25 03 2013

When I lived with Mum and Dad, there were these times when Dad would come home from work, waving his arms around angrily, his loud, booming voice filling the house with complaints about some new idea which was about to be put into practice which would ruin everything.

He hadn’t read anything, but Bill or Snowy said that’s how it was, so that’s how it must be.

Dad, like many people, wouldn’t sit down and read in order to sort fact from hearsay.

Mum would get to a point where she would put her hand up and say “Hang on!” and at this point, she’d check the official letter which she had received earlier.

The glasses would go on and she’d read it, and sometimes she’d read it again.

Then she’d declare “That’s not what this says at all!”

And Dad would say “But Snowy said, and if He said it’s right, then, it’s prob…”

Mum was staring at him as if thinking “You great twit”… she’d point at the paper and say “That’s not what this says”.

Dad would mumble and walk out of the room, plainly defeated, but at the same time, probably pleased he was wrong and therefore didn’t need to be so upset.

I think this is how most Australians are, Happy to be told rubbish and accept it as truth, rather than spend time looking at the facts.

Such as that awful little truth that our economy is ripping along nicely thanks, we’re not Greece or the UK and we’re doing better than the US, it’s all there in black and white, but will Aussies check?

No, they’d rather be told things by the Murdoch owned news company (Snowy?) and accept that as truth.

When Abbott is Prime Minister of Australia, these will be the people to thank for it.


Pet Hate

12 12 2012

I’ve always had a great love of the media, indeed I was a radio announcer for a while. When used well, the media, can be a powerful force for good.

But alas, these days, I’ve seen it used in the worst of ways.

I suppose there are a lot of reasons to hate old medias ways of reporting news, but here’s one of mine which really rubs me the wrong way, and it’s one of the things which you’ll hear often.

There’s some sort of terrible disease which we all know about, we may know someone who has it, or we might have it ourselves.

For the last twenty years or so, scientists all around the world have been looking at cells, watching what they do, treating them with particular chemicals, staying up late, giving up their time and energy in the hope that one day there may be a cure.

Then there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, after years of exhaustive research, maybe, just maybe there’s a cure within reach.

The media is informed, and how is the story reported?


I absolutely hate this.

What this says is, let’s forget the students who spent years learning how to become doctors, surgeons, researchers, physicists, biologists etc, let’s forget that after they became any of those things, that they spent all those days and nights doing very difficult, and often tedious work… let’s just forget all that, and claim that God did it.

Let’s just suggest to the public that this potential cure just popped out of the sky, like “manna from heaven” because someone prayed a lot, and jesus waved his magic pinky, and that was that.

Have you ever watched credits at the end of a movie?

Imagine if in some strange land, they wiped all those names and all you’d see at the end of a film was “God did it”.

For all you know, thousands of people whose names you’ll never know, were involved in getting this possible cure to the point it’s at, and thousands more will improve and refine it for years to come.

That’s long hard hours of blood, sweat and tears.

Media needs to stop attributing hard work and dedication of so many truely wonderful people, to religion, it’s not in the least bit right, or fair.


The bad writers club

19 06 2012

People are worried, rightly so, about good journalism going out the window, in favour of gossip and celebrity nonsense or indigestible news stories which don’t sell papers… people dying of starvation, wars in far off lands or climate change.

I see public reaction when I browse the internet, nobody seems to want to listen to the bad stuff, but if Justin Bieber cuts his pinky, or a new version of a console game is released, that’s what is discussed by all and sundry on Social Networks.

When I post stories to Facebook and Google+, I mix in a bit of serious material with some humour, and lately I’ve been feeling really annoyed that the joke gets all the thumbs ups and plusses and comments, while the serious story is completely ignored.

I don’t think the writers are the problem, there will always be good writers, who are very keen on “just the facts”… but will they have an audience, will anyone respond to what is written?

Will real journalists eventually end up in some nook online, hidden away and read only by other writers, while the masses only ever talk abut the latest phone, car, movie, videogame etc?

Scratches his nails on the blackboard.



Fuck that. (A little tale about censorship)

8 06 2012

A little tale about naughty Aussie radio, which appeals to my sense of humour.

Triple J is the ABCs National Rock FM Station, and they wanted a cool news theme, but everything they tried was a big fat fail.

Eventually someone decided to re-mix the ancient ABC theme called “Majestic Fanfare” (Which has been updated and is still used today by ABC Local stations today).

So an old scratched 78 of the original theme from 1943 was procured, and work on the hipper news theme began.

Now around the time that the new theme was being worked on, there was a rap record called “Fuck the Police”, which had been banned on Aussie radio stations.

This was one of the records sampled for the Triple J News Theme.

