Shameless Fashion

13 11 2013

I usually write my own stuff, but this was great.

Copied from Jacqueline Chambers Zakharia

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a 6 week old ‘Shitalier’ puppy.
Preferably from the internet or a pet shop.

I want it to cost a minimum of $3,000 because as you know they are a ‘designer breed’ and are very exclusive.

This pup is to have a myriad of health issues including hip and eye problems and a good old fashioned grade four heart murmur.

Since you are reading this I would like to let you know what I want next year…. I would like you to take back that pup as I may be moving, having a baby or any other excuse I can think of except the truth that it is no longer cute anymore.

Please give it to a rescue group so they can do all it’s vet work and fix all it’s problems and pass it on to someone else to adopt it and deal with it.

Oh yes , and put me down for a Groodle, Pocket Rottweiler, Pomsky pup for next year …actually anything with the word ‘Doodle’ in it will suffice..don’t care which one it is so long as it is fashionable…

Many thanks Santa