Air Waves

28 09 2011

The sound of radio has changed with each passing decade, not only with our tastes in music, but in what was technically possible at the time. Radio wasn’t always as clear as it often is now, and depending on your location, it still might not be.

Last year an idea occurred to me, what if we could re-create radio of the time, down to the most timy detail… the sound of the music being played, the way the announcer spoke, the hum of equipment, the static the audience would hear, the commercials and news reports of the day.

So that it’s almost like a person had somehow gone back in time, and is listening to a broadcast from a particular day.

No, this is not hits and memories, it goes deeper than that, this is a normal broadcast day by a fictional Aussie Radio Station (But it could be from the ABC).

When music is played, it’s what would have been played that week, that year of that decade… the good and the bad.

The Announcer would need to be a good actor, who understands how Australians spoke at the time, and which slang was… and wasn’t used.

The Advertisements would be genuine (Surely ABC would not worry about decades old material?).

The program would need to sound completely real, there would be no reality breaks during the two hour broadcast.

Even at News time, the reports would be from the past.

Understand this would be difficult to put together, We’d need a linguist who knows how people spoke back then (40’s to 80’s), We’d need experts on the technology who would make sure things sounded right, We’d need to go through archives and find the advertising, live interviews and anything which might surprise us and which could be used.

A script writer or two, of course!

And then, how would this be broadcast? Live on ABC once a week? On Digital? or a Podcast?

I’m sure there are things which I haven’t thought of, which would need to be addressed.

Would you be up for it?


The TARDIS lamp and hardware box.

26 09 2011

I often get thoughts and don’t write them down or tell anyone, I suppose it’s the same for most of us.

But here’s one that won’t escape and perhaps some Doctor Who fans would like it.

I’m thinking about a mini TARDIS, you all should know what that looks like.

The idea is that it’s supposed to look like a decorative item, and nothing more, however.

One of the panels can be removed, via a trick. See it’s got items inside it which you’ve hidden from thieves, It’s kind of unlikely that someone is going to want to make off with a cumbersome TARDIS.

Once this panel is off, you find that you have access to an area which is only a few centimeters deep, for accessing the lighting, small neon or flouro lights like you might use in a computer case mod, and these shine through the frosted glass panels on the side of the TARDIS.

However, a second panel comes off, there’s a trick to that too, which has shelving for external hard drives.

These hard drives are wired in and are turned on with the lighting, there is also a hidden USB outlet under another hidden panel, so that you can plug your computer in.

There’s another shelf which is big enough to slide a laptop into, it may also contain a charger.

The TARDIS is probably no higher than most Peoples knee, so I’m not suggesting a huge box although I think a Life-Sized model would be extremely cool too.

So about enough room for six external drives (like the WD ones), better if they’re all
the one style, to fit in better… A super quiet fan, and hidden vents… You don’t want to give the game away that this is anything more than a mere lamp.

The doors should not look like doors, and would not open unless someone knew how it was done.

And perhaps the phone box on the outside of the TARDIS could function as a phone charger and would open easily, so that you could grab your phone in a hurry… and nobody would spot you opening secret doors.

And of course you could keep anything else in there too, photos, jewels etc.



The bathroom for people who hate cleaning.

25 09 2011

A small discussion was started on Twitter today, about bathrooms and how people hate to clean them.

I have thought about this too, how to do as little cleaning as possible, I’m sure many have.

I have come up with a design idea, which I’d love to at home, but I think that’s it’s unlikely to happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

Still, I have ideas and I put them out there in the hope that someone can go with them.

I have thought about having a home designed which is built around the idea of not having to clean for hours, just a few minutes in each room… mostly.

The bathroom, and I’m Australian, so when I say Bathroom, I mean Bathroom… Sans-Toilet. Get the drift.

On no account should a toilet be IN the bathroom, What happens if you’re having a bath and Uncle Fred needs a poo really badly, awful, awful idea… a Loo needs to have it’s own room.

OK, My bathroom is tiled, all over, except for the ceiling, although I would like walls of glass, or a combo of the two.

The whole thing is very minimal, there is a shower head in one corner, there’s a sunken bath in the floor, and a hand basin.

The glass in the walls are also windows which allow light from the outside, in, and allows for views of the garden.

This room is the Wet room.

There is a Dry room right next to it, and this stores towels, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and so on.

The idea is to take things from the dry room, use them in the wet room, and put them back after you’re finished.

To clean the wet room, it’s a matter of putting some head gear on (hearing) and going mad with something like a karcher high pressure cleaner.

That’s the basics anyway.

The rest of the house would feature lots of storage built into walls and stairs, and knick-knacks would be kept behind glass panels which would seal tight like tupperware to keep the dust off them, but that’s another story.


Microchip Wolfie

14 09 2011

I once said that I’d never do anything to my dogs that I wouldn’t do to myself, and this might be the craziest idea I’ve ever had… but it could possibly the best too.

Let me explain.

I was thinking of getting Wolfie, that is, Me, Microchipped.

