Anyway, I’d like to raise a glass of cider to friends at ABC, Thankyou for your warmth, kindness and understanding.