29 09 2012

Today I walked into Bakers Delight while shopping.

The lovely Woman behind the counter, who’s always cheerful, asked me if I would be watching the game.

I questioned her,  “The game?”

“The AFL” She said, and then it clicked, I was completely oblivious to it, Football means nothing to me at all.

As with most people, I began to find out about sport, when I was just a kid, and it seemed to me that everyone barracked for a team.

The question was always “Which team do you barrack for” not “Do you like football?”

I never had a team, I could have made one up, (some did, it made conversation easier) but I tended to be the honest sort.

My parents weren’t into footy, so I wasn’t brainwashed into it like so many other kids, I was allowed to think for myself, and after consideration, taking into my brain that playing footy would give me the opportunity to chase a ball, while wearing hardly anything, in freezing weather, being pushed into mud, having bits of my anatomy broken, and potential coma and/or death,  I decided it wasn’t for me, it must’ve taken me ten seconds to work it out.

But I’m not even interested in watching it, I just don’t see anything in it.

So word began to spread that I didn’t like football, and it seemed that I wasn’t into any other sport either.

And people talked, you know, because I was “weird”.

I think conversation went along these lines “He doesn’t like sport… must be a poofta”.

So here was I at the age of ten, being called a poof, and I had no idea what it meant.

So thankyou football for giving me a reputation, I did try to live up to it in later years.

I was born and raised in Melbourne, in case you’re wondering, and I was ten in 1975.

Attitudes have certainly changed, I don’t think there’s nearly as much homophobia around today, and there are many people around, who, like me, simply couldn’t give a toss.

Perhaps I’m a trend setter?


Review: TARDIS Tea Pot and Biscuit Jar.

26 09 2012

So, here’s a quick review of my TARDIS Tea Pot and Biscuit jar.

The Products are made of ceramic, and come from Zeon (UK)

Well, I liked what I saw straight away.

I had the mugs before and liked the fact that they felt heavy and solid, and maybe I like that because I’m a bloke.

However the teapot had a fragility about it, so I’m a little nervous about handling it, the sides don’t look all that thick, But it’s not too thin, it should be fine really, and isn’t china supposed to be like that?

Questions had been raised about how well it would pour, but I can assure you that it doesn’t spill and pours quite well.

I noticed a small scratch in the lid, which I was a little annoyed about, but that could have happened at any time from manufacture to shipping, and as Mum would say “I wouldn’t stop a horse to look at it” call it “character lines”? yeah, I think so.

The Biscuit Jar was smaller than I had imagined, but was absolutely huge on the inside! oh come on, I had to say it.

Actually it was smaller than I thought it would be, but during testing proved to be large enough, even for my larger home made bikkies, so the verdict here is there will be plenty of room for your Tim Tams.

It felt a fraction more solid than the teapot too.

There’s a nice tight seal on the lid, so the cockroaches are definitely going hungry, and it should keep the air out too.

Popcultcha had been waiting for orders from the UK for months, but they sent out their orders on the very day they arrived, they took photos of staff packing them up for delivery and posted them to their Facebook page.

My orders arrived a day after they posted their packages, which was great!

The boxes were well packed and as delicate as the contents were, everything was in very good order.

I’m very pleased, I think any #doctorwho fan would love to have these,
so a big thumbs up!

And well done to the people at @Popcultcha too!


Political enigma

21 09 2012

There are two groups of people who I don’t understand, Women and Gays who vote Republican, and I think this equally applies to the Australian LNP.

I find the treatment of Women by both parties utterly appalling, as no government anywhere should have any power to tell a Woman what she should do with her own body, That is something which should remain completely up to her.

And Gay people, especially those who might want to marry at some stage. Denied all rights from the conservatives, who most likely hope they’ll go to church more often and “Pray away the Gay” rather than stand up for their own personal feelings, which are not doing any harm to anyone.

When I see either of these groups voting Republican, it’s rather like coming across someone banging their heads against a brick wall and complaining that it hurts.

Stop doing it?


Moments in Time (Doctor Who / Poirot Cross-Over)

19 09 2012

I was having a thought earlier about Doctor Who and time travel, Wouldn’t it be nice if The Doctor and Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) could meet?

But rather than film one show, both companies, BBC (Doctor Who) and ITV (Poirot) would film their own, but the same episode, from the perspective of their main characters, and shot by two separate film crews, at the same time.

Meaning it would come out like this.

