Wolfie’s Vinyl

17 02 2014

A really strange thing has happened.

I’ve begun collecting vinyl records again.

The last time I bought a record must have been around 1990, but you know what, I missed it, and it appears that a lot of others did too.

I remember hanging out for my first CD in 1984, after hearing it played on the big monitor speakers at The School of Audio Engineering in St Kilda one evening. It was Michael Jacksons Thriller. I clearly remember walking from the record shop to the escalator and trying to open the box to see my first CD, it was stuck, and I battled to open the thing, but when I did, wow, here was this shiny little disc, with holographic colours inside of it, this was… the future!

The days of vinyl records were clearly numbered, but not completely over, I hadn’t yet managed to get a player, they cost over a grand back then.

Nor could I get CD singles, Most of my collection were singles, and now I’d have to buy albums… CD singles weren’t commonly available until the early 90s, and when they did finally arrive, they were just like 12″ singles, which wasn’t too bad, as long as they included the version which was being played on the radio… not always the case.

But I went off music for quite some time.

Then a few years ago, I heard about Record Store Day, an international event where a select few records would be released or re-issued, often as a collectors edition in a beautiful gate-fold sleeve and in coloured vinyl.

Well, I bought one or two and that was that, a collection which I thought wouldn’t get any larger, has suddenly flourished again.

My passion, musically, is retro, particularly the 80s, but I can go back to the 60s to, I recently bought two Beatles box sets which I’m very pleased with, and I’ve been following news of re-issues very closely.

I’ve realised that others are interested to, but haven’t quite tuned onto what’s happening.

So I’ve started a community page on Facebook and Google+ called “Wolfie’s Vinyl” to show people what’s out there.

I’d also really like to see what other people are collecting too.

So please drop in anytime and share your ideas.


Vinyl Catalogue app.

27 06 2013

I love my Vinyl record collection, and was wondering if we could could create a cataloging program which makes it easy to put together a database on our own computers.

What I’m imagining is this.

We create an app which gathers together music enthusiasts via social media, who create and share data from their records,

If someone has already added data for your record, then all you would need to do is to type in the Cat Number from your record and that should be enough to fill in the extra fields.

If the record data is not available in the list, then it’s up you you to add all the items yourself.

Artist, Composer, Record Label, Year of Release, Collectors Item, Cat Number and so on…

I think there should be a lot of fields offered, but it should be up to the users to hide fields they may not want.

This should be a really efficient way to share data about vinyl records, and to get a personal record, of your records, quickly and easily.


Why are some celebrities so bad at Twitter?

26 03 2013

A friend of mine asked this question on Twitter and I know others wonder about this too.

So, here’s a bunch of thoughts I have on the subject, for both celebrity and follower.

I’m a veteran, internet user, I started using it in the 90s, and I’ve seen a lot of changes.

One of the things I remember most is how old media (Radio/TV/Newspapers) made it seem as though the only people who ever used the internet were geeks or paedophiles.

While much has changed, their opinion of us hasn’t changed all that much, despite them also having webpages now. 😉

Old media have brainwashed a whole generation of potential internet users into thinking “the internet is bad” while Newspapers and Television “are reliable” which as many of you realise by now is utter bullshit, Phone Hacking anyone?

Celebrities are forced online by their record company but then feel a bit creepy about having to interact with “creepy people”, Thanks for nothing, Rupert.

Some celebs think they haven’t got time for social media, but it really doesn’t take that long to do, Just knock out a few tweets while waiting at the dentist, even if it’s only “Waiting at the dentist sucks”, Consider it therapy.

What happens though if you’re absolutely awesome and have 100,000 followers?

This is easy, Think of Twitter as your radio station, and think about how many people are listeners, and out of all those people, think about how many would phone in to say hello, not many will, most are just there to be entertained by your soothing voice, your jokes and your music, and that’s fine.

Out of all those who tweet many will be the complimentary or complaining types, They’ll tell you they love you very much and want to have your babies, and that’s lovely, send a friendly hello to them occasionally.

The rest will ask interesting questions or even try to entertain you, follow these, these will be your regulars, I have regulars, regulars are cool, and it’s these people who will also prove most helpful to you.

Never, Never ask to be followed, This is massively important and applies to everybody equally. Whether you’re followed or not doesn’t matter a jot, it’s like a score in a computer game, a bunch of numbers, it’s nothing.

There are celebs who won’t follow you but who will still happily reply, They may not invite you to big parties but will “stick their head over your garden fence” and start a nice conversation about cucumbers, what’s wrong with that?

Bare in mind that you may not like some Writers, Actors or Musicians for their art, but they may be awesome on Twitter, it happens.

There are some celebs who are great at their art, but for some reason cannot get the hang of social networks, and simply feel awkward and uncomfortable. They sort of want to be involved but feel a bit of a failure online. This could be due to feeling introverted or just not all that good with technology.

I do understand the bit about being introverted. I was a DJ who loved his work, but would come home and relax with my Parents and my Dog, it was enough.

I’m not too bothered by the technology bit, but when I started I needed a lot of help, and sometimes still need it.  There’s a perception among people who don’t use computers that people who do use computers know everything there is to know about them, the truth is we don’t, and often when we’re stuck, we use Google to find a solution.

I have been helping people with computers and the internet for some time, Including helping people understand the virtual world of “Second Life” on ABC Island,where I was a kind of moderator, and getting people settled in on other types of social media, like Twitter.

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to drop me a line, and please, if you are having social media problems, contact me and we’ll sort it out.