22 06 2011

Here’s my bit on Travis, Who you may have read, had included Furries with Child Molesters, Rapists and Anarchists. in a nasty little piece he’d written on the Wall Street Journal.

Travis clearly hasn’t done his homework on Furries, We don’t want Rapists or Child Molesters in our group any more than anyone else wants them in theirs. Surely there is enough information on Furries for any self-respecting Journo to read, so that they know what they’re talking about before putting pen to paper?

However I found Travis’ inclusion of Anarchists amusing, especially when reading his right wing vitriol.

Doesn’t Anarchist mean someone who despises their government and acts against it?

Which appears to be exactly what Travis is doing.

How nice of him to include himself among the nasties he listed, including those horrible Furries.


Wall Street Journal