Lightly stained

24 08 2018

It appears that buying jeans with great big holes torn into them is still a thing, which seems strange because as a teen I tended to rip holes in them on my own, and I wasn’t even a Werewolf back then.

It reminds me of the cans of mud that 4WD drivers could buy to smear on their vehicles to give the appearance that they’ve been on a trek to the outback.

Well with that in mind, I’m tempted to launch my own clothing line with food stains already on them, to make out that you have a busy life filled with continuous partying.

I’ll have shirts stained with wine and the price of the shirt will go up depending on the wine used to stain it.

I’ll also be using beetroot, coffee and a vety appealing bolognese sauce.



2 responses

24 08 2018

Great! I think you may have something, with this. Trendy People will buy anything to be known as in the know.

24 08 2018

Don’t use beetroot Wolfie let him moulder on the back bench where he belongs.

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