24 03 2017

It may surprise you to know I’m writing a science fiction book.

I’ve had the idea for years but haven’t really done anything about it, partly because I got hooked up into the strange world of how? and where? and who?

I understand nothing about business practices or of publishers, and also I don’t want people breathing down my neck, I want to do it in my own time and under my own terms.

Which leaves me with writing it for free, well nothing new there, everything I do is for free.

So Harlequin can be found here:

It can also be found on Facebook, Google+ and on Medium.

No big giveaways, but it’s a nice, comfortable, friendly sort of science-fiction.

You won’t see baddies fighting wars here, but you will find plenty of introspection and love.

Radical, eh?

I hope you like it.


Wolfie Rankin.




18 03 2013

When you post online, you’re publishing content for others, and you should be concerned if what you post is accurate or not, otherwise we’re setting a poor example for people like News Limited who have no fucking idea.

                                                                                                            – Wolfie


21 02 2013


The bad writers club

19 06 2012

People are worried, rightly so, about good journalism going out the window, in favour of gossip and celebrity nonsense or indigestible news stories which don’t sell papers… people dying of starvation, wars in far off lands or climate change.

I see public reaction when I browse the internet, nobody seems to want to listen to the bad stuff, but if Justin Bieber cuts his pinky, or a new version of a console game is released, that’s what is discussed by all and sundry on Social Networks.

When I post stories to Facebook and Google+, I mix in a bit of serious material with some humour, and lately I’ve been feeling really annoyed that the joke gets all the thumbs ups and plusses and comments, while the serious story is completely ignored.

I don’t think the writers are the problem, there will always be good writers, who are very keen on “just the facts”… but will they have an audience, will anyone respond to what is written?

Will real journalists eventually end up in some nook online, hidden away and read only by other writers, while the masses only ever talk abut the latest phone, car, movie, videogame etc?

Scratches his nails on the blackboard.