I have wondered what it would be like to go through the process of being microchipped and of having a chip inside me.

Will the process hurt, they say it doesn’t hurt, but… does it?
(I should add that I have a very low threshold of pain, no tattoos for me).

Does the chip move around in the body, or does it stay in one place?

Is it uncomfortable?

Will it be itchy?

Will it cause any nasty side-effects?

Apart from the experimental side, I could make the whole thing much more interesting, as in, turn it into a fund raiser.

Somehow a “Get Wolfie Microchipped” charity is started, where money is donated. Some of the funds go towards the purchase of the chip and the procedure, The remainder is split between “The Lost Dogs Home” and “The Lort Smith Animal Hospital” which are two very worthy charities.

Permission would have to be granted from Central Animal Records To register Wolfie as a Werewolf.

And a doctor would need to do the procedure, probably at The Lort Smith Animal Hospital if possible, where a cheque could be handed over.

This was all thought up in the shower ten minutes ago, so yes, it needs work and ideas.



12 09 2011

When it comes to verification, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are all a bit slow unless you happen to be a major celebrity.

It seems to me that something is needed to push things along quicker.

Some may argue over why we’d need verification anyway, Well for one thing, the recent pseudonym debacle at Google+ (Quora? Nobody mentioning Quora? They started it) could have been avoided if we had some quick and easy way of proving that yes, We are real people here, even if we are using made up names.

So how could we do that?

Well, I think what is required is a third party, who verifies who you are, registers your name and avatar… and then tells the other social networks that all is right with the world.

You’d sign up, and then be required to prove to this company, that you are you, a scan of your drivers licence, birth certificate and one or two other items should be enough.

The company may then spend some time looking at your data, possibly phoning some people, and then set up a page for you.

At this page you could:

List the Social Networks which you are connected to, and nominate ONE account at each site for verification… You could not have two seperate Facebook pages, for instance.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others would receive the data from this website and automatically add the Verified Tick to your account.

It would also take your Avatar photo and description of yourself, directly from the verification service, so that you wouldn’t need to do this manually every time you join a new social network.

It would save you time setting up a new social network, be easier for the social networks to verify you, and no ugly scenes where perfectly reasonable users are thrown off a network.

The problem is that this site would need to be trusted by the public and the other social networks, who would have to adopt it widely… If there were three or more such services and each network wanted to use a different verification service, it’d fail.

Lastly, the site would not share ANY private information with anyone else, all information apart from what you wish to share… Your Description, Name and Avatar…
MUST be kept completely confidential.

Gravitar is similar to what I’m talking about, extending it to do this extra work, could be a reasonable plan.

A question of taste (NSFW)

10 09 2011

Semen, it’s good stuff, but the flavour needs changing, and considering how many of us have come out, it’s definitely not used as often for baby making (Swallowing it is more environmentally friendly than using it for producing kin).

So let’s say that there were plans ahead for a genetically enhanced human with all the nasty diseases removed and a few nice touches… not to say, build a human for sports, that’s kind of dumb… sure you could have a man with the body for basketball but he may want to study music.

Therefore we want healthy bodies, big and strong, alert, active, good heart, good bone structure and…

Semen that tastes better than bleach.

So what if we had a committee of connoisseurs, of Men and Women too, what could we change the flavour to?

I gave this some thought, and reasoned that the flavour needs to be subtle and suggestive, like wine where people talk about field mushrooms or berries, you get the drift?

And why not have a variety? If we have lots of partners (none carry disease remember) then why not have a range of flavours?

Here’s my suggestion, put forth.

– Almond
– Vanilla
– Oats
– Hay
– Honey
– Horse (horse like scent)
– Peach
– Wheat
– Walnut

Might be an interesting conversation starter at a bar.

“I taste like Apricot, What do you taste like?”

Any more suggestions?

*NSFW means Nice Soft Fluffy Werewolves.

Wolfies Theory

2 09 2011

Whenever I’ve been in a car, or even out walking, Sometimes I’ve seen something on the road or footpath which at first appears to be a bird, but as I get closer, find that it’s simply an old magazine or plastic bag.

While walking Katie (my Dog) home from the park, I saw something ahead of us which looked like a very plump fowl of some sort, possibly a pheasant, as there was a bit of red on what seemed to be it’s “chest” area, while the “wing” which flapped in the breeze was grey.

Up close it turned out to be an empty good-os box (dry dog food) in a grey plastic shopping bag.

Almost every time I see something like this, my mind tells me it’s a dead bird.

And I have a theory about this.

I know the brain has to make sense of what the eyes are seeing, and it’s likely that
our brains are keyed into looking for things which help us stay alive, or breed.
and so I reckon this bird thing is the old brain going “AHA! Free Tucker, I’ll have that!”

I’ve noticed that dogs also take a keen interest in the distant object, and will almost always pull me towards the thing, and then give it a good sniff, before deciding it’s not as edible as they first thought and carry on.

Perhaps now we wouldn’t think of eating a dead bird that we found on the road, but I feel that survival instinct is still there, just below the surface.