The Dream

25 07 2013

While The Danie and Wolfie Show is Danies idea, and one I can’t wait to be a part of, I would like to talk about Air Digital.

When I was a kid, people used to ask me what I wanted to be, and I always said “A TV Cameraman”, I was completely fascinated by those huge cameras that blokes would push around in a studio.

I thought I’d have control of that awesome thing, and get to make some great television, I was thinking of tonight shows, or something involving singing.

Then at some point, someone asked me about the footy, or hours of cricket… which, not being the sporty type, would just bore me senseless.

So the TV Cameraman dream died there and then (but I love cameras and own quite a few)

I’m not sure where the idea of being a DJ came from.

I remember in grade four, a teacher was making some sort of recording, and had asked the boys to line up and come into the room one by one… it turned out that he wanted someone to put on ye olde ABC accent.

And I totally cracked it, and made him happy.

Then I fell for the charms of Kenny Everett, who I adored as a teen, and of course, although I never heard his show, I knew who Wolfman Jack was, and loved his voice.

I went through High School, and dreamt of leaving and being a DJ, I dreamt of having my own station, AIR FM… The Thunderbolt was the logo and it had a very thin Wolfie as a mascot, who wore an AIR FM sun visor.

The design is on a manilla folder I still have, which has all my vinyl cataloged inside it, dated 1986.

In the later 80s, I joined The Radio Works, a Radio School run by Chris Heaney (3XY) and Steve Dale (Fox-FM).

I seemed to have been there forever, although I wanted to work in radio, what was happening was classmates were finding jobs in other states, thousands of kilometers away from home, this bothered me, because I love my family… and my dog, moving would hurt.

Now Chris had told us not to get into community radio, as we were being trained for commercial radio, and I remember him doing his block with a student who did in fact join a community radio station,

BUT… Mum found out about 3 RIM FM in Melton, Now called 979 FM, She phoned and asked about it for me, and next thing I knew, I was there.

They were taking students through a quick course on knob twiddling, but rushed me through due to going to The Radio Works.

I had a twice weekly show around 1987 called “Something Wild” and
I would also produce recorded content for the station, and write Sponsorships and things.

I was there for about three years.

I started getting a bit cranky with myself, why was I a “useless” DJ when I could have been a doctor or something, they were silly thoughts, and I found myself getting cranky about doing radio, while becoming more and more interested in hanging out with friends who had Amiga computers.

Then things took on a downward spiral as my health declined slowly,

I felt horrible for a few years, but then got to a point where I felt I could do something, and that’s when I became a new age crystal wearing hippy… well ok, I had been wearing crystals for a while.

I got into Chinese and New Age healing, I learnt Shiatsu Massage, Reiki and  Yoga, and have to say, that even though I think a lot of it was pretty flakey, my health did improve by leaps and bounds.

After I left the Australian Shiatsu College, I took up a volunteer position as a Friends of the Zoos at Melbourne Zoo, but that didn’t last, My Dad wasn’t well, and it wasn’t long before he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

My own health fell away to what it was earlier, I could barely get into the hospital to visit him, but forced myself to… and was almost admitted myself.

After Dad Died, I found myself staying home with Mum and Benny Malamute, and found out about Broadband internet.

I spent a lot of time soaking up time on the internet, I really wasn’t well enough to do much else.

But not to the point that Benny missed out on a Walk.

While watching channel seven, I found out about Second Life, and decided to try that, it looked nice, and it had furries… what appealed to me most was that it wasn’t a violent game, more about creating than destroying, in fact it was more of a social network than a game.

A friend in the US bought us a full island, which he called Eragon, I had a pub there, and one day a bloke strolls in and says “Hey, can I perform at your pub?” “er, what?” it turned out musos were playing live gigs in these places… I said yes, and we started getting musos coming in and performing.

Then I was hitched up with ABC via a friends blog, they were building an island too, and I would become the admin of that island.

I was becoming very well known, which freaked me out a bit.

I began a show like spicks and specks which I called “Rockit” and that was very popular.

Then I found out about DJing from home into Second Life.

So I grabbed myself a copy of Sam Broadcaster, named my Station AIR and off I went, gee I must’ve had about eight people listening to me at one point, and after about four tries, I gave up.

Sam gave up too, I wasn’t about to pay for it back then, it was too expensive.

And so now, AIR gets another go at being a teen dream realised.

But this time it’s not just me and some mp3s, this time i have friends and supporters who might actually turn this dream of mine into something seriously special.

We’re going to water this little plant and see how big it gets.