The heart growing fonder.

21 11 2012

At least once, in every teenage boys life, there is a ritual to be performed.

And although never spoken of, somehow we all know of it, and we all do it.

It’s the “I’m not going to cum for a whole week” ritual, and although many of us really do try to get through this week of sheer agony, very few of us actually manage it.

What compels a boy to embark on a week of abstinence?

That’s easily explained, it’s the often mistaken idea that the ejaculation produced at the end of the week would rival an Indian Monsoon, but sadly it never does.

But has that stopped any of us from attempting the feat at least once? Never!

Most of us males ejaculate at least once a day, when we’re in our mid teens and early twenties, and should we stop, our body puts us through hell.

It gets harder to concentrate on anything useful, our minds will flick back to sexual thoughts far too often, so it’s not a great time to try this during exams, nothing will be taken in. although sometimes I wondered if any part of high-school was useful to me while I was being ravaged by my own hormones.

Then you can’t sleep, try as you might after a few nights, your brain won’t let you settle.

“Have a wank now or you’ll see the dawn” says the grey matter, You can ignore this as much as you like, but if you find yourself still awake at 2am, there’s nothing for it but do what you’re told… or you’ll see the dawn.

And if you do sleep, The wet dream.

Wet dreams are weird, most people think they’re porn, but mine were mostly weird and abstract.

I used to do the ritual on family holidays, I was sort of closeted up with my parents anyway, and often my Niece and Nephew (who looked like a younger Brother and Sister to my teenage self).

One night in a motel, the I failed the ritual, and here’s my strange and sorry tale.

I had gone to sleep in my bed, My parents bed was across the room from me, and my Niece and Nephew were to the right of me, in their own beds.

I found myself in a hangar, surrounded by a lot of strange, but very clean and bright scientific instruments, which were watched and checked by a couple of boffins dressed in white, who were writing notes onto clip-boards.

The huge hangar door slid open, looking out onto a field of grass and a blue sky.

A mare wandered into view and stood there… who was quickly followed by a stallion, who mounted the mare and proceeded to have hot, sweaty, horse sex with her.

Suddenly I awoke, to discover that I was soaked, apparently this time the experiment worked, but I then realised I was in a motel, not at home in my own bed, with a bit of privacy.

But My parents hadn’t woken yet, and I managed to scuttle into the bathroom and shower, before the others woke… and started knocking on the door and calling, wanting me to get out.

Yes, I did the ritual every time I went on holidays, even after that… because if you’re a male, that’s what you do.