24 03 2017

It may surprise you to know I’m writing a science fiction book.

I’ve had the idea for years but haven’t really done anything about it, partly because I got hooked up into the strange world of how? and where? and who?

I understand nothing about business practices or of publishers, and also I don’t want people breathing down my neck, I want to do it in my own time and under my own terms.

Which leaves me with writing it for free, well nothing new there, everything I do is for free.

So Harlequin can be found here:

It can also be found on Facebook, Google+ and on Medium.

No big giveaways, but it’s a nice, comfortable, friendly sort of science-fiction.

You won’t see baddies fighting wars here, but you will find plenty of introspection and love.

Radical, eh?

I hope you like it.


Wolfie Rankin.


Learning Science

20 07 2015

There have been many theories on why people are not accepting science as fact, some of the theories are quite complex, such as the one about having a religious center in our brains, which might be true, but would you consider this?

Go back to when you were a child, do you recall singing Silent Night, or Away in a manger, at a very young age?

Do you then remember getting to your teens, and falling in love with songs that contained religious themes? Songs that called out to angels, or spoke of divine intervention bringing two lovers together?

Now in contrast, how many songs about science do you remember?

I’m sure you’ll have to think hard about this, and although you may identify a few, how many were you passionate about? how many did you fall in love with?

I think having more songs about science, which even small children will understand, is what’s needed to get more kids away from religion and into fact based science.

But producing songs which people will remember, songs that become ear-worms like Stock, Aitken and Waterman productions, such as “Never Gonna Give You Up” as an example, is essential.

Wolfie Rankin.

Being Normal

19 02 2014

There is a guy on Twitter who is railing against Bronies… now it’s not my cup of tea either, much in the same way that a punk rocker might think of “The Sound Of Music”.

My thoughts are that if you’re going to use your energy to be mad at something, use it for goodness, instead of evil-ness.

There’s a hell of a lot of bastards out there, people who swindle, abuse, kill wildlife for shits and giggles, poison the planet, tell people via their newspapers that scientists are cranks, and peddlers of religion.

If you’re going to have a crack at someone, go for these people.

And this.

I think there’s far too much “Normal” these days, as Huey Lewis once declared, It’s Hip to be Square. It’s a sorrowful time getting around and looking at people who are too afraid to be themselves. and listening to music which is as plain and dull as beige wallpaper.

But it’s safe, and people won’t laugh at you, will they?

Nobody wants to be a freak, freaks are bad.

If this is so, then why do your kids put pictures of freaks up on their walls, The Actors, The Singers, The Sportspeople, Women with massive knockers.

Nobody puts pictures of Plumbers or Accountants on their walls, unless they’re family, do they?

Funny how being odd is acceptable, if it’s hidden away behind a screen or on a record.

In the 80s, Homophobia was rife, and yet every other record we loved and listened to, was by a gay performer.

Ian McKellen said the reason he decided to be an actor, was because he was gay, and he wanted to remain gay, and he knew that the only place he’d be accepted as gay, was the theatre.

When I was at The School of Audio Engineering in St Kilda, My classes were at night, and Mum and Dad would drive me there, and wait for me until the class was over.

It was the mid 80s, and My Parents received quite an education, Punk rockers with colourful mohawks and leathers covered in badges, Men walking together, one with his hand down the others back pocket, Butch Lesbian ladies and all sorts of other oddities of the human race.

What has happened to us, We’re too afraid of who we are, too happy to be some manufactured, shallow, too pure to be true, Brady Bunch people.

Perhaps we’ve forgotten how to do it.

What a terrible shame.

The Rock

17 04 2013

I want you, The Atheist, to understand something I thought of which may make you understand what is going on in the religious mind.

It has to do with that line, Peter (Petrus, the Rock) is solid, and I will build my church upon him… or something along those lines.

This is why people who embrace religion, despite using Mobile Phones, Computers, Wi-Fi, Digital Televisions and more, shun Science.

Science bends, it moves, it morphs and changes.

The religious mind cannot handle an alteration of collected facts, it cannot adapt to new evidence.

The Bible presents them with a simplistic rock to stand on, which never changes, even though they clearly do.

Homosexuality is clearly wrong according to the religious mind, but upholding the second amendment when the Bible clearly says “Thou shalt not kill” without any trace of a clause, Show me where it says “But it’s alright, if you’re American”.

These people want things fixed in place, they don’t like change, even though their Grandparents lived lives different from themselves, but they have changed, and they fear even more change, despite the fact that change will indeed happen in their lives whether they like it, or not.

The irony is that this rock they cling to, is built upon fantasy, making their ground as shaky as ours.


7 02 2011

Last night, My Facebook beeped at me, indicating someone wanted a chat, alas I was just about to serve my sunday tea, so was in a bit of a rush, but you know me, I like a chat, so, I answered.

It was Boy George, or at least someone claiming to be him.

So I say, Hi George, Look, I’m just about to serve my tea, and I’d really love to chat but…

He was quite insistent and asked me to stay with him, which I kind of did, it’s funny to think that if Thomas Dolby, Freddy Mercury or The Queen phoned me, that I’d put them on hold, I asked George if he could contact me later, but apparently he had to go to work and write some music or clean the shower, still in his 80’s garb… I don’t know.

