Easy Amazon Alexa and Sony SRS-XB22 Setup.

26 12 2019

Let me just start by saying that I know many of you are not that tech savvy, and that’s ok. You might make beautiful cakes, or never get lost while driving, we’ve all got our own set of skills.

And some of this stuff can be pretty frustrating for me too.

Around November I bought myself some Sony SRS-XB22 bluetooth speakers, and have been enjoying listening to Spotify, in STEREO.

Yes, if you buy two of these speakers, they link together via bluetooth and provide music in Stereo.

However the initial setup is a bit of a pain, and sometimes they forget how they were setup, forcing you to start again.

So I sigh and launch the Sony app again and mess around with it for a minute, and it’s all good.

Current tech is amazing, but it’s not perfect and will have the odd glitch from time to time.

Now to get to Spotify they had to be connected to something, and I was using my Android tablet for it. It worked very well and I was happy.

But a few days ago I came home from shopping with an Alexa dot, and began to hear talk about connecting bluetooth speakers to that.

If that could happen then it would make playing my music so much easier, but no matter how I tried, it failed to connect.

Further reading revealed that the speakers *remembered* my tablet, and this meant the Alexa was effectively locked out.

Firstly, if your speakers are straight out the box, you’re fine, they should pair to Alexa easily, but if you’ve been using them with something else, here’s how to untangle the knot.

Choose one speaker to function as the main speaker, mine is the right speaker.

On the RIGHT speaker, hold down the power button until the blue light begins to pulse frantically, this usually happens after the speaker tells you about how much power it has left.

If it’s blinking like mad, as opposed to a gentler beat which it settles into later, you’re good.

Turn on the LEFT speaker with a quick press, no need to hold.

Open the flap on the back of the RIGHT speaker and press the Add Speaker button.

Then open the flap of the LEFT speaker and press Add Speaker.

I think at this point the Speakers announce that they are in double mode.

Go back to the RIGHT speaker and hold the Add Speaker button for a few seconds, the speakers should now announce that they are now operating as Left and Right.

Now open your Alexa app.

On the bottom right you should see an icon called DEVICES, hit that.

On the next page you will see an icon with three dots called ALL DEVICES, choose that.

On the ALL DEVICES page, click the + sign on the top right.


Choose that, choose your SRS-XB32 Speakers on the list.

One last thing to do before music comes out of your speakers is to choose which speaker, or speakers your music comes out of.

Click the All Devices icon again in the lower right, and click on your Echo Dot.

All your settings where you choose your speakers are located there.

I hope that works for you, cheers.