Let Her name be known

28 10 2011

I want to stand up for a Woman, A Woman who is an electronic music pioneer and changed a tune into one of the most iconic television themes around, yet to this day remains uncredited.

It’s wrong, don’t you think?

The Doctor Who theme was composed by Australian Ron Grainer, but it was originally played on piano (This was never heard on the show), But Delia took the theme and gave it an amazing new electronic sound.

Remember, You couldn’t just go to the shops and buy electronic instruments in those days, you had to make your own, from scratch, and Delia did this.

She also made all her own sounds for those instruments.

So imagine how difficult it was to create that theme in 1963, I’m sure Delia would have appreciated all the instruments and computers that we have today.

Now if you’ve ever read through the credits at the end of the show, You will notice that Ron is, quite rightly, credited for composing the theme… but there’s nothing about Delia, and I feel this is wrong.

Such a pioneer should never have been ignored.

If you care nothing about Doctor Who, Consider that Delia must have started an interest in electronic music, She must have planted a seed which made others wonder if they could also create electronic music.

That theme must have been a spark which started a fire for others.

I think Delia deserves a credit in Doctor Who.

Please BBC, Let Her name be known.

Delia Derbshire

A few words about the Carbon Tax

15 10 2011

I was on the greens Facebook page a few days ago, and found a comment from someone complaining about the carbon tax, according to this person “The carbon tax won’t do one iota of good as far as the worlds C02 emissions go” or something along those lines.

So… If the tax works, and money is being fed into green energy research, and this country is seen as a World Leader (remember this bit) in green energy production… and small green energy businesses become huge green energy businesses, and smart people are coming in from other countries to help in this exciting field… and therefore Australia is looked at by other countries who go “Hrmm, I bet we could do stuff like that” and then they start doing their own green energy stuff…. then that’s gotta help with those C02 emissions, surely?

I think part of the problem is Aussies hate themselves, no seriously.

You ask an Aussie how they feel about the country, and they’ll tell you they love it.

But then if they sing, a US accent pops out… and when they talk, you get US slang and US words.

You go to buy a biscuit in a shop these days and find it’s a “cookie”.

If the US had done this first, the carbon tax, and we adopted it, it would have been fine… maybe there would have been a few grumbles, but we would have done it because although we’re great innovators, we can’t stand to be the leader.

Remember the black box flight recorder? Aussie invention… Look it up, When the inventor tried to get Aussie airlines to try it, they weren’t interested.

So he took it to the UK, They liked it there, and used it.

They used it in the US too.

It was only then that the airlines here said “ok, we’ll give it a shot”.

And what about that solar power station which was invented by another Aussie, Wouldn’t put it up here would they, but it’s going up in Arizona.

Aussies, I’m sick of us following others like little lost sheep, can’t we be the leaders? design our own plans for the future, sing with an Aussie accent, develop our own slang? Be ourselves?

And have smart people coming HERE to work instead of having to go overseas in order to be noticed?

Just for once?



Stairway to Oprah

10 10 2011

The weird dream from last night, documented in all it’s weird glory for all to see.

There was a city square, kind of like Melbourne’s Federation Square, paved area, big building in the middle, you get the idea.

A Chinese lady was racing back and forth like a pong paddle, trying to block me, I had the idea that it was some crazy Chinese hidden camera show or some such.

I turned back, and found myself in a park, almost like a small forest at night.
and there was this car body, amongst the trees.

Inside the car was a light, and a guy offering connection to the internet.

I plugged my iPhone into my router, which had buttons on it to dial numbers… and I plugged that into a cable in the car.

Needless to say, it didn’t work… My mind didn’t seem to object, as it often doesn’t in dreams, when it should have been screaming something about wi-fi.

I unplugged and went to leave.

“Hey Buddy, You can’t leave without paying” Said He from the front seat.

I had the idea this guy was going to cause me some grief if I didn’t pay up, he seemed like a pot head, He was probably doing some worse drugs too.

I offered to pay, I had $50 in my wallet, that’d do.

But when he crawled into the back seat, I said.

“Man, you’re in the back seat, who’s driving the car?” Well nobody was driving the car, and nor was I running along side.

But He fell for it and panicked, as He went for the wheel, uttering a profanity, I made a run for it.

I was at the square again, running, and it was broad daylight again. the Chinese Woman saw me and made a run, but was too late.

There were Women everywhere in beautiful dresses which looked like curtains, the lower half, around their legs looked like flower petals, they were lovely.

Oprah was there, right next to me, She was really busy.

I was pleased to see Her, We were friends, so it was rather a relief to find Her.

She entered a building via some sliding glass doors and ascended a flight of stairs, I followed behind.

She went on and on about the things She was doing and the people who She had to meet. I had something to tell her, I felt that it was rather important, but couldn’t get a word in.

When She got to the top of the stairs, She reached a carpeted platform, there was nothing there, A few steps forward would have been death as there was nothing but a drop to the floor below, She was still talking.

I was about five steps below Her, and found that I was hot and completely exhausted.

I couldn’t make it up any higher.

At the top of the stairs was Tom Selleck, Wearing a kilt.

He noticed that I was having a hard time, and lowered a hand for me, which I took.
He just pulled me right up the stairs and onto the platform, which seemed narrower than before, I think it was only a meter across.

