24 02 2011

As you know, I like to try out new social networks, and then report back and let people know how I felt… was it worth trying, was it not, and why.

Well I was just asked to try DList, which is a chat thing for gay fellas, a bit like Grindr on iPhone.

Now, I’m not into relationships, so there wasn’t much point, to join either, but the GPS component in Grindr is certainly an interesting concept.

For those unaware, when you log into Grindr, your iPhone screen fills with profile pictures/avatars of various gay men who you can chat with… but because of the GPS feature, all these guys are within walking distance… so the idea is that if you fancy someone, then you can perhaps go out for coffee or whatever that evening.

I decided to try DList, and it’s a worry.

The first thing they hit you with is a screen which begs you to try their premium account, which, get this, includes the ability to block idiots.

So basically signing up for the free account is you saying “Yes!, Spam my Arse off please”.

Then the popups started, allegedly someone trying to chat, the popup said “do you want to chat with this person” and I hit no, two seconds later it appeared again, I hit NO, then again, and again, and again and again…

I then searched for button to cancel my account, there wasn’t one, but there was a “suspend my account”, and a claim that if not re-activated, the account will be cancelled in 90 days, which I feel is a bit suss, but anyway.

I hit suspend and ran.

DList…. Avoid.