A word about placement.

16 11 2013

We have a lovely cafe, deli nearby, which sells a lot of fresh produce, and I normally go there to pick up a nice big sandwich, or some chicken or maybe a pie, which I’ll often take home and freeze to eat later that week.

but they have some items which I’d never buy, fresh liquorice, which looks delicious, an assortment of sweet rolls, and a rack of fresh bread.

I’d love to buy it but won’t, because it’s on the counter, where people will cough and sneeze over, little kids who just had their finger up their noses, will prod, and as for the bread on the rack behind the counter, it’s just at the right height to be farted on.

Now this isn’t some sort of an attack on one shop, as I love the place, indeed I’m a regular customer, I have been for years. No, This is something which is common to a lot of similar shops.

And the problem that I have as a customer is that I’d really like to tell them how I feel, but don’t wish to offend.

I am uncomfortable with saying “I’d really like to buy this stuff, but…”

So I’ve written it here, because it’s incredibly common to a lot of places, I dare say it’s worldwide.

It can’t just be me who has thought about this, surely?

Whatever happened to Gloria Jean?

13 06 2012

A post by @HappySinger

Gloria Jeans and Hillsong suffer bizarre coincidental website glitch

Hillsong Conference is a massive fundie meeting run annually by the controversial Hillsong cult. This year, it’s at the Allphones Arena and it costs a mere $279 to attend. A church service at such a bargain basement price clearly needs very generous sponsors to help it scrape by.

Here is what Hillsong’s generous list of sponsors looked like four days ago:

And here’s what it looks like now:

Seems like some kind of glitch has scrubbed all mention of Gloria Jean’s coffee from poor Hillsong’s website! Good job I was able to preserve it. After all, Gloria Jeans’s generous contribution to the rabidly anti-gay group might have gone unnoticed!

I’m sure it’s a pure coincidence that this dreadful glitch happened the day after Gloria Jeans was embarrassingly revealed to be funding another notorious gay-hate group.

Odd, that.

Written by @HappySinger

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The online Tip Jar.

30 01 2012

Let’s say that there’s a photographer who you like on Flickr, they take some wonderful photos and you visit them regularly to see what they’ve contributed.

It would be nice to support them, by donating a small about of money to them.

What if sites like Flickr, Photobucket or 500px had a tip jar?

So, You’re looking at a photo that you particularly like, and there’s a little tip jar icon there, which you could click, and pay the person about five cents.

The idea would be to use micro payments, much like people use in Second Life.

The problem with New Media, is that there’s a lot of good stuff which people produce for free, because they love to do so, and I’m the same.

But doing everything for free really isn’t helping.

In order to keep producing work, we need money for computers, cameras, software, our ISP, and other essentials.

I wouldn’t want to see a situation where people were forced to pay, such as a pay wall, because I feel that if people don’t want to pay, then they shouldn’t have to.

But an online tip jar, for people who would like to drop a few coins in, could be rather sweet.

It could be used on many sites, including Flicker, WordPress, Youtube. 

It was always nice to hear coins clinking into my own account on Second Life, Why can’t the idea be taken further?

And can someone who isn’t PayPal be involved with this?


Meeting an Enigma

28 02 2011

Today I met @I_Enigma from twitter in “Real Life” (Hate that term).

We met at a cafe in Seddon, called Le Chein (The Dog), which was appropriate because I had Katie with me.

It was just a little bit wet and although we had cover, I was copping a little bit of fine rain, but it wasn’t enough to put me off.

Now I won’t use her real name because I don’t have approval to do that, so Ms Enigma and I sat and chatted about country life, (She comes from Marysville) and
food and just general stuff, and of course Katie, Who approved of Ms Enigma quite a lot.

To be honest, I didn’t feel hungry, and decided to just have a coffee and not have food with it, I’m a night owl, and I’d only had breakfast a mere two hours earlier.

Ms Enigma decided to have a poached chicken salad, which did look great… So after seeing hers, I ordered one too.

Katie naturally had a few bits of chicken.

After we’d had lunch we walked to the corner and started a chat with the woman who runs Diamond Dog, a secondhand shop which the Hipsters seem to love, and we chatted about dogs and their habits, and Katie, of course.

She had an old powder blue typewiter inside, the “portable” type, so if anyone is looking for a typewriter, there is one there, just looking for someone to love it.

Then I bought a Marysville Cookbook, which were put together to raise money to restore Marysville after those terrible fires we had in Victoria, I had been considering getting one for a while, but this gave me more of a reason, it’s not everyday that you get to meet the author.

And though there was drizzle, we decided to walk to the local nursery, and while Ms Enigma liked the idea of plants and herbs, she told me that she couldn’t have them because of all the rabbits around her area, My sympathies, I have the same problem with snails, they won’t touch my feral lawn, but they love any special plant which tries and often fails to grow… baby sunflowers get gnawed to the soil at any sign of rain, I’ve given up.

Anyway, it was a nice change, I enjoyed my day, and so did Katie, Who is flat out asleep now.

Ms Enigma is another user of the internet who I’ve met and liked spending some of my time with, I can honestly say that I haven’t met anyone online who didn’t turn out to be nice in “Real Life”.

Maybe I’m just a good judge of character?


If you’d like more info on the Marysville Cookbook, you can read about it here.

ps- Why do I hate the term “Real Life”? Because the internet is “Real Life” too, it’s not a fantasy land, it’s just an overblown version of the phone system. and I can prove it’s real life too… E-mail your boss and tell him/her where they can jam it, then turn up for work and see how far you get.