Mary Mackillop’s day off.

17 10 2010

And so we have our first saint, what a load of bollocks.

It’s 2010 and still the world clings to religion, what a sorry sight.

You may wonder what I have against religion, other than the wars which were started because of it, the people who were tortured because of it, the priests who raped little boys.

I’m against it because it’s held back science for hundreds of years, just think, if religion hadn’t been there to stop scientific discovery, then we may have already had cures for AIDS, Cancer or Blindness… but no no, You shalt not do this or that, but it’s fine to slaughter a few thousand who worship the other God, but we can’t tinker with a few stem cells which might improve someones health.

When poor Galileo saw that the Earth really did revolve around the sun did the Catholic Church, say “Wow, that’s Amazing” and pat him on the back? No, The Catholics told him to take it all back, say it wasn’t true (even though it was) and even threatened to whack the poor fellow in a dungeon.

Leonardo Da Vinci was very interested in anatomy, and stole bodies to look inside and see what made people tick, if he’d been discovered who knows what might have happened to him.

These men were not content to just go along like sheep and believe any cock and bull story that the church threw at them.

I have a lot of trouble with the story of Noah, basically because if you were from the Middle East some two thousand years ago, you would have been forgiven for thinking that there was perhaps about two hundred or so animal species in the world, and that you could possibly get them all loaded onto a boat, they didn’t have TV then and perhaps education was lacking.

But I defy anyone, apart from naturalists, to sit and watch a good David Attenborough doco and be familiar with every creature shown.

Estimates say that there may be about two million animal species on the planet (google it), therefore if there is two each (yes even two snails, as you still need two to mate) that means that Noah would have had to stuff FOUR MILLION animals onto his boat, and it still had to float.

Despite the fact that Mary was probably quite a nice lady who did her best for people, and therefore deserves respect, I find this whole canonisation thing frustrating when these same people who won’t stop bleeting about saints and gods and all kinds of gobbledegook can’t seem to understand that Stem Cell research could save a lot of genuine horrors and agony which people are experiencing at this very minute, and stopping this research has to be some sort of crime that I hope people in the future decry us for.

“Why on earth did they not push ahead with medical research” they’ll ask “If they had AIDS, MS and Cancer, Why were they so busy worrying about invisible people in the sky?”

Fortunately, despite the church, in some ways we have pressed ahead, and I thank Nicola Tesla for his invention which produced X-Rays, which eventually lead to Radiotherapy, and I suppose Chemotherapy was more of a combined effort between a lot of wonderful minds… those people and those inventions saved my life.

I give credit to my Surgeon, who sadly passed away due to the effects of Bowel Cancer himself, A heartfelt thankyou to Joe Tjandra

And also to my Oncologist, Peter Gibbs.

Had science been further along, perhaps I still might have had My beautiful parents, My Dad had extensive cancer all through him, believed to have started in his prostate. Mum had something that we suspect was cancer, but she died before diagnosis. My Sister put up a magnificent fight but still lost her battle of about 18 months with ovarian cancer.

I have also lost my dear animals because of that bloody disease. Benny the Malamute who died a terrible death. The cancer had got into his spine, and he was unable to walk… naturally at this point, he was in serious pain and had to be put down, it was one of the worst days of my life, I still hear his cries of agony even now.

Laddie was another who had it, My beautiful German Shepherd cross, such a good friend should never have had to go through what he did.

One of my cats, Timothy, swelled to the size of a bowling ball, his tumour grew at a frightening speed, he was also put down.

Another cat, Splinter, had feline AIDS, and although he fought for a year (he recovered for those months) it soon caught up with him and he died under a tree in the back yard.

Pray? oh yes I prayed, I prayed my tits off…I prayed for all of them, not that it did any good.

To you who push religion down peoples throats, whatever brand it may be, I have no respect for you, but I do have some contempt.

For you are holding us back, you are causing the pain, the disease to continue, the wars to erupt, for people to continue to believe in things that are no more real than the tooth fairy or a bunny who lays chocolate eggs (wrapped in foil of course, his arse must be sore).

If the rapture finally does come and take all you true believers away, how extraordinarily wonderful it will be to be finally free of lunatics.