Twitter on the Quake

22 02 2011

I’ve written this guide for those of you who are very new to the internet, have heard that there’s news coming through on Twitter, and would like to use the service.

This guide is very easy to follow and will get you set up as quickly as possible.

Now there are links, but be careful not to navigate away from this page, hopefully a tab will open in your browser which will keep this page open for you.

Firstly, sign up on Twitter, You will need to create a user name, you may be prompted to try several as yours may already be taken, a good idea is to use your first and last name like this “Sam_Green”.

If it’s taken, just vary it a bit until it works.

Follow the prompts and fill out the rest, profile and picture are not required at this time, do that later.

Once you have an account, write down your user name and password.

Now download Tweetdeck

Scroll the page down and click where it says “Desktop”, download Tweetdeck for your computer, and set it up.

Once it starts, you will be prompted for your Twitter account name and password, fill that in and continue.

Tweetdeck should start. (If there is a problem, let me know in the comments section below)

At the top left of the Tweetdeck screen is the name “Tweetdeck” to the right of that is a yellow icon, you use this to open a chat box where you can type in messages.

The next icon is a grey circle with a “+” in it, hit that now.

A box will open.

In the white space, type #eqnz and hit Search.

The box will close, and you will see messages, very rapidly, coming down the screen,

Don’t be put off by this!

There will be hundreds, as you can imagine a lot of people will be talking about the quake, this is usual in an emergency.

I will also explain how to find and follow news people who will give accurate reports of what is happening, this will open a much slower feed, which is easier to follow.

If you notice a news service who you trust as you watch the #eqnz list progress, put your mouse over their icon (quickly), and you’ll notice it divides into four, press the lower right of that persons icon.

A small box with Tweet and User will appear, choose User, and you will see “Follow”.
that person has now been added to your follow list.

You can also follow the people in the list below, all of them are well worth your time.
Simply click on the links below to go to their twitter home page, and hit the follow
button, You’ll begin seeing them show up in Tweetdeck when you go back to that.

@3AW693 – Melbourne Radio Station
@nova937 – Radio Station
@1233Newcastle ABC
@612Brisbane ABC
@702Sydney ABC
@carolduncan of 1233Newcastle ABC
@Tzarimas (Helen Tzarimas, Reporter)
@I_Enigma (Friend who gets news out)
@seacorro ABC Reporter

@wolfcat Ex-ABC
@SafeInChch A twitter account set up for those with friends & family in Christchurch to check in.
@NZCivilDefence (US Readers note the genuine UK Spelling)

Also, @Kate_Doak has also supplied a list of people worth following.

Tweetdeck is also available for other devices such as iPhone or Android.

If you find any errors, please let me know, I hope this has been useful.

All my best wishes to you.

Wolfie! @Wolfie_Rankin on Twitter

Also, ABC News 24 has been unlocked for global viewing: