29 03 2013

I don’t get it.

So there’s this guy called Jesus and his Dad is God.

And Jesus says Dad, This is going to fucking hurt like shit, but forgive the stupid bastards because they’re a sheep short of a flock, so just let them go.

And God goes “Ok Son, Whatever”

What the fuck?

If I was God, I would have roasted the buggers right there on the spot, Jesus Fucking… oh wait… But yeah, There would have been Hell to pay.

I would have zapped their arses and made their balls drop off, that’d show them, and then I’d roast them, Nobody would be nailing MY Son to a fucking cross.

The only thing that might have stopped me would’ve been Mrs God.

“Mother, they’re nailing our Son to a fucking cross, I’m going to fuck some shit up royally”

“Now Now Dear, Jesus is just playing with his weird friends, you know how kids are”

“But Dear, I don’t like it, I never did any of that shit in my day, I’m putting a stop to it”

“No you won’t, you’ll keep out of it, That Boy is big enough and old enough to know right from wrong and if he does the wrong thing then it won’t be any skin off our noses”

“But but, nails and shit”

“NO, Just sit in your chair and shut up”

“Yes dear… *mumblemumble* jesus christ”