Poirot – ITV
Title – Moments in Time.
Starring – David Suchet
Guest Star – Matt Smith

Doctor Who – BBC
Title – Moments in Time
Starring – Matt Smith
Guest Star David Suchet

Both of the title characters would naturally have a greater role in their own version, In the Doctor Who version we would see The Doctors story unfolding as He deals with a mystery on Earth, which Poirot is also trying to figure out. Then we would see Hercule Poirot in his own version, trying to deal with something He has never seen before, which defies his own logic…
and finally receiving help from a strange fellow who claims to be from another planet.

Does The Doctor tell Poirot that He’s an Alien? Will Poirot see the inside of the TARDIS?
and who will solve the mystery first? The Doctor or Poirot?

Could it be done? or more to the point, could it be done, well?


Snow Dropping

19 09 2012

My readers would know that I’m a Furry, and I identify myself via my Furry name and Avatar, which I use on every social media network I have an account with.

The thought had occurred to me that one day I may be browsing online, and see my own Avatar being used by someone else, and wondering how I’d feel about that.

This week, it happened to someone I know.

Someone had recently set up an account on a social network, found a drawing of a fox, and decided they would use it.

But they were caught.

The friend who has legitimate claim to the Avatar had paid an Artist to draw his character, and was quite miffed when they spotted this other user, using it.

A Furry Avatar in general is one which people have created themselves, not something that we just grabbed from the internet and decided that it would represent us.

If the image was not created by the owner, then it was either a commission from an Artist, or a gift from an Artist… which happens frequently in Furry circles.

Avatars are crafted with care, and can often have a long history. My “Wolf in a Circle” design goes back to 1989, when I first sketched it on a notepad with a biro.

Using another persons Avatar, to me, is a bit like leaping a fence and pinching clothes off someones washing line, and wearing those clothes out in the street.

Imagine how you’d feel if on the way to the shop, you bumped into someone wearing all your gear.

While reading this, some of you have correctly thought “Identity Theft” which is what this is, Our Furry Names and Avatars are indeed our identities, which are recognised by Furries and Non-Furries alike.

If you should see someone using a Furry Avatar which belongs to someone else, please inform them that what they’ve done is not on, and gently persuade them to get another Avatar.

If they really want a Furry avatar of their own, then there are ways and means of getting that done, simply starting a chat with Furries can put them on the right track.

Otherwise, a photo might just be enough?


Introducing Wolfies Law of Pants and Jiggly Bits.

16 09 2012

Written for Furry Artists, and for those working with realistic looking creatures in film.

When a realistic half human character is drawn naked, then they should come complete with the genitals of their sex and species.

If the Artist is concerned about drawing Genitalia or Breasts,
then they must put clothing on their character.

The Artist must never draw a character naked and WITHOUT genitals.

If a scene requires nudity, such as when the character is showering, and the artist does not wish to have genitals on show, then they must use a device to cover the characters equipment… such as a towel, sponge, soap dish, or rampant Frankfurter.

(Frankfurter, not Frank N Furter… but then, why not?)

like in that nude scene from the Austin Powers movies.

But a naked character should never be seen without genitals if viewed in full (or closeup, I suppose)

Having a character without genitals is obnoxious and stupid, why would you normally leave a nose off your characters face? You wouldn’t, so don’t crop other parts off your character.

Morals be damned, it’s your body, your cock isn’t demon-spawn, and your breasts aren’t satans fun bags for idle hands. (not unless you’re lucky) and Kids aren’t going to freak out about it, most have a dog and many have been to a farm or a zoo at one stage or another and know what goes on.

Have you even known a kid to not be fascinated when an Elephant has a pee?

And a hint, if you do clothe your characters, give them a bit of a lump where things should be, a boy is after all, still a boy, even if he’s a wolf, eh?

Stop The Trolls

12 09 2012

A Troll can be someone who spews venom all over our internet, you know, like many mainstream media providers do today in their newspapers and television stations, some of which have called for a stop to trolling, how bloody ironic.

But it can also be a useful thing, in which people who troll, me for instance, can have a dig at something I dislike… Christianity, Bigotry, Right Wing Politics, Fat Mining Magnates and various arseholes of every sex and colour.

My Trolling is the positive form of the art, I’m not telling Women they’re sluts, or telling people they should shoot themselves as they’re worthless.

Trolling can also be called “freedom of speech”.

Does this newspaper which wants to stop trolling, merely want us to sit there and shut the fuck up, like the bad old days when most of us felt like hurling a brick through the boob tube, or telling a bloke on the radio that he’s a dickhead?

And HOW is this paper proposing to stop trolling anyway? Make us use real names, force us to have just one twitter account? Come around to our house and chop our fingers off, or put something in our computers which changes our tweets from “Tony Abbott is a dry parsnip” to “I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER” ?

The whole reason I love the internet is that it’s a two way street, this interaction is brilliant, and I won’t be silenced by a few cretins.