Why you don’t “Spill your seed”

17 01 2017

If you’ve read bits of the bible, you may have seen passages talking about Men “Spilling their seed”.

Indeed “Semen” is Latin for Seed.

However, back in those times sex was a dark and mysterious thing which few understood. A womb was seen as either fertile ground or barren land in which a Man could spread his oats, wild or otherwise, and they would sprout like seedlings.

Eggs, produced by humans and other mammals were unheard of.

If you compare plants and animals, then a plant’s seed would be much like an animal’s embryo, a fertilised egg.

Semen then, can be better compared to pollen in plants which means that males are, in fact, pollinators.

I hope that gave you a buzz.


16 01 2017

I have no respect for flags.

If I, Dear one, put my arm around you and told you that I love to see you, to have you visit me, and that when you go away, that I miss you… then how does that make you feel?

And then, should I walk up to a flag pole and salute the flag waving in the breeze at it’s top… does that flag feel my appreciation?

It is just a rag with a print on it.

Do I, dearest, worry if someone tears that flag down and burns it in the street for any reason?

Of course not.

But if someone were to lay a hand on you, then that’s when I’d have something to say.

Yes the Country is important to me, but only because you live in it, The flag represents the Country… but it is not the Country.

Wolfie Rankin