Today was a bit much

1 04 2013

I decided to go for a walk with Katie, but didn’t want to walk all that far.

But decided to cross our main road and walk to one of the larger parks nearby, which we did and that was ok… but that area is rather unfamiliar to me despite me living around here for 47 years.

So, we got a bit lost.

When I get lost, I begin to feel panic attacks coming on, although I’m pleased to say that I held together well.

Katie and I were pooped, and I was anxious to find anything that looked familiar, and yes I had my iphone with me, and was about to check when things started to look familiar.

We’d come to a park which was further away than what I had hoped for, but still, it was familiar.

There is a walk bridge over the main road, and we headed for that, but I was running low on energy (anxiety) and Katie needed a good drink of water.

Now before I get to the next bit, One of Katies habits, which is generally a good thing, is if she slips from her collar, she will sit and wait for me to put it back on.

Now sometimes the bridge “bounces” as we cross it, and the motion makes me feel worse, and with a panic attack only just being held off, I decided to cross the road… which wasn’t too busy, being Easter Monday.

It should be less stressful.

There were no cars coming, so Katie and I headed across the first part of the highway.

You guessed it, She slipped out of her collar, and sat, on one of the lanes, a car was coming but was in another lane.

I jumped back and grabbed Katie around the neck, and pulled.

Katie thought she was being attacked and yelped.

I pulled, pushed and encouraged her to safety.

My heart was in my throat, and felt like I was about to pass out, but crossed the freeway and we were ok.

Katie was exhausted and so was I.

I got her home, where she’s had a snack and has drunk most of her bucket of water.

She’s laying here panting like mad, but is probably ok.