23 06 2012

Watching the events in Queensland politics, I can’t help but wonder if the Australian Christian Lobby, has done more for Atheism in the last few weeks, than anyone in history.

Congratulations, You’ve made being a Christian about as attractive as a skunk in heat.

Nothing more needs to be said, I’ll just put my feet up and enjoy this bowl of popcorn, Cheers!


Oh, By the way, This from Melbourne’s Joy FM


Piti Yindi Sketches.

22 06 2012

I have commissioned some art from Piti Yindi who draws the brilliant “Wuffle Comics” and this is the progress report if you will.

The bad writers club

19 06 2012

People are worried, rightly so, about good journalism going out the window, in favour of gossip and celebrity nonsense or indigestible news stories which don’t sell papers… people dying of starvation, wars in far off lands or climate change.

I see public reaction when I browse the internet, nobody seems to want to listen to the bad stuff, but if Justin Bieber cuts his pinky, or a new version of a console game is released, that’s what is discussed by all and sundry on Social Networks.

When I post stories to Facebook and Google+, I mix in a bit of serious material with some humour, and lately I’ve been feeling really annoyed that the joke gets all the thumbs ups and plusses and comments, while the serious story is completely ignored.

I don’t think the writers are the problem, there will always be good writers, who are very keen on “just the facts”… but will they have an audience, will anyone respond to what is written?

Will real journalists eventually end up in some nook online, hidden away and read only by other writers, while the masses only ever talk abut the latest phone, car, movie, videogame etc?

Scratches his nails on the blackboard.



Moving away from Fossil Fuel

19 06 2012
It’s 1990.
I’m a guy from the future and I’m telling my audience that soon they will have the ability to use the internet on their phones.I hear a few coughs from the audience.

I go on and say they will send photos, taken with their phones and also send short messages to anyone in the world.

“And how much will a phone like that cost?” asks an audience member.

“About $1000” I reply.

People are clearly not convinced.

You see, they only know what they have, they don’t see what could be, and even those who think I might be right, think it could happen, but perhaps forty years from now.

This is where we are with Petrol, Oil and Gas.

We need to change because our planet, and we, will suffer greatly if we don’t.

If subsidies for fossil fuels went to the Steve Jobs of the green energy sector, then we may be generating our own power, from something which is cheap to buy, durable and… no more electricity bills.

I want my money going to science and research, not to a horse and cart industry which will hurt us and our future.

#endfossilfuelsubsidies   #endfossilfueldependence

Whatever happened to Gloria Jean?

13 06 2012

A post by @HappySinger

Gloria Jeans and Hillsong suffer bizarre coincidental website glitch

Hillsong Conference is a massive fundie meeting run annually by the controversial Hillsong cult. This year, it’s at the Allphones Arena and it costs a mere $279 to attend. A church service at such a bargain basement price clearly needs very generous sponsors to help it scrape by.

Here is what Hillsong’s generous list of sponsors looked like four days ago:

And here’s what it looks like now:

Seems like some kind of glitch has scrubbed all mention of Gloria Jean’s coffee from poor Hillsong’s website! Good job I was able to preserve it. After all, Gloria Jeans’s generous contribution to the rabidly anti-gay group might have gone unnoticed!

I’m sure it’s a pure coincidence that this dreadful glitch happened the day after Gloria Jeans was embarrassingly revealed to be funding another notorious gay-hate group.

Odd, that.

Written by @HappySinger

Original source: 

Finding Myself

11 06 2012

A friend once asked me that if I don’t believe in a soul, then what about Wolfie?

It was a valid question but at the time  it stumped me, which was annoying because I didn’t want to be stumped by a religious person.

But I’ve been thinking about it lately, and these are my thoughts.

Wolfie “came to me” as a teenager… He seemed like a spirit guide, He did help me with a few things, it was all very subtle. I wanted to know things, Who was Wolfie?, Why was Wolfie? What’s it all about?

This partially ushered in my New Age, Crystal wearing, Hippy days of the 90’s, but I think, like, I always, like, would’ve gone in that direction, man (Just taking the piss).

I tried to connect with something, so that I could say that Wolfie was “this”… whatever “this” was, and perhaps to find more about Him, about Me… Us.

When I first got online in the 90’s, Usenet Newsgroups and IRC were the big thing… Facebook wasn’t even an electronic sperm in it’s dads twinkling eye.

But I found the Alt groups, it was here that you could talk about anything… there was no spam then, and everyone was well behaved, Newsgroups were cool.

Usenet Newsgroups were the Yahoo groups of the day, and were used by all and sundry, but mostly by geeks… since they were mostly the ones who used the internet back then.

I found alt.horror.werewolves which began as a place to discuss werewolf books and films, but then a few people began turning up saying “I feel like one myself”.

By the time I got to AHWW it was all about the inner wolf, and when I read posts by these people, I could see they were having a similar experience to me… which was interesting, why were we, collectively, feeling something other than human inside us?

I grew very fond of these people, and I also began to feel that perhaps Native American spirituality had some answers, so I tinkered with that… and although it was nice, I don’t feel like I got any answers.

A well known author dropped in one day to ask us Weres (Not all of us were Wolves) *See what I did there?* what we thought of his book, and well… We weren’t very happy about it, so I think the poor guy left in tears… although I hope not, but talk about critical. I have read the book myself, it wasn’t bad “Moondance” S. P. Somtow

Anyway I would log in though and talk to all these people daily, in much the same way that we all use Social Networks now, but then someone invented spam… and although our group wasn’t suffering from it at first, eventually the amount of spam made Usenet Newsgroups pointless.

There was an IRC group which was run by the same people, it suffered too and eventually we all went our own ways.

Interestingly though, for those who knew me on Second Life, the gold werewolf avatar I had was made by one of the old AHWW folks, who used to log into IRC as Pinky.

Anyway, I’ve re evaluated Wolfie, and don’t think He’s a spiritual thing, but more of a lost part of my personality which always would have been there had it not been for the actions of high school bullies who tried to extinguish it’s glow.

But now it’s grown and bloomed, and I’m not afraid to show this part of myself off to anyone, why should I be, when it functions so beautifully, helping me to find such wonderful love and friendship, as I have done.

And do I really need to classify Wolfie like a butterfly pinned to a board?

No, I don’t think so, I still can’t decide if I’m gay or straight or bi or whatever, so why should I classify my personality?

“All is Zen”


Fuck that. (A little tale about censorship)

8 06 2012

A little tale about naughty Aussie radio, which appeals to my sense of humour.

Triple J is the ABCs National Rock FM Station, and they wanted a cool news theme, but everything they tried was a big fat fail.

Eventually someone decided to re-mix the ancient ABC theme called “Majestic Fanfare” (Which has been updated and is still used today by ABC Local stations today).

So an old scratched 78 of the original theme from 1943 was procured, and work on the hipper news theme began.

Now around the time that the new theme was being worked on, there was a rap record called “Fuck the Police”, which had been banned on Aussie radio stations.

This was one of the records sampled for the Triple J News Theme.

The new theme was a hit, and is still used on Triple J today.

Despite “Fuck the Police” being a banned record, tiny bits of it are played on the hour each day on Triple J.