The Rise of Australia as a Superpower?

20 10 2012
Wouldn’t it be strange if during the next election Romney wins, and the US slowly recedes back into a less scientific country.

Where there’s less research, less education, more bible study in schools, no understanding of climate change, no acceptance of gays, more oil and gas mining, being more suspicious of the internet and it’s users.

And people who based their livelihoods on science and progress, moved to Australia, where there are more initiatives to power our country with renewables, for which we need smart people to drive those ideas.

Could it be possible that in time, we become a technological superpower, while the US sinks back into God, Oil, A Womans place is in the home, putting Gays in jail, something akin to the 1950s?
I’ve been wondering about this for some time.

Feminism 2012

13 10 2012

When stories about Julia Gillard giving Tony Abbott a good telling off, hit the local news, they were all negative.

Well of course, most of the media is owned by right wing organisations, it was expected.

But what the local media wasn’t prepared for, was that the story would go global, and when the news overseas got hold of the story, they wrote it as they saw it, without the right-wing spin.

Julia was just a mad woman on a crusade against “a good man” as our papers made out.

That wasn’t how most of us saw it.

I typed “Gillard” into the search box in Tweetdeck, a desktop app for Twitter, and what I saw were thousands of people, thousands, congratulating Julia for standing up for herself, and women in general.

And I get the feeling that the local media is beginning to back down, as I’m starting to see stories suggesting that maybe, Julia was right, as she was!

I think feminism has been re-started this October, in Australia.

And it’s been given a make-over.

Feminism, had a poor image, Dowdy Women in overalls who hate men is the image which comes to my mind.

Women don’t want to hate Men, they want equality.

And that’s what they ought to have.

I want to see it happen, I want Women to have equal pay, and to be treated with respect.

I’m sure you know from what I’ve written earlier that I’m a great fan of equality, I am a white Aussie bloke, who wants to see more fairness on this planet, for everyone.

It’s 2012, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and all that nonsense, simply shouldn’t be happening anymore.


Read Mike Carltons’ excellent story, which is similar to mine, but a much better read.

Ethical Porn

12 10 2012

Welcome to the Dark Ages, Part II.

11 10 2012

I saw this guy today.

He’s apparently the Science and Technology adviser to the Republican Party.

Apparently “Evolution is a lie from the pit of hell”

Are you voting Republican this year?

If they win, I’m going to be so very glad I live in Australia, but I will be very sad to think that a smart, tech savvy nation has sunk back into the dark ages.

Do you really want guys like this in power?


All about the Cock.

11 10 2012

The word “Penis” is a bit crap, it sounds stupid, and I think most of us males tend to avoid the term.

“Cock” is a far better word, and according to the dictionary, probably quite acceptable, although not, as yet, an official description… it’s still considered slang, and vulgar slang at that, I don’t think it should be… but I’ll get to that later.

The dictionary says that a cock is a small spout for water, and when you think of it, that’s a very good description of it.

“Cock” is also a word used to describe a male, generally a bird, although it has been used to describe a Stallion, and here is a fine example of that:

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross
To see a fine lady upon a white horse
With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
She shall have music wherever she goes

Now, about the slang.

You may know that it wasn’t all that long ago that people refrained from saying “Fart” as it tended to be a vulgar term, but over the last thirty years or so, it has become a standard term for stomach gas, or the act of expelling it. I have heard doctors talk about farting, generally not their own farting, usually someone elses.

But it’s a good word, don’t you agree?

The word *sounds* right, for what it represents, ones anus can almost pronounce the word on it’s own at times.

So these days it’s more acceptable to say “When I fart”, rather than “When I produce wind”.

I think “Cock” should definitely go the same way.

Words do have a habit of being born as slang, or as vulgar, then turning into a “normal” word over the years, and words ca also go the other way.

Using “Tart” to describe a Woman, was once a lovely term, suggesting that a Woman was sweet, like a tart (jam tart or small cake)… But has since taken on quite an unpleasant meaning.

I think that words, used more frequently lose “power” over the years, and those hidden away in closets tend to become worse. Harry Potter fans would be familiar with “He who shall not be named” which is what people called Voldemort, and this habit caused people to fear Voldemort even more… While of course Harry simply called Voldemort by his name.

Cancer was similar to that, People many years ago feared it and wouldn’t discuss it with others, it was as though the person with cancer had done something shameful. Of course having cancer is bad enough, without asocial stigma on top of it. Thankfully people talk about cancer these days, which helps everyone deal with it.

I also feel the “N-Word” needs to be said, in order to remove its power, but you note that I didn’t write it, because some of you would be offended… but note this, you still heard it in your mind, didn’t you?

What is the point of writing F***? You heard that in your mind too, right? (although I really thought “Fish” when I typed it).

There’s a word whose vulgarity will probably fail soon too, in fact it’s used so much these days, it makes me wonder why people are still upset about it.

Oh yes, we have to consider context too, naturally.

But getting back to my argument, I think we should embrace “Cock” as a perfectly normal, correct word.

* The bit about the Fish was a dreadful lie, Sorry.

And a link to that poem about the lady going to Banbury, because it’s interesting.

Why is an Australian so concerned about the US Elections?

5 10 2012

StoreThe guy following me on twitter asked me why I was so concerned about the US Elections, Why would it matter to an Australian?

Well, There’s a lot of reasons.

I’m concerned about the welfare of my friends who live there, I hope that they have access to good healthcare when they need it, and that they have access to Government assistance so they can keep their homes going in difficult times.

The tide is turning for Gay people as it has for black people and women, there may come a time soon where marriage equality is standard practice for everyone.

There are some who would give no rights to gay people, and hope they go to church more often, to “pray the gay away”, they want to pull us all back to the dark ages, while I would rather step proudly into the future.

That said, I don’t think we’re as helpful to minorities and women as we ought to be, equality for all is the only way, and any future leader should embrace this.

No government should come between who we love and our bodily functions.

I want someone who sees science as a wonderful thing which we can use to build a better world, and I’d rather there was more atheism in the mix, it’s time that religion was let go as a relic of the past. A leader who embraces these concepts would be well worth having.

Someone who sees Climate Change as a serious threat, and takes up arms against it, rather than against some foreign land, is definitely in our best interests.

Someone who understands that this is the only planet we have, is interested in keeping it clean and healthy, and someone who can guide businesses and individuals to do their bit in this regard, would be more than welcome.

I want to see a leader who talks with world leaders and really understands how the world and it’s people function, rather than start pointless and possibly illegal wars, Men should be home with their families, not in some far flung land, killing people they’ve never met, don’t you agree?

As an Internet user, I would also like to see Governments keep their hands off our Internet, the Internet should be a human right, it should never be weighted down under censorship, and it should never be blocked from anyone.

And I would really like to see our Prime Minister talking with someone who is sensible, someone who will honestly try to make things better, not only in the US, but around the World too.

Does that answer your question.