Over analysis?

30 06 2013

My Mum and Dad only had Primary School education, I’m not quite sure why that was, But I remember both parents talking about School Readers, a book which contained poems and short stories.

They seem to have fallen out of use in the 70s, I also remember readers from when I was a kid, but they mostly went unused as far as I could remember, and were simply left for us to read at leisure.

My Parents could recall bits of poems, but not as much as they would have liked to, with Dad, it was the one about Daffodils, with Mum, The Bellbirds.

My older Sister knew a few snatches of poetry too.

I, the heretic, had not learnt a single poem, and recently I decided to fix this by learning “Jabberwocky”.

Learning it, I found, was easier once  I got a hold of what was going through the characters minds.

The first verse tells you what the place was like, with its mimsy Borogroves and so on.

The Second is the Father telling his Son about the dangers of the forest, but are the creatures really dangerous as we suppose, or does the Father simply not like the animals… maybe he’s just off his rocker?

In the third, the Son goes off with his sword to slay the Jabberwock, and he does, seemingly all too easily, Snicker Snack, it’s over.

In the fourth The Father watches his Son come towards him, but isn’t sure it’s him, is he short sighted?

“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?”

The Son comes closer, and the Father realises that is indeed the case, and is over joyed that his Son had the balls to go out there and face this creature alone.

But this, the last verse… interestingly it’s a repeat of the first verse, and I wondered about that.

It seems to me, that despite the Son being all macho and slaying this thing, whatever it was, that nothing had really changed at all, so the whole affair was pointless.

Vinyl Catalogue app.

27 06 2013

I love my Vinyl record collection, and was wondering if we could could create a cataloging program which makes it easy to put together a database on our own computers.

What I’m imagining is this.

We create an app which gathers together music enthusiasts via social media, who create and share data from their records,

If someone has already added data for your record, then all you would need to do is to type in the Cat Number from your record and that should be enough to fill in the extra fields.

If the record data is not available in the list, then it’s up you you to add all the items yourself.

Artist, Composer, Record Label, Year of Release, Collectors Item, Cat Number and so on…

I think there should be a lot of fields offered, but it should be up to the users to hide fields they may not want.

This should be a really efficient way to share data about vinyl records, and to get a personal record, of your records, quickly and easily.


The meaning of life?

27 06 2013

What’s the meaning of life? I asked myself, and I answered:

“it’s all about where the dicks go, and how people respond to where other people decide to put them”

That’s how it works.

It boils down to that.

Women going cheap.

24 06 2013

When I go to various web pages with advertising, I sometimes see an ad like “Russian ladies want to meet you in your area”.

Why do webpages (and some which can afford better clientele),
still accept this kind of advertising?

Am I the only person put off by this kind of thing?

This is not the future

15 06 2013

Here we sit thinking we’re so advanced, but I often wonder.

We still drive cars and are happy to burn coal and oil, it might be saving our jobs, but is having a job more important than saving life, all life?

We can ignore climate change, wars and gun violence, while Celebrity sex scandals and baby bumps fill our magazines and newspapers.

What is this obsession we have for non-news?

Our media is a bit like hoping to sit down to a big roast dinner on a sunday and finding that all we’re really getting is a plate full of jellybeans.

It’s crap like this which is making Murdoch rich and the population stupid.

Our computers are marvelous, yet unable to think or consider, or know anything about their user or anything else, and they can be so damn frustrating to use.

And why the fuck are we still religious in 2013? can’t more people see that religion is the biggest ball and chain in the leg of humanity? it holds back science, medicine, and equality between the sexes and gets in the way of same sex marriage.

As a kid, I used to think that soon after the year 2000, things would be amazing, but I feel as though we’ve been ripped off.

Where are the big dreams we had?



12 06 2013

Whenever a person who has had cancer in the past, gets sick again, they wonder if it has returned.

There have been several instances I know of where the rotten thing has come back to haunt someone.

I remember waiting for my radiation treatment, dressed in a white gown, with an older man who had been through this twice, prostate cancer for him, bowel for me.

He seemed happy enough to deal with it, because that’s what you do, just deal with it, you go into the room and have your rear end microwaved for a few seconds, then go home, and it’s only then that you feel any effects.

I often wonder about the people in the chemo ward, or the radiotherapy clinic and I very much hope they survived.

They told me in 2005 that if the cancer didn’t return in about ten years, that they’d call it a cure, well here I am in 2013 and so far nothing of note has happened.

Different cancers stole my family away, but somehow I survived, but when I’m sick, like now, I wonder, is it just some sort of flu or is it back?

I’ll see the doc tomorrow.


9 06 2013

Someone on Twitter showed me this link, about a “Wolfy” Rankin who is apparently, according to this story http://evil-unveiled.com/Wolfy1619 a paedophile.

Obviously I don’t wish to be compared with this guy.

You will note the spelling of our names and our locations, mine is Australia.