March In March

16 03 2014

I have a little story to tell, which I’ve been saving up for a post about music, but it’s about popularity too, which, I think works quite well for this post.

It was about 1981, I think, and I was at High-School. The popular band then, was Kiss… It seemed that most of the school absolutely loved them.

Girls would put on Kiss makeup and Kiss cut-outs from magazines were sticky-taped all over their books.

I was merely an observer to this, for as much as I liked music, Kiss were never my thing.

Then I caught the flu and was away from school for nearly a week, I had no contact with friends which was probably for the best, but when I returned I saw something very, very strange.

Everyone hated Kiss, it was like being on another planet, At the time I was stunned, I mean how could a band be so very popular one week, and hated the next? I wondered if something had been said by a band member that I hadn’t
heard about, but apparently not.

People can be very fickle about music, but my observations over the years is that on one hand, you have actual fans, they are the people who lap up the sound like a cat licks up cream, their adoration of the music is completely real, and there are other facets of the band and their music they they love too. I GET this as I’ve felt it quite a few times myself.

On the other hand, you have people who are into it, because it’s popular, and that’s what the cool kids are doing right now, so the attitude is “if I say I like it too, then I’m one of the cool people”.

While the real fans will play an album and listen intently and hear what the band might be telling them, and sometimes that’s useful information… for example: “Our Lips Are Sealed” by either The Go-Gos or Funboy Three, is a great anti-bullying anthem. The latter group will play the music as background music, and not pay much, if any serious attention.

So once it’s perceived that the cool guys aren’t listening anymore, the latter group don’t have to pretend anymore, after all it was little more than a “chore” to them.

The fans however, remain loyal, sometimes for the rest of their lives, because they felt something, they were personally moved, and feel a certain gratitude towards the band.

And now we come back to this weekends march.

The Newspapers, The Murdoch media, and I’m ashamed to say The ABC, all made Tony Abbott into something he wasn’t, The public were given the perception that all the cool people liked him, and none actually do. then lacking the ability to think, they mindlessly ticked the wrong box and Tony became Prime Minister.

The Public believed Tony was the best Man for the job, but the trouble with belief, is that it’s generally not the truth.

The truth is this, something Mum told me a long time ago.

“You can’t make a silk purse, from a Sows ear”.



Fox News: The Greatest Show on Earth.

29 07 2011

I have a question, Is Fox News made for a very right-wing audience, as we tend to imagine, or is it, in fact, a carefully orchestrated and long running show whose main objective is to entertain us Lefties?

I’ve considered this because we all love a good rant about how stupid the boob tube is, We hate the advertising, stupid stories on fat people when there’s actual news out there which is more important, Some of us hate sports commentators and will go to the trouble of turning down the sound and tuning in the ABC instead, Whose sports commentators are said to be that much better, I have no idea, I hate sports, I think sports gets far more coverage than… you see what I mean, We all complain about the box.

But maybe that’s it, maybe we like to rant at idiots, They can’t hear us, so why not let off some steam?

So what if someone, let’s call him Rupert, came up with the idea of having twenty four hours of wall to wall idiots to scream and throw things at?

Who cares who watches it? as long as there are viewers, viewers equals money, right?

Now when I browse the internet, with Stumbleupon, I see left-wing pages of Fox News did this, Fox News did that, and to be honest I’ve posted stuff about it myself… and just as a reminder, I’m in Australia, and I don’t have cable TV, I could have it, but I don’t watch much free-to-air, I love my internet, so cable would be a huge waste of money.

You would think that if Fox News was loved so much by the right-wing mob, they’d post more videos with all kinds of positive comments, but I don’t see it.



22 06 2011

Here’s my bit on Travis, Who you may have read, had included Furries with Child Molesters, Rapists and Anarchists. in a nasty little piece he’d written on the Wall Street Journal.

Travis clearly hasn’t done his homework on Furries, We don’t want Rapists or Child Molesters in our group any more than anyone else wants them in theirs. Surely there is enough information on Furries for any self-respecting Journo to read, so that they know what they’re talking about before putting pen to paper?

However I found Travis’ inclusion of Anarchists amusing, especially when reading his right wing vitriol.

Doesn’t Anarchist mean someone who despises their government and acts against it?

Which appears to be exactly what Travis is doing.

How nice of him to include himself among the nasties he listed, including those horrible Furries.


Wall Street Journal

NSW Votes.

20 03 2011

Via Jim Edwards – Clickon Science.

To ensure that you don’t waste part of your vote in the Upper House
Vote 1 – then vote 2 and even 3 – above the line to maximise your vote

Because of the way the NSW Upper House vote is counted, there is a danger that ultraconservatives who support the Shooters, Family First, Pauline Hanson or Fred Nile could win a controlling vote

The Coalition appears headed for a landslide in the Lower House in the NSW elections on March 26. If If Labor plus The Greens plus John Hatton (who has the next best chance) don’t win 10 seats out of the 21 to be elected for the Upper House, then there will be no brake on an ultraconservative agenda that includes privatisation, anti-worker laws, degradation or abolition of national parks, cuts to welfare services, and discrimination against minorities.

This week a group of people from non-government organisations, including unions, the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Parents & Citizens Associations, the Rape Crisis Centre, Women’s Electoral Lobby and GLBTIQ groups met to express their concerns about the election.

Their message is: Whatever the parties say to you on their ‘how to vote’ information, maximise your progressive vote by voting at least 1-2-3 ‘above the line’ in the order you choose. This will ensure that any leftover part of your vote will flow on to progressives after the maximum number of your first preference candidates are elected. If you only vote 1 above the line and all your candidates are not elected, your vote will not automatically flow on (as they do in the Federal elections) because of the different way the upper house ballot is counted in NSW.

If you want to vote ‘below the line’, you have to number at least 15 candidates correctly in sequence to cast a valid vote. You can pick your own progressive candidates to vote for.

Counting for the last one or two seats in the Upper House will come down to just a few hundred votes. Make sure all of your vote is counted by giving a thoughtful preference after your first choice.

If you want to maximise the progressive vote in the Upper House on March 26 – don’t waste any part of your vote – give a thoughtful 1-2-3 preference ‘above the line’

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