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6 07 2011

Hey Wolife,
It’s been a long time. I too have grown over the past few years, spiritually and dived head on into philosophy and heavy thinking. I was wondering what the heck happened to you. Then I sadly found your blog and my fear has become what I thought you’d say. “Second LIVE IS EVIL and the media is good!”

That you’d become essentially become the medias bitch or let your ego trap you. It sounds to me like it has. See no one cares to read peoples blogs. Really only the media does! cause they can get things from you or people who want to blackmail you. You think you have friends but you really do not. In the end when they are done with you they will toss you away as they have done to many stars or people who think they are important to the web media.
I also found your comment about how Second Life disconnects people.. Really? What are you doing right now? you are doing the exact same thing you did in Second life! HELLO!. It has nothing to do with second life… you just want to blame it… Second Life is just like any blog or social networking site but it is done virtually. So to hear you say “people take second life too serious is hilarious to say the least and really makes you look like you don’t know what your talking about at all. Sure I could post this debate up on some site. But that is not how I work.

If you have the balls get back on second life and have a debate with me sometime or find me on stickam in a room called “Debate Censored” as I also rant and rave to people on that now. I wish you luck.. but you have become your own enemy in my eyes.

maybe one day you’ll wake up and learn that I was right, nor hard feelings and I hope I do hear back from you. But this is what I got from what you wrote about second life.

If you turn on furry’s next.. I wouldn’t be shocked.

6 07 2011
Wolfie Rankin

I never said SL was Evil, it’s just not where I should be anymore, I feel I’ve found my niche and I’m happier there…
As for the media, I don’t know how much you know about me but I began with media, I always had an interest in it when I was at high-school, and then later I got into Radio.

I’m part of the media, I’ve said this before.

Since being on twitter and out here where I am now, I’ve found lots of new friends, and I ought to say, kept many of the old ones, I still connect with those I met on Second Life… and they mostly still use the format.

I have met people I wouldn’t have met by standing still, doing almost nothing, waiting for over an hour in Second Life, waiting for someone to talk to, Which I have done.

Where I am now, messages come at the rate of about ten per minute, which is a rough guess. I write regularly to my blog… which I feel is more like an open diary about how I feel and I don’t mind if it’s not read regularly by others, I’m not making a profit from it.

I use Facebook and Google+ to post my links and any news that I have which may be of use to others, and most of the time it’s just a bit of fun.

I did wake up and learn, Tal, I woke up and realised that I was wasting a lot of time in Second Life and found something I was good at.

I’m not a builder, I don’t know a thing about scripts, and while others were happy in Second Life, I was finding that I was feeling worse about SL and wanted an outlet for my talents.

What I’m doing now is what I do, I never left SL hammering your choice, what gives you the right to hammer mine?

Furries? Lots of furries on the networks I use and they seem to be quite happy.


6 07 2011
Wolfie Rankin

Oh by the way, I’m not going back, there’s no point.

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