The new theme was a hit, and is still used on Triple J today.

Despite “Fuck the Police” being a banned record, tiny bits of it are played on the hour each day on Triple J.


It’s a Miracle.

2 04 2012

Sick to death of people using the word “Miracle” in NEWS stories.

Can’t Doctors, or Scientists or Rescue crews get their well deserved credit, instead of some invisible pretend deity?


The Radio Works

7 02 2011

I have been trying to piece together some of my personal history, and usually that’s not difficult, a little Googling usually reveals a few interesting sites which fill in vague memories, but oddly enough, not this time… in fact a whole chunk of my life seems, according to the internet, like it didn’t happen.

After I left High School, I attended a Radio School, Since I wanted to be one of those strange people who lock themselves up in a little room all night and tell funnies between playing records… which isn’t much different to what I do now.

Civilians might be interested to learn that there are schools for this, which is probably not much further up the rung from Clown school… They teach useful things like how to yak into a microphone without spitting on it, and advanced knob-twiddling.

We were taught how to read serious news with a serious news voice. and also how to write adverts, make them into something that plays for exactly thirty seconds and put them on carts.

Carts, for the kids born this century, are a bizarre audio cassette thing that never need rewinding, I never did understand how that was possible, Yes I know the tape was looped on the inside, but my wolf brain couldn’t understand how.

So anyway, I joined this radio school, called The Radio Works, which was near HSV7 in Coventry Street, South Melbourne. I spent about three years there. About two years into my education, we moved to South Yarra.

My Classmates, who I mostly new by first name only, included Barry, who emigrated from England, Kevin, who was with the RAAF at the time and would often come dressed in uniform, Bethany Lee, Who was the voice of Val Morgan cinema advertising during the 80’s… anyone who had seen a movie in Melbourne during that decade had heard her voice. And Fiona, Who had aspirations of having a music program, but found, much to her own dissatisfaction, that She was a great news reader… She eventually landed a job with Macquarie News in the late 80’s.

Now here’s the problem.

When I Google, I find little or no information about any of this, it’s almost like I’m in an episode of The Twilight Zone where I had actually been drugged for the entire time and have only imagined that part of my life.

There is next to nothing on Chris Heaney of 3XY (Our Teacher), But there is some suggestion that he worked with 3AW for a while here in Melbourne, I know that he was originally from South Australia, but there’s bugger all on the internet about him.

And It’s curious that despite 3XY being a big name in 70’s and 80’s rock radio in Melbourne, that there is almost no information on wikipedia about it, only after its transitional stage when it was renamed and beyond. Why was so
much history glossed over.

Chris took the class for a look one night, and I remember that Shirl was on the air, Yes, That bloke from Skyhooks, He was with someone else, whose name escapes me, sorry. I remember that some girls came in that night and handed Shirl a big bunch of flowers, I think it might have been his Birthday. Later He came out and chatted to us, He was charming and very down to earth… but I froze because I was such a shy little flower at the time… hard to believe, I know.

Steve Dale was the other teacher at the school, he was working with FOX FM at the time, I really liked Steve, He was a very easy-going bloke, I think He’s still on FM radio in Melbourne today.

It strikes me as odd that these guys have very little trace online, at least I can’t find much, most media people seem to have a webpage, an account with linked in, or at least a Facebook page… although, there were quite a lot of Facebook users called Chris (Christopher) Heaney… It would be useful if we could adjust our search for Facebook users by locality, Haven’t they considered that?

There’s nothing on The Radio Works, when I google it, I’m directed to my own blogs and webpages where I had made mention of it, it’s as if the school never existed, but I did in fact go there and I learnt all I needed to know about knob twiddling, and when it is and isn’t appropriate.

I’m sure someone must know something about the School, or know one of the students, or indeed was a student themselves back in the class of 1986.

So, If you know anything, anything at all, I’d love to hear from you, Please leave a comment below.



* Not the actress, Bethany Lee, from Australian TV.

Update: I just found that 3XY has a Facebook page. 🙂

Face it

11 01 2011

As you know, I like my Social Media, but this might strike you as odd.
Although I prefer my blog site, I use Facebook as my main blog, well sort of anyway.

You see, I like to drop links into it, sometimes at a rapidfire pace, as with todays posts and updates on the flooding in Queensland, I was getting new information at the rate of about three items per minute, from various news sources and journos who I follow on Twitter.

WordPress requires that I write something, and possibly add a photo, while all I need for Facebook, which usually, but not always, finds a chunk of text from the story and a photo to go with it… leaving me to credit the source, and then continue looking for more news.

This is what I want on WordPress, I’m sure people would find it a very useful feature if it was available, is it?