Yes I know Freddy is dead, a lot of my music heroes are, it happens when you get to my age, sometimes I think that singers are the embodiment of youth and must fall off the perch before they’re forty, Logan’s Run comes to mind, look it up if you don’t know what I’m on about.

A sixty year old Michael Jackson just wouldn’t have worked, I often feel the same about myself, and I’ve never been certain that perhaps I was supposed to fall off my perch at 39, as nature seemed to have intended… except I fought back, and won… I think.

I was doing a music quiz show on Second Life, and would write all my own questions. I have a lot of 80’s music trivia in my head, but would supplement my knowledge with Wikipedia, which I know isn’t always right, but would usually be used to confirm something I was a bit vague about… and it would bring me down, a lot of the Musos I really liked died, usually of AIDS, some of an overdose, Falco of “Rock me Amadeus” died in a car crash.

So The veggies weren’t cooked yet, so I continued the chat, I really wasn’t sure what to talk about, So I asked George if he had Dogs, He said he has two, A Bulldog and a Mastiff, I didn’t imagine George to be the doggie sort, but apparently (possibly) he is, He was quite interested in Katie, Who you might know is my own dear Malamute.

When I type, it’s with two fingers, and I look at the keyboard when I do it, glancing at the screen, usually after I hit return, which is a bad habit.

I told him about the lovely little french bulldog I saw wanking with his owner…

I almost died.

I have often almost typed “I’m going to wank the dog” so many times, but caught it before I’d hit the return button, this time I blew it… or perhaps I shouldn’t use that word at the moment.

Had I been a politician, My gaffe would have made news worldwide.

I hastily corrected myself, and the conversation went on, but George had to go, and I had food, so we parted ways.

I know that the guy was most likely fake, but the funny thing was that it left me feeling lovely all evening, I love my 80’s music, and to have potentially talked to a hero of the day, in such an awkward way, really appealed to my odd sense of humour, I may talk to him again, and if it happens, I don’t particularly care if he’s real or not, it was funny, weird, and was most therapeutic.

So thanks George, or whoever you are, I loved it.

And when I got into bed later, I remembered a fantasy I had about another band.

My first pop favourites were Abba, I had just got over kids records, and they were the first adult band which I went mad for, although I was very much aware of music, even in my youngest days. I knew who the Beatles were, The Carpenters, Sony and Cher, The Jacksons. I could identify them when they were on the radio and their songs when all my friends were still singing kindergarten stuff.

I had this fantasy, that one night, Abba would be driving past in their big car, which would break down in front of our place, and they’d have no alternative but to knock on our door, and ask for help.

Of course I would invite them in, and they’d all lay out their sleeping bags on my floor, Mum and Dad would have been happy with the arrangement and we’d all sleep or sing or tell jokes, anything but sleep.

Then later, Bjorn, Benny, Anna and Frida would all be snoring on the floor of my bedroom, while I was in bed!

I’m sure that most kids have had dreams of their pop idol sleeping over night at their place, the names would be different, but the feeling would be just the same, Of course some would want to do more than sleep… but for me, at my very young age, about ten I think, Sex simply didn’t come into it.

My feelings towards you who have provided the soundtrack of my life, whether you were around for years, or a one hit wonder who vanished back into the ether, Thankyou very much.


Countdown Experience

6 10 2010

I had an idea a few days ago about Countdown,
the 70s/80’s pop music show that ran in Australia on the ABC

Imagine that you could go back in time, with recent camera and sound
equipment, or better, perhaps you come from the future.

So you do this, and your objective is to make recordings, perhaps for
historic reasons, of the tv shows of the 20th century, your project
is Countdown.

Perhaps we can, in a way.

I’ve watched “Life on mars” and “Ashes to Ashes” which dealt with roughly the same time frame, and was impressed with all the details.

It would be easier to fool me with an Elizabethan setting, as I am
not that old, nor have I been to England, but I know, and I dare say
that most of us here remember the 70s very well.

What if we had a total re-creation of Countdown?

We have actors playing the parts, we have to, because none of the
stars of the show look the same as they did back in 1975.

But we have the original music, yes it would be mimed to, but then
bands always mimed their songs on the show, so it doesn’t really matter.

(guitars were often, noticeably not plugged in)

And what about behind the curtain, fly on the wall moments with agitated performers, some of them calm, some annoyed, others throwing up. I mean, there has to be tales from people who were there who saw
things and heard things.

So what I’m suggesting is that we get our heads together and come up
with a one hour, one off, experimental television program which looks
as authentic as humanly possible. a genuine labour of love.

Now, Hey Hey came back because someone started a facebook page which
encouraged people to join up and talk about the show, so I’ve done the same.

If you’re on Facebook, and the idea appeals to you, please join me
There and let’s see how far we can push this idea.

Countdown Experience on Facebook

Also, if we can get it moving, I will be tweeting the progress of the programs development via


Countdown is copyright ABC