Going Backwards

18 03 2013

Australia may soon have a new right wing government, and I personally find that a very scary thought.

Strangely enough, We call them The Liberal Government, their name indicates a left wing government, but yes, they are right wing, because of this, I prefer to call them the LNP or Coalition.

While we vote for a party in Australia, most of us have a leader in mind when we vote, so in reality I think we do vote for a leader, even though they may not be on our ballot papers, when we think of the Labor Government, We think of Julia Gillard, and equally we think of Tony Abbott in opposition.

Tony has been, as is often the case with right wing governments, a bit cosy with New Limited, and it’s leader Rupert Murdoch. (as is the case with Fox News in the US which is owned by Rupert Murdoch).

Why is this a bad thing?

Imagine you own all the newspapers, some radio stations and some TV stations, and you have a lot of people reading your work, or watching it on television once they’re home, that gives you a lot of power.

For instance, if you had a friend who built houses, and you decided to tell everyone, via your media company, that your friend builds the best houses, and another bloke built poor houses, then without checking the facts a lot of your readers and viewers would believe you and go off and pay for your friend to build them a house.

Your friend would get really rich and maybe the other builder who may have even built better houses, could go broke.

And that’s the trouble with people, people believe stuff… it’s easier to believe stuff, rather than checking to see if it’s right, a lot of people say they have no time to check the facts, and often they don’t know how to.

This is why people buy particular smart phones, or vote for people, or go to church.

Belief is a fence, a handy device to keep the sheep all together in one paddock. when people believe in things, they’re far easier to control.

While it may be harder to spend time sorting out the facts, perhaps simply by reading, you could end up with a better product in the end.

A lot of people right now are being told, by News Limited, that everything Julia Gillard does is wrong, but Tony Abbott is Mr Perfect, which is a bit like saying Bohemian Rhapsody was never as good as Achy Breaky Heart.

And they’re quite happy to accept it as the truth.

But in a few months we may have a leader who doesn’t believe (so he says) in Climate Change, Thinks that we should keep mining Gas and Oil rather than look at alternatives like wind and solar, Thinks wireless internet will work just as well as fiber optic cable (as a techie I can tell you it won’t, nothing is faster than light), doesn’t seem to like migrants much, doesn’t like gays and lesbians.

If we are so easily conned, then the future will not be pretty.

Stop The Trolls

12 09 2012

A Troll can be someone who spews venom all over our internet, you know, like many mainstream media providers do today in their newspapers and television stations, some of which have called for a stop to trolling, how bloody ironic.

But it can also be a useful thing, in which people who troll, me for instance, can have a dig at something I dislike… Christianity, Bigotry, Right Wing Politics, Fat Mining Magnates and various arseholes of every sex and colour.

My Trolling is the positive form of the art, I’m not telling Women they’re sluts, or telling people they should shoot themselves as they’re worthless.

Trolling can also be called “freedom of speech”.

Does this newspaper which wants to stop trolling, merely want us to sit there and shut the fuck up, like the bad old days when most of us felt like hurling a brick through the boob tube, or telling a bloke on the radio that he’s a dickhead?

And HOW is this paper proposing to stop trolling anyway? Make us use real names, force us to have just one twitter account? Come around to our house and chop our fingers off, or put something in our computers which changes our tweets from “Tony Abbott is a dry parsnip” to “I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER” ?

The whole reason I love the internet is that it’s a two way street, this interaction is brilliant, and I won’t be silenced by a few cretins.



23 06 2012

Watching the events in Queensland politics, I can’t help but wonder if the Australian Christian Lobby,┬áhas done more for Atheism in the last few weeks, than anyone in history.

Congratulations, You’ve made being a Christian about as attractive as a skunk in heat.

Nothing more needs to be said, I’ll just put my feet up and enjoy this bowl of popcorn, Cheers!


Oh, By the way, This from Melbourne’s Joy FM

Weather or not

24 03 2011

So climate change might be happening, and perhaps there’s something we can do about it, but some people don’t want any part of it and deny the lot, which strikes me as odd… what’s the worst that can happen?

I’m seeing it like this.

Say that you live out in the bush somewhere, and there’s a road leading down to your house from the top of a hill, and you’re inside, reading the paper at your kitchen table, when suddenly the kid from the next property, darts into your house, screaming for you to get out, because there’s a logging truck which seems to have lost control, hurtling towards your home.

You have two choices.

Grab something precious, and get out quick, or tell the kid he’s an idiot and just sit there.

If the truck is really coming, then you’ve been warned and you’ll survive, even if your house doesn’t, and the kid is a hero, all good.

If there’s no truck, you can give the kid a kick up the bum for crying wolf *cough*, and go back to reading the paper, although with a slightly bruised ego.

Now by my calculations, that works out as 100% possibility of survival.

If you remained inside the house and there was no out of control truck hurtling towards your home with a full load of dead trees, then you were right, the kid was an idiot and you’re fine.

But if there was a truck, you’ve found yourself in heaven for grumpy humans who won’t listen to a warning when they’re given one. *twists your ear*

A quick calculation says that being a denier gives you a 50% chance of survival.

Listening to the climate change scientists isn’t going to matter much, yeah ok, you may have to pay a bit more in tax… but you can’t spend money if the planet goes down the gurgler, make sense?


Introducing, The Coffee Break.

19 09 2010

Those of us with any sort of intelligence have witnessed the rise of Sarah Palin and “The Teaparty”, and wondered if somehow, our education system has failed in an enormous way, somewhere along the line.

Suddenly we have the uprising of the stupid, and we cringe at phrases uttered by leaders which make no sense, and angry followers with placards of misspelled and misunderstood words.

It appears in my view that our side, we intellectuals, or “communist pinkos” as the boorish other side calls us, those of us who are happy with the theory of evolution, stem cell research, and the idea that the earth orbits the sun… haven’t got a name of our own.

So to counter this, let me introduce “The Coffee Break”.

The Coffee Break is a collection of people, who are most definitely not of the Tea Party type.

At some point, we may have a webpage and more, if the idea takes off… but for now, if you like the idea, I invite you to write “Member of The Coffee Break” somewhere on your webpage, your twitter profile, your avatar description, Facebook or whatever you may have.

It’s a global movement against human stupidity, Join us today!


On Twitter, please use the hashtag #TheCoffeeBreak

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