More thinking

10 05 2013

More self analysis…

I love having friends, and I love meeting them, but you all probably know how introverted I am.

I want the conversation, I want to share some time with a few friends, and mostly one at a time, or two perhaps, not too many all at once, not too much fuss.

And I think I need the contact, because otherwise I risk turning into Fuzzy Lumpkins from the Powerpuff Girls cartoon, Being grumpy, somewhat distrustful, having my Macbook instead of my Banjo and lacking only a “Boomstick”.

I want friends in my space, (not myspace) for a while, to have a coffee and to chat… and to use my hands cleaning a bench or putting away some plates instead of concentrating on a screen.

But I can only take so much, then I need my space, somewhere to be alone… but of course Katie and Vicky are always allowed to be with me, I never grow tired of their company, but humans are things I can only take in small doses, even if they’re close friends.

I need my space to do what I do, or perhaps I stop being myself, which isn’t nice.




25 03 2013

I found myself in a situation where a friend was a bit miffed with me, not seeing their tweets on twitter.

Please understand that I receive new tweets at the rate of about one every two seconds, from friends and people or organisations which I follow.

Unless the tweets are directed at me, there is a possibility that I may miss them, particularly if they are posted during the time I’m asleep or doing something which doesn’t require a computer.

I really do want to stay in the loop, particularly when it involves friends.

So please tap me on the shoulder if you want my attention, I really don’t want to miss the important stuff either.


Under the bonnet

1 05 2012

Lately life has been very slow for me.

I’ve been on my own, except for Katie and Vicky of course, since Mum died in 2006, and although I never saw much of my Sister, I suppose things got a bit worse since she died in 2010.

In some ways things appear to have stopped, I spend a lot of my time home, and online. It’s true that I am a home body and enjoy my quiet time, and had it not been for the internet then I would have found something else to do on my own.

A strange thought occurred to me, I feel as though I have pulled the car off the side of the road and have decided to open the bonnet and see what makes things, in my life, tick.

And I’ve met a wonderful collection of people who were somehow always there, but just sort of unreachable.

They made things work in my life, they powered it in all sorts of ways.

I feel somewhat annoyed that it took this long to find them, but of course the ability wasn’t there.



13 04 2012

I have an idea for a social networking app.

If you have a lot of followers, it’s sometimes quite difficult to remember who does what, or who is interested in a thing.

It would be nice if there was an app which would connect to Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc and collect a list of the people we follow.

So now if Jan tells you that her Aunt is sick, you can make a note of it within the app.

Then when you have that feeling of uncertainty, Did Jan say Mum, Sister or Aunt?, You can verify it by clicking on Jans avatar in the app and looking at your notes.

Perhaps there was someone you blocked on Twitter ages ago, and you can’t remember why, just look at your notes.

Maybe you have a story which may be of interest to the media in Perth, a quick search may show that one of your followers works for ABC radio in Perth.

Yes it’s the Pokedex for Twitter, well kind of.


Twindex (c) Wolfie Rankin 2012.