Still shy, but not as shy as I used to be.

25 09 2018

Trust me when I say that you can talk to anyone, or at least try.

As a kid, I wouldn’t have said boo to anyone I admired, I would have dearly loved to ask questions, to be involved in the conversation, but would worry about what others would think if I spoke up.

What I realised later is that we’re all people, and we’ve all been through shit. Regardless of whatever it is that we’re known for.

I have a friend called Jenny who’s heavily involved in the Doctor Who fandom, although she’s very shy, and openly admits to it, She is dearly loved by the community and cast members alike, and has the potential in herself to manage a convention if the opportunity arose.

OK, I confess that it’s much harder in person than online, but we can still be a bit shy online too, especially when it comes to those we admire.

Nile Rodgers once wrote back and told me that he enjoys chatting to me as I always talk straight with him, which really is the secret. Talk about things we have in common. 

We all have things in common, most of us have pets, most of us have bodies which do weird things, we all have shared interests.

Open yourself up to talking about those things, as long as it’s a kind and respectful thought, you have nothing to lose.

Wolfie Rankin



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3 10 2018
PJ Perdue

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