Recording Radio on Mac or Iphone, With a TuneIn Solution.

5 03 2013

I tried to record radio on my Mac, and I can’t believe it’s such an utter pain in the arse to get something which simply records an mp3 file of the recording.

I tried the soundflower/audacity combo and was left with something which sounded like someone had recorded an old tranny (70s slang for tiny radio) with a mic in a tin can… maybe there’s a way around that, I don’t know.

And I have tried almost everything else which had been suggested, yes I have googled and read and downloaded, but it was fail after fail.

Finally I gave up, I knew I could record,  a radio stream to my iphone with TuneIn Radio although I hadn’t actually done it yet.

After I was finished I found I had a perfectly good copy of what I needed, except there was no way to get the recording from the iphone.

Again I resorted to Google for help, and again software was mentioned which might work, One looked great… connect the iphone, search the directory for a weird file, copy that, rename it 12345.mp3 or wav or aac or….. and eventually you get a file which plays.

I came up with another idea, I tried it out, and it works.

Get yourself a stereo cable, one with two male jacks on each end, shove one into the iphone and the other into the mic socket on the mac.

Load up Audacity, Select “Built in input” (Where it generally says “Built in mic”)

Turn the Iphones volume up full, press record on Audacity, press play on your Iphone… let it transfer.


The TARDIS lamp and hardware box.

26 09 2011

I often get thoughts and don’t write them down or tell anyone, I suppose it’s the same for most of us.

But here’s one that won’t escape and perhaps some Doctor Who fans would like it.

I’m thinking about a mini TARDIS, you all should know what that looks like.

The idea is that it’s supposed to look like a decorative item, and nothing more, however.

One of the panels can be removed, via a trick. See it’s got items inside it which you’ve hidden from thieves, It’s kind of unlikely that someone is going to want to make off with a cumbersome TARDIS.

Once this panel is off, you find that you have access to an area which is only a few centimeters deep, for accessing the lighting, small neon or flouro lights like you might use in a computer case mod, and these shine through the frosted glass panels on the side of the TARDIS.

However, a second panel comes off, there’s a trick to that too, which has shelving for external hard drives.

These hard drives are wired in and are turned on with the lighting, there is also a hidden USB outlet under another hidden panel, so that you can plug your computer in.

There’s another shelf which is big enough to slide a laptop into, it may also contain a charger.

The TARDIS is probably no higher than most Peoples knee, so I’m not suggesting a huge box although I think a Life-Sized model would be extremely cool too.

So about enough room for six external drives (like the WD ones), better if they’re all
the one style, to fit in better… A super quiet fan, and hidden vents… You don’t want to give the game away that this is anything more than a mere lamp.

The doors should not look like doors, and would not open unless someone knew how it was done.

And perhaps the phone box on the outside of the TARDIS could function as a phone charger and would open easily, so that you could grab your phone in a hurry… and nobody would spot you opening secret doors.

And of course you could keep anything else in there too, photos, jewels etc.



Rotten Apples

3 06 2011

You may have read about my data loss on my iphone, Not only did I lose photos and videos over a month, but also a lot of voice memos, which had been important thoughts, and a few silly ones, from recent times… I really did want to keep these because they were the kinds of things I would one day wish to look back on, and were the kind of thing I’d like to pass onto others.

In general, when we see family trees, we see names and when these people were born, if they married and how many kids they had, and when they died. But a lot of the important stuff, such as what they loved and despised, how they felt, and what made them tick as a person, is lost.

I had been foolishly trusting iTunes to back this data up for me, while having no idea that it was just backing up basics, such as apps, music and phone numbers.

To me, the art I produce myself is of more importance than product I can simply buy again, (though understandably that is a pain too) because our own media is unique, and often the only copy is on the phone or computer.

I have had computers for decades now, and I know full well that backing up is the very best thing to do, and have several backups for my PC in the form of external drives.

When my phone went down, and I found iTunes had only saved rudimentary items, I was shocked and angry, frankly I wanted to beat both my Mac and iPhone to a pulp with a hammer, and to be honest I am considering wiping both and putting them on e-bay.

Apples backup system “Time Machine” failed to help too.

Although I found that I could indeed take a former iTunes from the past and use it’s contents… I could reload my bought apps, but of course there were no voice memos, photos or videos.

I noticed that some of my notes were from the much older PC sync, with iTunes (iTunes on PC appears to be the safer bet), so I thought I’d re-sync with the Mac version.

However, none of the backups worked anymore, each time I tried to run iTunes, I was greeted with an Apple Agreement and a fresh program… completely empty, no apps or anything.

I completely erased iTunes from my Mac and went back into Time Machine, dug out the old iTunes and ran it again, only to be greeted by the same Apple Agreement again, and a fresh, apparently unused iTunes.

Where was my stuff?

I’m feeling really burned by this, and really just want to leave this stuff in the corner to rot.

I will never buy another Apple product ever again, I’ve had enough. For all the sparkly glamour of the company, what has happened over the last week is far worse than anything the PC has ever done to me in over twenty years of use.

If anything has gone wrong on the pc, nine times out of ten I have managed to recover most of my files with relative ease, but with the Mac it’s just complete frustration.


Why computers crash.

10 03 2011

Why Computers Sometimes Crash! by Dr. Seuss.

I have just found out that this poem is under copyright and wish to respect the
writers work, however… Not to let readers down, I have a link to his website
which includes a second poem, which is just as clever.

Thanks to Christine Bayne for the link.

And to Colin Nash for this.



6 03 2011

I was looking at a website about gay issues, and see “L.G.B.T.I.Q.”.

Cripes, it seems that they’ve added two more letters since the last time I looked, and not knowing what it meant, I quickly asked twitter and got my answer within minutes.

Apparently the I stands for Intersex, while the Q stands for Queer… Pardon me but I thought that Queer was Gay?

I’ve never been a PC lover, no that doesn’t mean I prefer Apple, I mean Politically Correct, If someone is Short, they’re Short, not Gravitationally Abundant, I call a spade a spade.

I don’t think adding letters and making things more complex is helping anyone, people love short words, pointing at something, looking worried and shouting “HOT!” is usually enough to get the message across.

How many more letters will this thing gain before the whole lot disappears up it’s own orifice?

Sexuality is a multifaceted thing, there must be so many independent sections of it that you could never break it down to a group of letters to cover everyone in any respectable way, doing so would result in something so perplexing that it could have been taken directly from a Monty Python sketch.

As awful as it is to say, at least the light globe went on immediately when people used to say Poofs or Dykes, now we have to sit and think about it, or explain it to someone who doesn’t know, which is awkward.

I wonder how many innocent bystanders asked the question, fumbled it and got branded as a homophobe, it could happen all too easily.

As a Tranny at one of the first Sydney Mardi Gras wisely said “I’m not Homosexual, I’m just Sexual”.

To me there is just sexuality, which is complicated enough as it is, I don’t think we should make it any harder to come to grips with.