I felt like a weak little puppy, I needed a drink and a lay down.

Tom Laid in a sexy pose between Oprah and I.

He said “Do you like this hunky body? Do you wanna fuck it?”
Which surprised me.

I felt dizzy.

I woke up, it was about 4am, and I was very hot.

I got up and grabbed a drink from the fridge, had a pee and went back to bed.


Bump in the night.

7 10 2011

My neighbour, Chrissy, is a night owl like myself, and is up till about 4am most mornings.

On a few occasions She has told me that She spent the night painting rooms or moving furniture, so it’s no surprise to hear a grinding sound sometimes, as though a bed or wardrobe is being dragged along the floor.

I’ve heard this sound, from my bedroom, which is just a few meters away from her house, and have just waived it off as nocturnal redecorating.

A few days ago, I was talking to Chrissy about this and that and said that I heard Her moving furniture around 2am, But then She told me that She hadn’t been… which surprised me.

I heard it again last night, a loud grinding sound, lasting just a second or two, at around 2am.

Chrissy just phoned me to say that She heard the sound and asked if I had heard it… Well Yes, I did.

She told me that there was a loud grinding sound, like I mentioned earlier, plus some bumping which carried on for another few seconds.

I told her that should I hear it again, I will write down when it happened and we can compare notes.

I also suggested installing “sleep talker” onto her iPad, An app which records what you say in your sleep, it only records when it detects noises. (it’s on iPhone too).

David, who lives with Chrissy, went into the roof space to repair the antenna cable,
and claims that he was hit on the head by something heavy.

If anyone would like to play Ghostbusters, I think Chrissy would appreciate a logical explanation.


A friend on G+ asked about Water Pipes, that would work, it would certainly provide a loud sound. I have weird pipes too which can produce that kind of sound.


The Club

6 10 2011

There exists a club, which will take anyone.

You can be a Child or an Adult, gay or straight, a Mum or Dad, religious or atheist, black or white, a prince or pauper, Human or Otherwise.

You don’t sign up for it, there’s no venue, and you probably don’t want to be a member… I sincerely hope you never are a member.

You join it the moment you are told that you have cancer.

The astonishing thing about this club is that no member is higher up than any other member, we are all on an equal level.

And I don’t think anyone can fully grasp that until they have cancer.

I had this unusual thing happen to me when I was going through cancer treatments, I was watching the news one night and heard that Kylie Minogue had breast cancer.

We’re both from Melbourne, I’ve never met Kylie and probably never will, but I thought of all the little things that I had thought about in private, my fears, the things my Mother went through and the things I saw and felt when I watched others receiving chemotherapy.

Kylie was about to go through that, and I understood.

I heard others pass judgement about Her, but I knew that if I had cancer, I would have grabbed at every resource to fight it, I wanted Her to fight it, and I wanted Her to win, not just for Her, but for all of us.

Steve Jobs had put on a brave face for the public, He may not have been brave, I doubt any of us really are, but we continue because, what else can we do?

In private, despite his fame, his bank balance or what people think of him, He suffered.

He would have suffered like no Human or Animal should ever experience, physically and mentally, and he would have seen his friends and family suffer because of his illness.

All we saw was a man lose weight, that can be easily brushed off, can’t it?

I saw my Father go from a giant of a man, to someone who looked a lot like Steve did in the end. Mum and I lived with Dads pain twenty four hours a day.

Neither of us imagined that someone so strong, someone who could almost run at the age of seventy, with a large Malamute in front, could suddenly become so frail.

The public don’t see the full effect of cancer on a victim or their close family, and they really cannot understand what’s going on.

Steve Jobs, whether you liked him or not, never should have gone through that.

There will come a day when Medical Science will ensure that nobody will be granted access to The Club, and I sincerely hope You and I live to see that day.



4 10 2011

I have a problem with Baker’s Delight bread, Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I find it perfectly tasty and buy it every week.

No, My problem, is with, or rather “begins” with, That freebie card that they stamp when I buy things.

And the fault is entirely mine.

This is what happened today.

I asked for two High GI Loaves, and had them sliced.

Then I noticed that I had a free bread on my card, and showed the girl, but she said that I had to spend at least another $1.60 to get the free loaf.

This was fine because as some of you know, I just bought one of those sandwich makers, and if you own one, you’ll know that you can go through bread at an amazing rate.

So I asked for a half-sized, plain white loaf with poppy seeds, which was enough to allow me to have my free loaf.

I also noticed that there were two danishes there, so I got those too.

I took my stuff outside where Katie (My Malamute) was waiting patiently, tied up safely to the hydrant, minding my stuff which I’d just bought from Coles.

I packed everything up and went home.

When I unpacked, I realised that the small loaf was not there.

And that’s it, right there.

Whenever I get a free loaf, something happens to it… I usually leave it on the counter, if not at Baker’s Delight, then the counter at Antipasto… a cafe and deli, just a few doors down.

If I don’t lose the bread, then it gets squashed or some other weird thing will occur.

Today was unusual in that I’d lost an item I had payed for.

I could’ve thrown a tanty when I realised what had happened, but no, it’s normal… I just shrugged and got on with life.

Despite the fact that this happens almost every-time, It’s just typical of me,
and I suppose I just have to laugh.

Perhaps I should give up using those stamp card things?