6 03 2011

I was looking at a website about gay issues, and see “L.G.B.T.I.Q.”.

Cripes, it seems that they’ve added two more letters since the last time I looked, and not knowing what it meant, I quickly asked twitter and got my answer within minutes.

Apparently the I stands for Intersex, while the Q stands for Queer… Pardon me but I thought that Queer was Gay?

I’ve never been a PC lover, no that doesn’t mean I prefer Apple, I mean Politically Correct, If someone is Short, they’re Short, not Gravitationally Abundant, I call a spade a spade.

I don’t think adding letters and making things more complex is helping anyone, people love short words, pointing at something, looking worried and shouting “HOT!” is usually enough to get the message across.

How many more letters will this thing gain before the whole lot disappears up it’s own orifice?

Sexuality is a multifaceted thing, there must be so many independent sections of it that you could never break it down to a group of letters to cover everyone in any respectable way, doing so would result in something so perplexing that it could have been taken directly from a Monty Python sketch.

As awful as it is to say, at least the light globe went on immediately when people used to say Poofs or Dykes, now we have to sit and think about it, or explain it to someone who doesn’t know, which is awkward.

I wonder how many innocent bystanders asked the question, fumbled it and got branded as a homophobe, it could happen all too easily.

As a Tranny at one of the first Sydney Mardi Gras wisely said “I’m not Homosexual, I’m just Sexual”.

To me there is just sexuality, which is complicated enough as it is, I don’t think we should make it any harder to come to grips with.





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