8 03 2011

As you know, if I find a new social network, I leap on it, give it a good try out, and then I report on it.

Last night, purely by accident, as is often the case, I heard about “Pounced” which is a furry social network, so I joined up.

Since I’ve only had it for a few hours, I signed up just before bed, I’m not going to say much about it, but the sign-up process was iffy… I was asked which Country I live in and I selected Australia from the list, Then I went down to States and tried to select an Aussie State, but the list contained nothing but US states, Yes Yes, Australia DOES have States.

But then I saw something that I haven’t seen in years, a place to put your “Furcode”.

Really? Do people still use those?

Furcodes, for the cubs, was a line of weird letters and symbols which would generally go at the bottom of your e-mails… and when decoded, it would reveal a lot of detailed stuff about your various preferences.

I’ve never bothered with one, but a quick googling pointed me to a generator.

Good heavens, the questions were just a tad irrelevant, There was one on Mucks and Muds, which for the kiddies were a bit like Second Life, if Second Life was text-based.

Nothing on the more recent games that furries generally enjoy.

Then there was the reference to Usenet Newsgroups, which were a big deal in the 90’s but not so much anymore, Today we’re more likely to be on Facebook, Twitter, Skype or something similar

Then it asked about computer preferences, which were also Archaic, Amiga anyone?

The concept of a Furcode is redundant, Only the geekiest old grey muzzel would still use one. surely a furry QR-Code, which could be scanned by a smartphone would be more appropriate for today?

And for those wondering which State of Australia I live in, it’s Victoria.


Make your own furcode here:




4 responses

8 03 2011

Furcodes were fun but a little too limited. a FurryQR code would be kinda cool.
Hmmm to build a system or not bother. Seems like effort and time and well soo many people use F-list now.

8 03 2011
Wolfie Rankin

F-List? That’s a new one, googles it.

8 03 2011
Wolfie Rankin

Ahh F-List is for role players, I have never felt that I’m a role player, in fact I simply don’t play games. (not counting the odd five minutes on an iphone game)

8 03 2011

Well I have seen it used not just for RP but just generally around but well far more detailed then most people need. In excess furcode was very terrible to. F-list is just TMI most of the time.

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