Sexuality shouldn’t be this hard.

22 05 2014

It seems to me that there are people in the wider community who find alternate sexualities a bit strange, but who could be convinced there’s little to worry about, with a simple explanation.

And then there are others within gay and lesbian society who seem to be making things more and more complex, by inventing acronyms, tags and prefixes for particular sexualities.

I don’t think these things are helping anyone.

Do you suppose we can just drop the nonsense and talk about how we feel as individuals?

My own sexuality isn’t my life, I’m never going to push it in someone elses face, but I will talk about it if someone wants to talk about it with me.

Goodbye Clever Country

21 05 2014

Here’s an absolute must read from Steve Thomas on G+ About #University funding.


Whoa! This just in from our Vice Chancellor about the Federal Budget cuts to Universities:

we had understood from the Budget that the Commonwealth per student subsidy was to be cut from 2016 by 20% (meaning student contributions would need to rise 20% if universities were to maintain their present income). But the Commonwealth has now announced that different disciplines would be cut in different ways: some like Humanities and Mathematics would have increased subsidies, while others like *Engineering and Science, would have reduced subsidies*—in several cases cut significantly beyond 20%.

I think we may now take it as officially proven that this government is insane. Or stupid. Or maybe just evil.

Way to go, Mr Abbott and co. Make it less attractive for students to enrol in science and engineering. Goodbye clever country.

Seriously, these guys have to go, and go soon, before they really fuck things up.