Being Wolfie.

24 05 2015

I’ve been wanting to write this, and I understand if you read it back and roll your eyes, it’s weird, but I’ll still like you if you call me a big silly.

The whole Wolfie thing has been with me for a long time, it has been with me before I knew what a furry was, which means I felt this way since before the discovery of Usenet Newsgroups in the 90s.

The feeling has changed over the years, as though I have been discovering little bits about myself, and this is what I want to say.

I feel like an animal trapped in a human’s body, I feel that my outward appearance is alien to what I am.

It is, in much the same way, like being a man trapped in a woman’s body.

Except it’s a question of species.

I think a lot of my inner sadness comes from this, not all, much of it is because I’m alone, and fearful of the world at this point in time.

It’s not “spiritual” in the way that being gay or straight is not spiritual, it’s there, but it’s something else.

I just thought I’d say.

What’s up with Twitter?

24 05 2015

For a long time I’ve been followed by genuine people, people who had been strangers, but who I got to know
and would have a chat with each day and possibly form friendships, it’s been great.

But lately I’ve had a stream of fake followers who either serve up quotes by famous people or, were re-tweeting particular things of much the same subject, photos, tips… what could pass for wisdom.

I’m not sure what it’s about, what’s the point?

Are they trying to capture real followers to seem more real to those who’ve been suckered into buying followers?

Are they “The Man” checking up on our accounts? (probably not)

I’ve also seen a lot of legitimate users complain that they’ve been following people only to discover hours later that they’ve been blocked. So I think people have had a few too many of these fakes and when they get a stranger following, who is honestly interested in the persons tweets, they don’t stop to figure out if they’re real or not, they just block, because they’re tired of checking.

They are getting harder to detect too, for me, three quotes and a handy tip is often enough for me to boot them, but sometimes I’m not sure if the person is, well, real..but a bit superficial.

There are still people who see Twitter as a numbers game, you have lots of followers and you’re a star. In theory that sounds ok, but if I were to check your followers and found lots of fakes, I’d consider you a wanker, not worthy of my time.

At the moment I’m blocking about six of these fakes per day, and that number is increasing.

I don’t see a cure beyond blocking when I get them, and I advise you do the same.

Wolfie Rankin.

Becoming an Athiest, gently.

10 05 2015

I have been pretty rough on the religious, and many other atheists have too.

And that’s a problem, because not everyone is completely sold on religion, they might say they’re
a Christian, but they’re questioning it alone, and need a soft landing.

Who do they ask for help?

A priest will point to a religious text, an Atheist will point to facts…
and neither is helpful.

For instance, depressed people are routinely told to “just get over it” that it’s
“all just in your mind” and from a technical point, that’s true, but when you do
suffer from depression, well it’s just not that simple.

When a Christian (or those of another faith) has been told by people they love and admire that something is true, right from the time they could walk, and they have lives based around their religion, friends, social engagements and then, suddenly, all that is gone… well it must be like stepping out of a window, into nothing.

People should not be expected to leap off a building and hit the pavement, then pick themselves up and start again, there should be a way to help ease the transition, their landing should be as comfortable as we can make it for them.

I have not been a christian myself, not really, although Mum (who had her doubts now and then) was.
But even for me, untying all the strings has been difficult. for someone who is a regular church goer, it would be monstrously difficult.

Now and then I have felt like I’ve treated people too harshly, and I realise that isn’t helping, it’s much the same as whipping an animal to perform tricks, when they’ll often do the very same thing because they love you, if you let them.

In today’s world, religion is looking less appealing for many reasons, and people are going to need help, let’s give it to them, and let’s do it kindly.