Rosie’s Saturday

17 10 2010

Today I went shopping, or yesterday, as it’s just after 1am here now, and I came home and fed Rosie who was calling me desperately for food.

I fed her and then walked Katie.

I left the cage open so that she could get out, but she didn’t budge,
and after a few hours I pulled her out and let her play in the garden.

Sometime later I decided to have a shower.

Then got into my PJs even though it was still fairly light outside, but I thought I wasn’t going out anymore so I might as well settle.

Then I went out for Rosie, and saw David, my neighbour, telling me that he’d been ringing me for an hour but couldn’t reach me, I told him I was
having a log shower.

Rosie had been on his fence, which was a worry because of his cats who are nastier than Vicky.

But she had since vanished, and although I called her, she didn’t appear
as she usually does.

But Rat Dog, on the other side was barking his head off.

I ran inside and pulled on a t-shirt and jeans, and went out, it was freezing and there was drizzle, after my nice shower, this wasn’t what
I had expected to be doing.

I went next door and the kid who lives there let me in and out to his backyard, where they have a bungalow, and rat dog was barking at something on the roof. now I didn’t see anything up there, but while I was poking around, we heard Rosie whistle.

We thought it was from my side, so I went back and called her.

David pointed, she was indeed up on the roof where rat dog was barking,
she was strutting around and flapping her wings in the breeze.

It was rainy and windy and here’s the little stinker getting around on
the top of the roof, coming over to look at me when I called her.

I tried to get her down using Davids huge window cleaning pole, which
worked when she was high in the elm tree, but she just walked back from it this time.

I was a bit annoyed, but I knew that she was just testing out her wings,
but was scared that the cats could get her as she’s still not big enough
to scare them off, and she’s a bit too trusting… she runs under Katies
legs quite happily.

Katie wasn’t sure if she should eat Rosie or not at first, but now it’s
just another animal in the yard and Katie is gentle with her.

I went inside and had a cup of tea.

Then I went out and called again, getting a bit wet from the drizzle,
but all she did was come closer and watch me, not sure if she should
jump or not and waving her wings.

I sat in the kitchen feeling a bit grumpy and cursing as I drank the tea, Katie sat under the table, helping me to eat muesli biscuits.

Then I went out again.

Rosie had had enough and tried to take off, she flew towards the neighbours sloping roof, but didn’t realise it was slippery, so
down she went like a kid at a park, and fell/flew into my grapevine
before finding a bit of fence to sit on.

I walked over to her, picked her up and shoved her back into her cage.

I can see this happening more often as it goes, we had the same troubles
with “yucky” who was our last magpie.

I do want Rosie to fly off and be a wild bird, but I hope that she still
wants to be around… I just hope I can get her over this awkward stage.