Heaven rejected.

5 03 2011

I was thinking about dying and going to Heaven, and realising that it could possibly be one of the least desirable places ever.

If it’s full of Fred Niles, and Republicans, and Christians and Tea-partiers, and Homophobic bigots such as the Westboro Church, and people who think they’re so much better than the rest of us, that one day God will hoover them up into heaven where they will spend eternity in the sky, while the strains of Hillsong or Justin Beiber waft endlessly and painfully through the clouds…

Then I think, if I wake up after death and find that I’m invited beyond the pearly gates, that I’ll tell St. Peter thanks but no thanks.

That I’ve had enough of that on Earth and I don’t really need or deserve to spend eternity in Hell.

Then I’ll fly out into the universe and hopefully, eventually, find my place within it.

What’s that St. Peter?

Yes of course you may come too, I won’t tell.


Wolfies Tea Party.

20 02 2011

I had a bit of idea, just a small one, but then, a small idea can be quite lovely.
and the implications might be bigger.

Basically all it is, is that sometime tonight, between six and nine pm, we sit down in our favourite quiet spot and have a cup of tea, with a cake or a biscuit.

You will note that I didn’t give any specific time, It’s tea, it shouldn’t be regimented to a specific minute of the day, and many of us are settling kids down for the night, having our evening meal, or watching a favourite tv show… do this when you feel you are ready.

Switch the lights off, except for the nearest one, the tv and the radio too, it will be you, alone, or with a friend, a cup of tea, and a bikkie.

It need not be fancy, you could be at a camp fire with an old metal mug if you’re
lucky enough to be in that situation.

But… because we’re doing this online thing, what I’d like you to do, is grab your mobile, take a photo of your tea, or yourself having tea (don’t spill it) or whatever you feel might be a good shot, Take it and upload it, either to Yfrog or Flickr and tweet with the hashtag #WRtea, So that the rest of us can see you’ve joined in.

It’ll be a much nicer tea party than that other one, and look at the electricity we’ll be saving by switching things off for a little while.

Let’s allow a little Global Togetherness to happen, and create a piece of peace.

Please join us, you’d be most welcome, and spread the word!


*note: I may re-post photos to the Facebook Event Page, I’ve found that while Yfrog photos easily crosspost to Facebook, Twitpic ones do not, hrmmm.

Introducing, The Coffee Break.

19 09 2010

Those of us with any sort of intelligence have witnessed the rise of Sarah Palin and “The Teaparty”, and wondered if somehow, our education system has failed in an enormous way, somewhere along the line.

Suddenly we have the uprising of the stupid, and we cringe at phrases uttered by leaders which make no sense, and angry followers with placards of misspelled and misunderstood words.

It appears in my view that our side, we intellectuals, or “communist pinkos” as the boorish other side calls us, those of us who are happy with the theory of evolution, stem cell research, and the idea that the earth orbits the sun… haven’t got a name of our own.

So to counter this, let me introduce “The Coffee Break”.

The Coffee Break is a collection of people, who are most definitely not of the Tea Party type.

At some point, we may have a webpage and more, if the idea takes off… but for now, if you like the idea, I invite you to write “Member of The Coffee Break” somewhere on your webpage, your twitter profile, your avatar description, Facebook or whatever you may have.

It’s a global movement against human stupidity, Join us today!


On Twitter, please use the hashtag #TheCoffeeBreak

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